If you've binged every available episode of the hit Disney Plus series, then we've got three picks to keep you entertained. Early in the series, she was made clear to be adopted, but nevertheless, the judge treated her as his own.

The Virginian David Sutton 28 Episodes (2019-2020) ... Holiday Train Show With David Hartman 1 Episode (2007) Good Morning America 6 Episodes (2004-2015) Seasons of Life 5 Episodes. This way, the producers were able to establish a feeling that he had been there for a while, thus keeping a consistent story line. View production, box office, & company info. The first episode, "The Executioners", features Hugh O'Brian. When Shore left the cast, Macdonnell added a new leading woman — Diane Roter, who played Jennifer, the judge's niece.

Played by Don Quine, Stacey Grainger, the grandson of John Grainger, lived at Shiloh, beginning in season five.

Lots of recognizable guest stars. TV-PG She loved horses, riding the range, and going to the ever-present Saturday-night dances. The series was loosely based on The Virginian: Horseman of the Plains, a 1902 Western novel by Owen Wister that Hollywood had previously adapted for movies. The Virginian vouches to Clay that Trampas can be relied on but it is David who finds himself in trouble. [16] Charles Bickford played a stern but loving grandfather to his two grandchildren, Stacey (Don Quine) and Elizabeth (Sara Lane). A wounded man and woman wanting horses tell Clay the stage with a vaccine was robbed and they are chasing the outlaw gang so The Virginian and David join them. Try not to put too many holes in it. [13]), The final season operated on a "rotating lead actor" basis of the four stars, with normally just one lead appearing each week. Clay had a wife, Holly (Jeanette Nolan), and was the ranch owner for seasons five through eight. [17], The first episode of season two ("Ride a Dark Trail") featured Royal Dano. Josie proudly boasts "We rob banks!" Along with Gary Clarke and Roberta Shore, he participated in interviews for the Encore Westerns channel. In the book, however, the Virginian was the deputy foreman, and only became the foreman after a promotion from the judge.

(Drury had played the same role in 1958, in an unsuccessful pilot that became an episode of the NBC summer series Decision.) Based loosely on the character in the Owen Wister novel, he always stood his ground firmly. In 2017, INSP began airing The Men From Shiloh during their Saddle Up Weekends programming block. [12] The hats worn featured much broader brims and higher crowns. Cozi TV, the NBCUniversal classic television digital specialty network, began airing episodes in 2013. Travel back in time to check out the early roles of some of Hollywood's heavy hitters. John Grainger (played by Charles Bickford) became the new owner. View production, box office, & company info. In episode 13, "The Accomplice", an 1898 calendar is present in the bunkhouse. During a scene in the Quentin Tarantino film Death Proof, Kurt Russell's character, Stuntman Mike, tells the tale of how he got his start as a stuntman doubling Gary Clarke in the series. The show's white Appaloosa was named Joe D., and Trampas' buckskin horse was named Buck. Played by Roberta Shore, from seasons one through four, Betsy was the only daughter of Judge Garth. Stacey's sister Elizabeth looked up to him as a big brother, and he filled the role more than competently. Pollock Pines, California (Ghost Mountain Ranch), Albertson Movie Ranch, Ventura County, California, This page was last edited on 30 October 2020, at 03:17. Clu Gulager played the restless deputy Emmett Ryker. He finds himself not only robbed of his clothes and horse by bank robbers but arrested for the robbery himself. In April 1965, an episode of The Virginian called "We've Lost a Train" served as a backdoor pilot for the TV series Laredo. The Shoshone girl Nai'Be returns to Medicine Bow from an eastern school as a young lady but conflicted on her future.   | 

[25], Guest stars in the final season included Desi Arnaz and Katy Jurado (9.2, "The Best Man"); Janet Leigh (9.3, "Jenny"); Anne Francis (9.6, "Gun Quest"); Susan Strasberg (9.7, "Crooked Corner"); Noah Beery Jr. (9.11, "Follow the Leader"); James Gregory and Ricardo Montalbán (9.12, "Last of the Comancheros"); Peter Breck (9.13, "Hannah"); Terry Wilson and Tom Skerritt (9.14, "Nan Allen") (Wilson also appeared two other times -9.21 "The Regimental Line" and 9.23 "Wolf Track"); Randolph Mantooth (9.21 "The Regimental Line"); Robert Fuller, Burgess Meredith, and Tisha Sterling (9.19 "Flight from Memory"); Michael Burns, Ross Elliott, Alan Hale, Jr., Peter Mark Richman, and Craig Stevens (9.20 "Tate, Ramrod"); and Lloyd Bochner, Howard Duff, L. Q. Jones, and Peter Lawford (9.22 "The Town Killer").

