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Click here to find out how. Try defining a task to your Boerboel using hand gestures and body language. I require to train her. Thank you SONNY BHANU. Though the training center might cost you a little more, your money will be totally worth paying. She randomly attacks our 11 year old female boxer, and draws blood, but rarely gets into it with our male mastiff/ridgeback or our female bloodhound. However, while doing it, make sure to gear yourself with the safety equipment such as gloves etc. my boerboel is 6 months old is it normal for him not to bark at strangers and sometimes after barking at them he might even end up playing with them what do i do oh and he likes attacking my 7 year old brother. When they down, I give hand. Be sure to make proper use of treats upon the desired behavior or act as it will boost their confidence. Will it be safe to do so? Why I Use Physical Correction With Dogs But Not Kids. Here are some of the training methods you can opt for training your Boerboel on your own: The Alpha Dog method is basically showing or clarifying your Boerboel that you are their leader, not they. Avoid Punishment: Punishing is never a solution whether it may be for children or dogs. It should be stressed that Boerboels should not be left alone too often and too long. You should start with minor agility training then move on to the advanced training gradually. They are very protective and sometimes do not take too well to strangers. I’m most of the time away from home and never get the chance to train him consistently. Boerboel Training and Care. When teaching your boerboel make sure that you do not raise your voice especially when you are reprimanding him/er as such conduct might frustrate him/er to a point of no retreat especially when s/he’s on attacking mood. You should also provide treat after your dog acts as you desired otherwise it will not work effectively. Required fields are marked *. Remember the motive is to train not to make your dog a train. Hire a trainer always the best option remote advise regarding dogs is never the best option. She sees a stranger today and does nothing and tomorrow she wants to attack . This will clarify your furry friend that it did something wrong. A deep mask is preferred for all. Your dog can never learn properly if you punish him/her for making mistakes. Moreover, repeat one practice for at least a week for the dog to completely memorize it. Good day, I have a six month old Boerboel, she is quite good at learning commands like sit and stay however, she is forever jumping up on me or anybody who come over. World Class Dog Training in Salt Lake City. They are very obedient and very smart and they are confident and very dominant. The Boerboel is a heavy mastiff breed with a height of about 25 to 28 inches for males, and 23 to 26 inches for females and I can weigh from 100 to 200 pounds. Was considering to sell him but I’m too attached to him now cos I’ve had him since he was 6 weeks old. It should be stressed that Boerboels should not be left alone too often and too long. It is robust with a solid build. After that, your pooch is ready for the next level training which is, of course, the agility training. However, shades may vary its coat colors may come in brindle, brown, red-brown, red, fawn, yellow-cream, white-cream, dilute, and black. Hence, it is highly effective to teach your pup basic and house training. The head is large but proportional to the body. The main goal in training this dog is to achieve a leadership position. Socialization is crucial for Boerboels. The mantra is to praise and appreciate any behavior or act upon your command. When your pup becomes a bit old and familiar with the environment, you can take them out to dog parks or kindergarten. For this purpose, the dog requires to be trained with a lot of the effort put in because as much as a dog is highly responsive to their owner’s instructions; they are also hard to deal with when they’re not in a mood to learn. Here is how you can train a Boerboel dog with the correct methods mentioned in the list along with the details of how to go about it.

How can I teach her not to jump up? Rather, this dog excels in a home where the owner is committed to appropriate training and control. Hi, I’m a first time dog owner and my boerboel is now 7 months. You’ll have to establish a leadership and positive dominance so that your dog will always follow your commands and respect you. An occasional brushing and a monthly bath is all that is needed. Remember the motive is to train not to make your dog a train. I have a 2½ month old puppy and I wanted to know when is the right time to train her. It has a powerful neck and moves with purpose and ample agility. Hence, you’ll have to go slow and teach one command a day but make sure the dog masters it. Whenever your Boerboel doesn’t perform as per your command, you can click another button on the device which will create a different sound.

Good day! They will learn the advanced and complex tasks easily with the help of the experts. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Though your dog is an intelligent and fast learner, it won’t be able to learn all the commands if you teach him 10 commands a day.

So, try to make it more interesting and engaging for the dog as well. I would like to adopt or buy a boerbull pup where can i get one for myself, Where can I get one of these dogs from I saw one and played with it last night and fell in love, Hi, Jasmine, so I rescued 7 puppies three days ago, you can take 1 of them If you’re still interested. Boerboels are not recommended for apartment life. Also, if you want a canine pet but confused which pet to chose, then this page is for you. The name came from the Afrikaans/Dutch word meaning “farmer’s dog”. Boerboels are highly protective and can be aggressive. I usually put my knee up if they are jumpers.

Good day I just got a 3months old puppy ,he is too friendly. I have a toddler & she’s very aggressive .., I feel I can’t have her around him , so I have to have them separated at times & makes training her harder.. she always biting & jumping on me… I’m a stay at home mom & hubby works long hours .. so is just me trying to train boerboel & toddler at same time.. stressful! Boerboels are not recommended for apartment life. Bred as a watchdog and working farm dog, the Boerboel dogs were excellent in their jobs.

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