Voter suppression laws, anti-immigrant laws, and anti-trans laws.

We have a long way to go in realizing anything close to the eradication of white supremacy and actually disrupting-. AMY GOODMAN: So that’s South Dakota Republican legislator Fred Deutsch, the sponsor of the bill. Also, some WITHpod news, exciting, we just announced a live podcast that's going to be taking place at the Texas Tribune Festival in Austin, Texas with Senator Ted Cruz.

I was appalled to listen to a legislator who was claiming, under the auspices of protecting vulnerable children, to have the right to insert himself and his beliefs into lifesaving medical treatment that is provided by professionals — doctors, actual people with actual medical training, science behind them — to provide children in South Dakota with gender-affirming treatment that children and their parents seek out. CHRIS HAYES: Endorsed by the Department of Justice... CHASE STRANGIO: ... endorsed by the Department of Justice, potentially being codified by the Supreme Court, rolling back how we understand sex discrimination law, that has been sort of the very linchpin of inclusion of cisgender women in the workplace and society at large. CHRIS HAYES: Right. So you cohere around that.

Although again, our subjective experience is constrained by the possibilities that are imposed upon us. We need your help to sustain this urgent and vital work through the election and beyond, so please make a monthly or one-time donation today!

Different people do different things, and not everyone has to run after the ball. I have to be who I am."

CHASE STRANGIO: It's the first. So it's not a straight 5-4 sort of majority decision as to the reasoning, but held that that was impermissible sex discrimination under Title VII.

It was as much a political understanding of myself as being outside the norm of gender and sexuality and also aligned with a desire to destabilize the constructs themselves.

And that does it for our show.

We do not have the closest relationship. And he never wrote back. And of course, the legacy of white supremacy is unique in that there's nothing like anti-black racism in the United States. Respond to his arguments. I mean, and extremely radical in many ways. And they deal all with employment, and the central question is whether Title VII, which is the federal law that prohibits discrimination because of sex, encompasses discrimination against someone because that person is lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. And then it just goes off in different directions. But I have this memory of writing my father an email in 2000, around the election.

I hope you will too, and I think it's one of those, Chase is such a deep, profound, and compact thinker that it's one of those conversations that I think I'm probably going to listen to a few times to make sure that everything penetrates. She was struggling with her gender, going to counseling. And so the sort of narrative of the mainstream LGBT rights movement looks a lot like an alignment with political power. There was a time in European history when being Lutheran matters a lot.

And it’s at risk of passing. CHRIS HAYES: I remember being amazed that that failed. Well, when I was growing up, it was like, "We don't want queer kids ...".

For example, some of these bills talk about how if any girl is “disputed” as a girl, they have to bring in medical documentation of their internal and external reproductive organs, their chromosomes and their naturally occurring hormone levels.

And under the bill, they would be perfectly fine if used for other conditions.

CHASE STRANGIO: And I sort of came to terms with my non-heterosexual sexuality in the context on a political left, cultural moment and movement.

CHRIS HAYES: I just pulled "accountant" out of my a--, but... CHASE STRANGIO: She was seen as too masculine, and she didn't get promoted. Brown vs. Board of Education is an incredible achievement. And when you have government officials with the most power in the state telling young people that they either don’t exist or that they shouldn’t, we know that that exacerbates the rates of suicide.

Yance Ford, as well, first openly transgender director nominated for an Oscar award for his film Strong Island in 2018.

And that book actually says, "Look, biologically, there are lots of folks who are born with features that are somewhere between male and female as we sort of traditionally understand them, and the medical complex goes to work kind of actually changing their bodies so that they fit more squarely into these binary categories we have." And it's not my place to question anyone's subjective experience of that, but it always had embedded in it that this is a thing outside our control, ergo any prejudice against it is unreasonable and unfair. As always, you can tweet us with the hashtag WITHpod, email, we'd love to hear your feedback. We sort of say- we tolerate them. And that quest is a troubling one. But I have to say, it is getting so difficult, year after year, to hear these attacks.

So when I was in college in 1997 to 2001, my then partner, now wife, we were in college together. Where did you go to college? CHASE STRANGIO: What we’re seeing, over the course of the last five years, are escalations in attacks from state lawmakers on LGBTQ people, particularly on trans youth. Everyone can't even conceptualize a human without a gender. And in that case, it was at Price Waterhouse. But some of her basic theoretical ideas are both fairly simple and elegant and also really profound. CHASE STRANGIO: So, trans people, obviously, have been around forever. And Chase Strangio is one of the people on the front lines of that high-stakes battle.

That is still the position of the EEOC. CHRIS HAYES: That'll be one of the three cases that are consolidated and argued October 8th. This is what unites us. Is there something significant in this? AMY GOODMAN: I want to go to the bill’s sponsor.

And this-. CHRIS HAYES: How do you understand the Trump administration, the Republican party, the political right's targeting of trans folks as a priority for their agenda? Our reporters in Washington, DC and around the country are preparing to cover the protests, the disruptions, the pushback and the potential far-right violence — and are zeroing in on the battles for electoral justice that will no doubt ensue.

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