Stone (4.12, "The Laramie Road"), James Best (4.14, "Letter of the Law"), Telly Savalas (4.17, "Men With Guns"), John Cassavetes (4.18, "Long Ride to Wind River"), Tony Bill (4.19, "Chaff in the Wind"), John Dehner (4.21, "Morgan Starr"), and Andrew Duggan (4.29, "A Bald Faced Boy"). The ranch itself played a very nominal part in season 9, with most scripts featuring the four stars away from the ranch. He finds himself not only robbed of his clothes and horse by bank robbers but arrested for the robbery himself. [citation needed], These changes brought a better ranking (number 18) in the top-30 primetime shows, after the previous year had the show slip out of the top-30 rankings for the first time. [7] (John Grainger's abrupt series exit, due to Charles Bickford's sudden death on November 9, 1967, was never explained onscreen in the series.) A former lawman turned hired gun, because the pay was better, Ryker decided to settle in Medicine Bow before he took his new profession too far. After a fight with Trampas, David leaves. The series ran for nine seasons, making it network television's third-longest running Western,[1] behind Bonanza at 14 seasons and 430 episodes, and Gunsmoke at 20 seasons and 635 episodes.[1]. [citation needed], Several cast changes were made throughout the program's run. The clothing was also jauntier and more imaginative and mustaches and beards were much in evidence. Played by Gary Clarke, Steve was a good friend of both Trampas' and the Virginian's. In the third season, Clu Gulager, who had previously guest-starred twice in earlier seasons, was added to the show as the restless deputy Emmett Ryker. The final episode aired on March 24, 1971, ending the show's nine-season run.[14]. Timeless Media Group (under license from NBCUniversal) has released all seasons of The Virginian on DVD in Region 1.

Cobb left the series near the end of season four. [23], Season seven's guests included William Smith (7.2, "Silver Image"), Burgess Meredith (7.3, "The Orchard"), John Saxon (7.4, "A Vision of Blindness"), Ricardo Montalbán (7.5, "The Wind of Outrage"), Susan Oliver (7.9, "The Storm Gate"), Hugh Beaumont (7.12, "Nora"), Steve Ihnat (7.16, "Last Grave at Socorro Creek"), James Brolin (7.17, "Crime Wave in Buffalo Springs"), Peter Deuel (7.18, "The Price of Love"), Jennifer Gan (7.19, "The Ordeal"), Jack Albertson (7.24, The Girl In The Shadows"), Troy Donahue (7.25, "Fox, Hound, And The Widow McCloud"), and Shelly Novack (7.26, "The Stranger"). He agrees to be engaged to … Her childhood sweetheart Tza'Wuda is waiting for her as is a conflict with … The series is usually more serious than this. Englishmen were running cattle here from the beginning. In the first episode, (3.1, "Ryker") in which Gulager was introduced, Leslie Nielsen played a corrupt land grabber.   |  Gulager remained with the show for four seasons, leaving briefly at the beginning of season five, then returning for the rest of season five before leaving for good toward the end of season six. When Revue Productions' hour-long series Wagon Train moved from the NBC network to ABC, The Virginian was proposed to replace it. After Roberta Shore left the show, Diane Roter was brought in as the judge's niece. Directed by Michael Caffey. They also each include a bonus disk with interviews from the actors.[26]. Several episodes were made detailing his past. [citation needed]. This was a major break in the show's overall story, as the judge had said he would leave Shiloh to Betsy in "The Hero" (season three, episode four). This Virginian episode has James Drury and David Hartman on the trail of a gang The show later returned to Encore Westerns and continues to air every weekday; a marathon of Drury-centric episodes was run shortly after his death in April 2020. The series ended with episode 9.24, "Jump-Up".[14]. In its sixth season, The Virginian also rated higher than ABC's Custer starring Wayne Maunder in the title role of Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer. A wounded man and woman wanting horses tell Clay the stage with a vaccine was robbed and they are chasing the outlaw gang so The Virginian and David join them. It then continued with David Hartman (6.6, "Masquerade"), Edmond O'Brien (6.7, "Ah Sing vs. Wyoming"), Jeanette Nolan (6.8, "Bitter Autumn"), John McIntire (6.9, "A Bad Place to Die"), James Whitmore (6.10, "Paid in Full"), Malachi Throne (6.11, "To Bear Witness"), John Lupton (6.13, "Execution at Triste"), Robert Lansing, Sharon Farrell (6.14, "A Small Taste of Justice"), Tim McIntire (6.16, "The Death Wagon"), Sammy Jackson (6.17, "Jed"), Peter Deuel (6.20, "The Good-Hearted Bad Man"), and Michael Burns (6.26, "Seth"). [10], In several countries, including the United Kingdom, the show went under the extended title The Virginian: Men From Shiloh.

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