In the spring of 2018, Sunghoon Choo and his family (42-yer-old wife, Shiho, and six-year-old daughter, Sarang), moved permanently from Japan to the United States to settle in Hawaii. Before he embarked on his professional MMA career in 2004, he was already heavily trained in karate, kickboxing, wrestling and submission fighting.His highest honors in his judo career include winning the Gold Medal at the 2001 Asian Judo Championships representing South Korea. Even though he suffered a broken orbital bone during the start of round two, Akiyama went on to beat UFC veteran Alan Belcher at UFC 100 on July 11 by split decision (30–27, 28–29, 29–28).

On November 3, 2011, a picture of Akiyama had circled the web of his body frame as a welterweight. In March 2009, Akiyama married famous Japanese fashion model Shiho Yano (also known as SHIHO in Japan) whom he had been dating since January 2007.

He and other guests had to promote and sell Korean-related beauty products and Korean foods in order to be able to return home. Akiyama had made an appearance alongside UFC featherweight Hatsu Hioki during the Q&A session for UFC on Fuel TV 8. And before he embarked on his professional MMA career in 2004, Sunghoon Choo was already heavily trained in Karate, Kickboxing, Wrestling and Submission Fighting.His highest honors in his Judo career include winning the Gold Medal at the 2001 Asian Judo Championships representing South Korea. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. [32] Akiyama won the fight via knockout in the first round, his first stoppage via strikes in nearly 13 years. Sunghoon Choo, was born in Osaka in 1975, and starting from the age of three, began training in the martial arts under his father's tutelage, who himself was a Judo Champion too. Their first meeting was arranged by close friends. A fourth-generation Japanese of Korean descent, he acquired Japanese nationality in 2001. Though he was an underdog, Akiyama beat Kang by KO in the first round. She followed in her mother’s footsteps by modeling for a children’s clothing brand and posting her activities in her Instagram account. [35], Choo Sung-hoon's great-grandfather, Choo Jeong-won, was born in Jeju County, Jeollanam-do, Korean Empire (now Jeju City). He lost the bout via unanimous decision[31], Akiyama faced Sherif Mohamed at ONE Championship 109: King of the Jungle on February 28, 2020. Did we mention that she’s eloquent in both Japanese and Korean too? On January 11, Akiyama and FEG (the parent company of K-1) held a press conference during which Akiyama said he used Olay lotion prior to the fight claiming that the lotion was used to treat a worn gi. A post shared by SHIHO (@shiho_style) on Jun 6, 2018 at 8:21am PDT, 5 Creepiest Moments In K-Pop History That Had Netizens Feeling Deeply Disturbed, Big Hit’s Global CEO Yoon Seok Jun Reveals There Can’t Be A Second BTS, TWICE’s Tzuyu Gains Praise For Having A Selfless Heart Of Gold, K-Pop Idol Trainer Reveals His Worries About The New Concept Of Combining Idol With Characters, These 4 Pale Female Idols Have The Fairest Skin In K-Pop, Fans Are Begging For TWICE To Perform Wearing Outfits From The Retro Version Of The Album, 6 Crazy Rich Korean Stars Who Own Real Estate Worth Over $10 Million USD, K-Netizen Picks The Best Era For Each BLACKPINK Member, A 15-Year Old Fan Asked BTS’s Jin What They Should Call Him And Fans Don’t Approve Of His Answer, These Are The 15 Active K-Pop Girl Groups Who Have Had The Longest Hiatus. [7] Public outcry against Akiyama did not cease however, and Nike was swamped with complaints when Akiyama was featured on a television commercial in Japan. [36] He won a gold medal for South Korea at the 2001 Asian Championships and for Japan at the 2002 Asian Games. During the Q&A, Akiyama stated he was thinking about returning for another bout as long as he has a free schedule as well as being matched against a well-known opponent that would interest fans. [27] Akiyama won the fight via unanimous decision. He has also trained Karate, Boxing, Kickboxing, Wrestling and also submission fighting with Greg Jackson. “Fight My Way” Was Based On Choo Sung Hoon And His Wife. Akiyama's mixed martial arts debut was in the K-1 Premium 2004 Dynamite event on December 31, 2004, where he defeated boxer Francois Botha by armbar submission in the first round.

He is famous in Korea for his MMA career, his physique, and his cute daughter, Choo Sarang. Akiyama went on to win the match with a referee stoppage. [11] It was the 1st fight in Akiyama's career that went to the judges' score cards. [17] His loss to Leben was his first official loss in five years.

