Check the winter tyres tread depth before you start your journey, especially on longer tours in the mountains.

19 October 2020. where can i find DTC mode? BMW still uses ASC now but it’s primarily on their BMW Motorcycles. I wish I had DTC in E39 530i. Generally in snow/ice I will put it into DTC mode (press the DTC/DSC button quickly) which keeps DSC enabled, but allows for about a half turn of wheel spin before it kicks in.

It’s automatically activated each time you start your BMW. It’s a controlled, keep the car on the in intended path kind of setting which is what you want the majority of the time. I’ve forgotten to disable DSC before going up a snow covered hill at about 20 mph and got stuck in my 330i despite having some great winter tires on it. First, the Polar Vortex then Atlanta crippled by 2.6 inches of snow and ice. Case in point: models such as the X5 don’t have something labeled Winter Mode.

Dynamic Stability Control was introduced in the E46 3 Series in 2001. Being from Australia, this is the first winter i will be driving in while in CT. Actually best mod for snow are some good winter tires. 2020 Toyota Supra – Is It More Than Hype? Sometimes in snow, you need a little or even a lot of wheel spin to get up the hill. You can leave it in ECO PRO, Comfort or Sport and tap your DSC button whereupon you will see the DTC active in the dash. Your email address will not be published. The DSC system will  use the brakes, individually, if needed, to keep a wheel from slipping if power is over coming grip.

The Driving Dynamics Control feature that comes standard on most new BMW vehiclesis designed to help you customize your drive with four selectable drive modes. In current models certain suspension and chassis settings such as Sport+ will automatically activate DTC. First, the Polar Vortex then Atlanta crippled by 2.6 inches of snow and ice.

2020 BMW X3 xDrive30e Hybrid - Is This The Best X3 Model? Learn how your comment data is processed.

Make sure that the entire vehicle is free of snow and ice. It’s essential for complete parking lot hooliganism. Read more about the key differences between driving in Sport … The next BMW stability program name after ASC, ASC-T was DSC.

For BMW owners, rear-wheel-drive isn’t exactly the best idea there is, nor is xDrive. Also, check your rear-view mirrors and headlights, and make sure that the cameras on your car are fully functional and not obstructed by ice. When you’re looking to do donuts unencumbered with your BMW’s thought process, to borrow a Car Talk phrase, this is THE setting.

BMW describes DTC as a sub-function of DSC which allows more wheel spin. Add the all-wheel drive system and it gets even more complex. It absolutely kills the throttle response, which is exactly what you want on ice. BMW i3 on Nokian Hakkapelitta R2 tires. | 4500 km Review.

One other suggestion: on icy surfaces, try engaging the lowest performance mode, if your BMW has modes.

Tires are important for a couple of reasons, though mainly grip. Such a shame the person who wrote this editorial doesn't know how the systems work. You enable it by pressing (not holding) the traction "off" button to the left of the gear lever. DTC allows wheel slip/spin but still gives you some stability/yaw control. Essentially what DSC means is no tail out drifting and no donuts in the snow. The car’s interior can offer additional space but be sure never to stack the luggage higher than the bottom edge of the window. The secret function beyond DTC is everything off. It depends on the conditions. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Modern BMWs come with some of the best stability controls in the business that help maintain control of your car even in the most adverse circumstances occurred during driving. My last BMW 3 Series Saloon had run flat summer tyres and that too was fine in the snow, so it's not all down to the tyre type that are you using, it's also how you drive. … This is where DTC, or Dynamic Traction Control, can be your best friend. This means you could come to a complete halt if trying to power up a snowy hill with the powered wheels kicking up snow rooster tails. DTC would be perfect for me.

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