. Motto: “Let’s spend each day happily” Poll: Which Songs in October 2020 were your Favorites? – Sihyeon likes melons. She did do the dance position in pd101 but in pd48 she said she had no idea what she was doing and that she was a mess, she made a few mistakes in her performance and she’s pretty stiff. Kindly put there official colors, it was confirmed on naver, Sihyun-Green • One of the best leaders of Produce 48. They debuted on March 18, 2019. Onda competed in MNET’s Idol School in 2017. she finished 40th after being eliminated by the fourth episode. zgirls isnt kpop, its zpop according to the company they are under. – E:U like Americanos and black noodles. https://youtu.be/aFCta4L0O1M. Weight: 55 kg (121 lbs) Mia: Everglow Discography Her position is only a vocalist. Her nickname Judy comes from the animated movie. Her stage name is a variation of, “Asia”, implying her eventual superstar status as the continent’s household name. Onda shares a marked fondness for western culture with respect to her fellow band mates, reading the Harry Potter and Twilight series novels and emulating Ariana Grande with her other role model being K-Pop group SNSD.

btw there is a member of sonamoon owns height 174 cm .also , subin is not longer active as an idol . One of the freshest groups to arrive on the scene, Everglow was officially formed on March 18, 2019 with the album Arrival of Everglow. yeh… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1579cbaf2a5e77be56a721adeecd1c6ab0b69bb9fc8a17c56bed1961c907e180.jpg You wrote Yireon but her name officially is Yiren!! 1. . – Sihyeon wants to lie on the couch and watch TV all day. – Her favourite colour is purple. – Hates: Horror movies Born In Huangzhou, China Yiren is the youngest member of Everglow at 18 years and 9 months old. E.U was born in 1998 and was the fifth and eldest  member to be introduced to the group. – She hates cocoon snacks Pre-debut,  she posted a video series on Chinese video sharing platform BilliBilli entitled “Yuehua Girls” that documented the lives of several Yuehua female trainees and was a model for the brand STARE shoes. .

– Habit: Zoning out 아이샤 is how the arabic name “aisha” is in korean. Zodiac Sign: Leo Yiren has been introduced as the center – youngest member of everglow. – Motto: Always think deep and let’s work hard. Everyone says that she’s a mix between Somi and Gidle Soojin so I don’t think it’s an unpopular opinion. She was born in January 13, 2000. . – main dancer She’s with IZ*ONE. – She likes riding bicycles, Is Yiren Chinese or just born in China and grew up in Korea? EVERGLOW Mia 77.82X 78.29 LA DI DA Concept. – She was the third member to be revealed. Yiren: Leader, Main Rapper, Dancer, Vocalist. Her, as well as bandmates Aisha and Yiren all share the Dragon sign in Chinese Zodiac. im pretty sure in the self introduction Mia said she was the youngest not yiren, She said “one of the youngest” she’s a part of 00line and whole 00line is maknae line She never loses in the game:”rock paper scissors splits”. It’s officially Yiren but the pronunciation of her name in Korean is Yireon!! – Her favourite colours are purple, black and mint.

Aisha might not look tall because the other members might be fairly tall too, meaning the height difference won’t be that big and noticeable, I personally won’t really even notice a few cm difference, and in the mv a few of them wore heels so that also affects how tall she looks. Joanne from Zgirls is 177cm tall. Hakyeon. I did not forget about her, I had problems when I was going to upload her image. – Charm: Her lips

Her habit is to crack her fingers she’s going to be added when izone’s contract is over. Aisha’s Profile imgur.com. <3.

Everglow is a 6 member girl group from yuehua entertainment. – outer corner of my lips are curvex upward, special talents: Aisha: Mia likes bread, yoghurt, strawberry, pastel colours and cats, yes, that’s her stage name, but in hangeul it’s written 이런/yireon (or ireon if you want to get into specifics, but “yi” is pronounced “i” in mandarin as well), yes but in hangeul it should be written yireon ^^ pinyin and romanization don’t always line up and you’d sound like a fool if you tried to pronounce 人 as rehn, If that is indeed Yiren’s true height and weight then I am very worried about her health, she’s dangerously underweight , Yiren’s name is spelled wrong in the poll, Their debut is out! Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dragon Joanne isn’t an idol,btw her members said that she is taller than 174cm, they have never introduced themselves as kpop group,but zpop, wtf joanne isn’t a kpop idol don’t call her like that, a member of izone,she is their company mate… she was supposed to debut with them,but ranked 4th on produce 48 and ened up debuting with izone.

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