The couple have a daughter, Choo Sarang, who was born on October 24, 2011. “I came across a good opportunity to move to Hawaii. Born on October 24, 2011. It may be my sweat, as I sweat a lot always and it often drips off my body.". In K-1 Premium 2006 Dynamite, Akiyama fought the legendary Kazushi Sakuraba in the main event. If you’ve watched The Return of Superman, you’d probably know Choo Sarang – the daughter of Korean-Japanese mixed martial artist Choo Sung Hoon and Japanese model Yano Shiho. They welcomed a daughter, Choo Sa Rang, who was born on October 24th, 2011. H.Kim, Other Works Publicity Listings However, all three opponents claimed that Akiyama had a slippery judogi. During the match, Sakuraba called to the referee saying "[Akiyama is] Slippery!" Shiho Yano said that the reasons for their move were her daughter’s education, family time, and challenge. [39] In September 2015, Akiyama also appeared as a guest on 2 Days & 1 Night. We are absolutely sure that Mr. Akiyama is correct," since he changed the jacket at the request of the jury, Barcos said. Choo Sung Hoon is a third-degree black belt in Judo and a black belt in Gaidojutsu and has won the gold medal for South Korea at the 2001 Asian Judo Championships and for Japan at the 2002 Asian Games. Choo Sung-Hoon in both Korean and Japan, is a fourth-generation Korean-Japanese MMA (Mixed Martial Artist), television celebrity and actor in both South Korea and his home country of Japan. In 2006, he became the K-1 Heroes Light-Heavyweight Grand Prix Tournament champion.In 2009, he opened his own gym called the "Akiyama Dojo" in Tokyo, which teaches both judo and MMA.In his personal life, Akiyama married Japanese fashion model Shiho Yano (stylized "SHIHO") in March of 2009, after a two-year courtship that began with being introduced by a mutual friend. Choo Sung Hoon and Choo Sarang starred as original main members on The Return of Superman from 2013 to 2016. Seven months after their marriage, they held a wedding ceremony and announced their marriage to the public.

Chris Leben was chosen as a replacement. He also is the 2006 K-1 HERO’s Light Heavyweight Grand Prix tournament champion. [24] However, Akiyama was forced out of the bout with an injury. Born to Korean-Japanese "zainichi" parents in Osaka, Japan in 1975, he was raised in the traditional martial arts from the age of 3 as his father was a judo instructor and his … Who doesn’t like Chungha~ She’s a sweetheart. As a middleweight Judoka, Sunghoon Choo climbed the ranks of the Judoka system in Japan to become a Third-Dan Black Belt in Judo, later acquiring a Black Belt in Gaidojutsu too.

[25] He was originally scheduled to face Kyle Noke on the card. Choo Sung Hoon is a Japanese mixed martial arts fighter of Korean descent and his wife, Yano Shiho, is a Japanese model. ... and Choo Sarang is the prime example in showing you that difference through her parents’ personal Instagram accounts. Also that year, he married famous Japanese fashion model Shiho Yano, and they have one daughter, Sa Rang. He also won the 2002 Gold Medal in Judo at the 2002 Asian Games representing Japan under his legal Japanese name, Yoshihiro Akiyama, which he acquired after becoming a Japanese citizen at the age of 16.In the 2003 World Judo Championships in Osaka, Japan, Akiyama reached the semi-finals in the 81 kg light-middleweight, but did not proceed further after losing two matches in a row and placing third overall.In 2004, Akiyama switched from judo to MMA where he debuted in the K-1 Premium 2004 Dynamite event where he defeated boxer, Francois Botha in the first round. In the spring of 2018, Sunghoon Choo and his family (wife Shiho and daughter Sarang) moved to Hawaii permanently from Japan. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Before his professional mixed martial arts career, Akiyama was a decorated judoka. After over two and a half years away from the sport, Akiyama returned from his self-imposed hiatus on September 20, 2014 at UFC Fight Night 52.

He posted a scene from the TV program on his Instagram, where he gave a massage to another exhausted member. Also in 2009, he opened his own gym called the "Akiyama Dojo" in Tokyo specializing in MMA fighting and Judo training. Fighter Choo Sung Hoon was paired up with solo idol Kim Chung Ha, and the two stars were curious as to why they were paired up since it was their first time ever meeting face to face. It was a historical battle, lasting for more than five minutes, and everyone was satisfied with the outcome. But at this moment, Akiyama answered to questions about the oil in the interview as follows: "I have no idea why Sakuraba felt slippery. [23] During the bout, Akiyama was able to utilize multiple judo techniques which was praised as the main highlights of the fight; despite losing the decision. In the same year, he married Japanese supermodel Shiho Yano, aka "SHIHO.". He said that due to his Japanese birth origin, he had no future in Korea. He confessed that, at the time, it was hard to win matches decided by Korean Judges. He lost the fight via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27). The episode also featured Choo Sung Hoon, Yano Shiho and daughter Choo Sarang's nice apartment. Akiyama was also accused of wearing slippery gear by former world and Olympic champion Kenzo Nakamura when they fought at the world championship trials in 2002.[4]. Choo Sung Hoon and Choo Sarang were original cast members and appeared from Episode 1 -122, 155 – 160, and 205 – 206. Akiyama … Akiyama was expected to face Thiago Alves on July 21, 2012 at UFC 149. [1] He began training in judo at the age of three. They were married secretly, inviting only close friends and family. Official Sites. Yoshihiro Akiyama, aka Sunghoon Choo, is a graduate of Kindai University ("Kindai Daigaku", f/k/a "Kinki Daigaku" prior to April, 2016) in Higashiosaka, Osaka, Japan, where he majored in Judo. The fight was ruled a "No Contest". Representing South Korea, Choo won the gold medal at the 2001 Asian Judo Championships. Choo Sarang was born in October 24, 2011. In the spring of 2018, Yoshihiro Akiyama, aka Sunghoon Choo, and his family (wife Shiho and daughter Sarang) moved to Hawaii permanently from Japan. Kim Hee Chul, one of the main members of the TV program, dressed up as Choo Sarang and planned to tease Choo Sung Hoon.

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