this is our first Nissan, and we will never buy another one. If one keeps their foot on the gas the quicker the speed drops!!! a quick internet search turned up many other owners of Nissans with cvt transmissions have experienced the same issue! Either need to spend $3000 for a ´┐Żtransmission fluid cooler´┐Ż or $4000 for a new transmission. So stopped driving it. That's putting her in danger.

The warranty ended at 60k and the car has just under 65k. The cars behind me almost rear ended me at this speed. While driving at highway speeds for more than an hour car will suddenly not accelerate and will continually slow past unsafe driving speeds. $1000 engine later we fixed it. I asked Nissan for help with this problem as it appears to be an on going problem with these cvt transmissions. The failure recurred several times. My car will lose acceleration during a drive lasting more than about 90min at greater than about 65mi/hr, sooner if it's hotter outside. I was on an 8-lane interstate in texas when it happened to me but luckily it wasn't rush hour and I was able to move all the way over to the right lane and take an exit off the highway. Nissan has a long standing issue with the cvt transmission that allegedly was resolved after a redesign.

The malfunction light illuminated and stayed on.

It was not covered under a warranty due to the miles I drive.

It started happening when the weather turned warmer. My 4hr round trip will be much longer today. We limp it home. The manufacturer was not notified of the failure. It does ok in town but that's about it. The problem seem to be transmission cooler and filter 1100.00 job which I paid 150.00 of bill. Very scary and dangerous to be in front of a semi and you can't get out of the way! On Dec 6th, 2018 I paid $3667.

5 hours. Labor day last year, we were driving down an old rural road, just got done passing a car and then our Rogue sounded like it revving the engine, then next thing we know it died at 65 mph with only 102,000 miles on it. Towed car to dealer and was told cvt unit needs to be replaced. Ours went out driving back from Kansas City, made it home, took it to the South Colorado Springs Nissan and they said, "Sorry. My local Nissan leadership has diagnosed and confirmed my vehicle's problem and concluded that the cvt transmission must be replaced. He change the transmission fluid, air filter ( he says these have never been changed since car manufacture) and put in new plugs. The 2012 Nissan Rogue has 22 problems reported for loss of acceleration. It was going fine, doing around 70 mph up and then it just sort of choked itself out.

I was in the center driving lane and was traveling with the flow of traffic. The vehicle was taken to an independent mechanic who diagnosed that the transmission valve body assembly needed to be replaced. I own 2 other Nissan cars. Search for these popular complaint phrases... Nissan knows that the CVT needs fixing/replaced, thus extended warranties to cover them.

The vehicle was towed to rockland Nissan (608 NY-303, blauvelt, NY 10913, (845) 358-6700) where it was diagnosed that the continuously variable transmission needed to be repaired. Again, I was in the passing lane traveling about 70 mph when the rpm's started going crazy and the car lost power. My good mechanic in Ghana, Bolga, scanned the car and made sure all issues rectified. I'm sure I'll be posting the next complaint within a few weeks since I'm due to travel again. The car always has an whinning noise when your on the road over 30 minutes. I took it to there other dealership and the salesperson and mechanic said there was a problem. I wish I'd known this about the cvt before purchasing this vehicle. Somehow, the power that your engine is creating is not making it to the rear wheels. Called Nissan they ended up picking up tab.

11/08/2019 while driving showed engine light - took to work shop , showed 3 codes including p1778 . I have a 2012 Nissan Rogue two weeks after buying this vehicle brand new the engine light came on ,it was showing air mass flow sensor on a code reader and was replaced several times not fixing the problem today 8 years later the engine light still on, sometimes it just shuts off for a couple days on its own then it comes right up,noe sometimes while driving the car looses speed and it starts to shake back and forth and the traction light comes on, this is a serious accident waiting to happen,I have to safely park the car shut it off wait about 2 minutes and start the car again for the traction light to come off and drive normal again,.

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