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The 940's thicker blade is stouter and better for harder tasks. Thanks for the replies. If it will spend more time being used, in hand, get a Griptillian. What's the consensus on the Griptilian? As long as it cuts and sharpens up OK, I'm happy, 8cr13 is not as bad as everyone makes it out to be, and whenever LTK confirms that something's real D2 or real s35vn, I just think of it as a bonus. Also, you should be able to find them going for $20 shipped on Ali before tax for the 11/11 sale, and for $20 it's hard to argue with it. I was seriously concerned the Bugout blade tip might snap when … ). I like the real bugout ok, but it really needs different scales, and the action on the 940 is better. The 940 is a perfect combination of gentlemanly looks and stellar performance, and has been in Benchmade’s production lineup for more than ten years.

It definitely 'feels' the flimsiest out of all of my knives, but at the same time it is so fun to play with, unbelievably light, and the action has broken in beautifully after i loctited the pivot. This unique variation of the classic Rick Hinderer production collab initiates a new era of special runs from... Invictus Returns in new G-10 Configuration, Wong Design’s Newest TwoSun Knife is the Little Crocodile. Much better handle and blade shape, slightly slimmer and much better quality than the 940. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The Bugout’s blade is extremely thin when compared to the 940.

I read that 8cr 940 cf tested 60 rc. When I can find a bugout clone in d2 with aluminum or g10 scales I'm all in. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the chineseknives community. An up-and-coming name in their roster is Wong Design, whose... Another slender, stylish EDC is joining the Böker lineup. I was seriously concerned the Bugout blade tip might snap when removing cardboard box staples with the 535, never mind punching a hole in a beer can. any help will be very helpful thanks. I would personally choose the 940 because I like those long skinny knives like the ZT 450 or GM3, but I think the Bugout is a beautiful. And yes it rusts very quickly, and I have heaps of bladeplay. #06 Kershaw Leek 76/404 I've been carrying a Bugout with CF scales every week since last September and just finished putting a new edge and Ti scales on the Ranger Green for something new... As soon as I saw Nick Shabazz could squeeze easily the two plastic handles of the bugout to touch each other, I dismissed the knife immediately. It's definitely your right to be picky with your choice of steels but it's so hard to be sure with Aliexpress. The Spyderco Forums are a special place for many reasons, not least of all because members of the Spyderco crew often post and interact with fans on there –... Kyle Chumchal of KC Knives has joined the engineering team at Microtech. On the other hand, Spyderco Paramilitary 2 comes with G10 handle scales, which feel solid and comfortable. share. The 940 is a much more solid knife however. You can upgrade the scales and still be in the ballpark of a 940 (slightly more expensive) but the blade shape of the Bugout slices so well.

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