Robocalls have been reported in Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Nebraska, New York, New Hampshire, and North Carolina. Typically they claim to have access to services and data when they don't, running off with buyers' funds and never appearing under their pseudonym on Discord again. Discord says nothing, most likely because nothing is being done. From Facebook to Kik, social tools have splurged millions in their attempts to cleanse nefarious types from their services. Such data salesmen and -women aren't the most trustworthy. However, reporting from the New York Times days after the Twitter hack suggests Clarke initially gained access to one of Twitter's internal Slack workspaces, and not to Twitter itself. That's messed up.

I’ve been breaking news and writing features on these topics for major publications since 2010.

You'd be amazed what kind of people join your groups when you advertise how you do not discriminate against anyone.

This is not even the half of it - Discord's "Trust and Safety Team" is led by a zoophile Satanist, and the team will remove neither content involving the rape of animals nor cub porn (i.e.

GiftCardKing on Discord provided custom tools that used leaked login credentials to get into online ... [+] accounts.


Another example was GiftCardKing, where a single individual provided custom-built account takeover software for various online websites.

© 2020 Forbes Media LLC. It depends on the furry. Discord has also been looking to maximize its popularity over the past year by opening its own store and launching its activity window—among other features that the company hopes will help bring more potential users to the app in the future.

Many organisations still haven't applied security patches issued years ago, putting them at risk from common cyber attacks. Catalin Cimpanu The same goes for Sheppard (ever so anxious#0001), who went on OGUsers as Chaewon.

Sort your fucking egos out seriously, discord has a block user feature im pretty sure, use that like the rest of us have to, what a joke. Earlier this month, six men and one woman were arrested in Florida, accused of sexually exploiting two teenage girls. I hope more government agencies get involved. Discord is a place many of us go to socialise with friends while gaming, but a recent report by Forbes claims to expose court filings that show that Discord groups dedicated to cybercrime are being investigated by the FBI, including hackers as well as child grooming cases. "We work closely with law enforcement agencies in their investigations when appropriate to ensure and strengthen the safety of our community members.". I was named BT Security Journalist of the year in 2012 and 2013 for a range of exclusive articles, and in 2014 was handed Best News Story for a feature on US government harassment of security professionals. In a Twitter blog post detailing the company's investigation into the hack, Twitter said accounts for this administrative backend were protected by two-factor authentication (2FA). Amado thinks Discord is believed by those ex-dark web denizens to provide an acceptable degree of anonymity. Is the FBI watching neogaf discord? By registering, you agree to the Terms of Use and acknowledge the data practices outlined in the Privacy Policy. You must be logged in to comment. global

COVID-19 In a recorded message posted on YouTube by the Executive Office for United States Attorneys, investigators said they are still looking into multiple users who participated in the hack.

Not ha-ha funny, just... unexpected, maybe? powerful These software bugs are years old. Shear said data thieves know Discord doesn't provide true anonymity. The entire platform is a massive safe haven for criminals and sick individuals.

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