Apart from the fact that I loved that cuisine, something clicked in my brain that I had to take control of my eating or end up very sick or worse. I was a food addict and I knew I was heading for trouble. I also added half a teaspoon of cinnamon as I'd read it helped to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, plus it tasted pretty good too. She shares her story and how you can do it too! I had to do something about my weight for the sake of my health and self esteem. No carbs at night. Q. In fact, research suggests people who work outside normal business hours are up to 30 per cent more likely to become overweight or obese. Eating the Mediterranean way is simple, fuss free and not a fad. My cholesterol has dropped to 5.8 without medication, my blood pressure is 130/80 and I no longer have fatty liver. What’s the secret to flicking that off switch? Amanda Keller is Having The Time of Her Life. “I learnt from that.

Q. sporadically. Dinner was a large plate of varying fresh fruits. Now I see it so differently; how gracious they were in letting me go, and how that’s our job – to raise good humans for the world and let them go. For the first couple of weeks, I'd be hungry when I went to bed but not so that I couldn't sleep. . My shoe size dropped from a 9 to my normal 8.”. It didn't matter what anyone thought. Lose the beer gut without losing all the beers at themanshake.com.au.

I don't like to give advice to other people. “Grant does breakfast radio as well, so the adrenaline of it being live will keep us awake until the evening. Having said that, I feel that it's a damned good way of losing weight, easy, tasty and I didn't measure anything although I did cut down on portion size. Q. The Mediterranean way of eating covers all food groups, has obvious health benefits and doesn't involve a lot of fuss which suits me down to the ground.

Most importantly how do you feel?

A: 13-15 Little Burton St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010 It’s clear that she’s devoted to her family and her friendships. The best thing was how quickly I saw results. As Jeff Goldblum said in an interview, ‘Accept, enjoy, be gracious, be grateful’. We absolutely back each other up. P: +61 2 9332 9111 “One minute we’d be crying with laughter, the next minute we’d be crying with sadness, then we’d be deep, then we’d be shallow, then we’d be dumb, then we’d be shopping – and I came home feeling so energised. Bircher muesli from the health food store rather than the more popular cereals touted on TV, and changed from branded yoghurt to certified organic Greek yoghurt, which I bought from a stall at a weekend market. I’m very aware of how I used to feel about having to get up early and take them, but now I’m getting to the tail end of those years, I’ve become a bit sentimental,” Amanda says. WYZA Life.

“When the kids were little and they’d say ‘don’t go the gym`, I wouldn’t go, and then they’d be off doing something else anyway. Even though it looks like I’m busy [with work], I’m there in the afternoons, we all eat dinner together. At first I wondered what I was letting myself in for, but our yoga teacher used a combination of yoga and pilates which was very gentle. Q. As time went on, I was getting comments such as, "You're looking so good!

Amanda says that’s a trap that is all too easy to fall into, but changes to her diet and a farewell to temptations of the past have helped her avoid it. The … That said, her schedule — with its pre-dawn radio starts and occasional afternoon or evening TV filming — is something akin to shift work for Amanda, a lifestyle that carries its own health dangers. “Before I went away with my girlfriends to New Zealand, I thought I could easily have just spent a week in bed, snoozing and recalibrating at home, but I’m so glad I went. Breakfast every day is fresh fruit, Bircher muesli and Greek yoghurt. “I feel great! I'm not very tall. There she goes again, speaking honestly and generously, with so much warmth that it’s impossible not to smile along.

I try and get to their sport as often as I can now because there’ll come a time when I go ‘Wow, I don’t have that anymore and I’ll really miss it’. “I was in New Zealand with my girlfriends recently and these are the things we talk about – we’re the generation dealing with elderly parents and kids – and I don’t know if previous generations ever really had both those things [together]. I heard him but I didn't listen, if you know what I mean. Now retired and divorced with two adult children Robyn is delighted with the Mediterranean lifestyle and diet. I hated myself, especially when I caught a glimpse of my reflection in a window or a mirror. I would have loved to have known all that when I was 14,” she says.

Amanda Keller is the co-host of WSFM’s Jonesy & Amanda Breakfast Show, ... Adam MacDougall is the creator of The Man Shake. Q. Salt and vinegar chips, or cheese, or wine — I’ve got quite a long list. Exuberant and bright are two words that could easily be lent to Amanda. I stopped eating junk food and cut my wine intake down to one glass a night for no more than three nights a week. And the best aspect, apart from the initial 25kg weight loss and the obvious health benefits, is how easy it's been to keep the weight off.”. But is it exhausting, I ponder, feeling as though you have to be ‘on’ all the time?

And if so, what do I want it to be? Every new year’s resolution I think I’m going to try and say no a bit more – but that’s what I find really hard. “The world just feels mean at the moment and so something that’s as exuberant and bright as Dancing – there’s just something life-affirming and fun about it.

We're all different and what appeals to one may not appeal to another. I've always drunk plenty of water but I also added green tea and cut down my coffee intake to two cups per day before lunch. I used to drink gin and tonics a few years ago but apart from the weight thing, it's an expensive way of drinking, especially if it's two or three glasses a day. Seriously, there was no worst thing about changing my way of eating. Before Robyn Sharron Lee, now 70, started the Mediterranean diet she was 97kg yet today she is a healthy 72kg and has kept off 25kg for six years! I also love watching my sons [Liam, 17, and Jack, 15] play weekend sport for school. Q. E: [email protected], HOW AMANDA KELLER BALANCES A HEALTHY WORK AND FAMILY LIFE – ADAM MACDOUGALL – NEWS.COM.AU. 8 Most Effective Exercises For Weight Loss Fitness. Lunch was my main meal of the day for the first year or so, consisting of meat or fish which was baked or grilled along with fresh cooked vegetables or a Mediterranean salad, without the olives (which I don't like). Nor is it that her energy belies the fact she seems to work around the clock (even if it is a well-oiled routine).

Did anyone else do it with you? I adore sardines … and so do my two cats! How did you find out about the Mediterranean diet? Especially for women – it’s hard to say no without being judged. “Radio is daily, TV is every now and then, so I’m home for dinner most nights and I’m there when the kids come back from school. A friend of mine, who’s a psychologist, said to me, ‘No is a sentence’. “It seems everything makes me cry these days because I’m feeling the beginnings of endings. Considering I was addicted to junk food and eating, it's a great result. I'm now 72kg and wear size 14 clothes, sometimes size 12, depending on the brand. Click here to become a WYZA member for FREE! “I used to watch Andrew Denton and he was so good at it – he’d just say no and people would respect his answer. Q. As the Mediterranean way of eating contained foods I enjoyed, I thought it would be an easy and tasty way to eat, although I don't make my own pasta. “I’ve learnt over the years not to over-analyse our relationship. Having to buy new, smaller clothes. I'd always eaten a healthy breakfast of fruit, cereal and yoghurt but I improved that; to fresh fruit rather than canned. The worst thing? What is the best thing about the Mediterranean diet? My blood pressure was through the roof, my cholesterol was out of control and I had fatty liver (too much drinking). I think, ‘Well I’ll have an afternoon snooze tomorrow and I’ll feel better’,” she says. “Because I start so early it would be easy to have 10 meals a day. And the best aspect, apart from the initial 25 kg weight loss and the obvious health benefits, is how easy it's been to keep the weight off. Even my feet lost weight. How to Cope … He'd tell me what my results were and warn me I'd have to make the effort to do something about it. After a couple of months of my new eating regimen, I had a few quizzical looks and the question, "Have you lost weight?" . But I just can’t keep control of my weight if I don’t do these relatively strict — well, for me — things.”, Like the famed mantra about journeys of a thousand miles, Amanda says changing your. Just take that first step. Her smile is genuine and afterwards, she engages with everyone involved, thanking each person individually for their support.

I'd give up before too long.

Saying yes and complaining about it, that’s the worst of all options. That kind of sea-sluggy octopus? No one did it with me, in fact, I didn't say anything about changing my way of eating. Q. What do family and friends say about your fabulous transformation? How difficult was it to change your diet?

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