Terry Pratchett's Hogfather was a two-part mini-series (shown below) released on Sky between December 17th and 18th, 2006.

Explanation reveals that in Dimwell slang, "syrup of prunes" means wig. Literally; a cart ran over his legs several years ago and he now gets around on a wheelbarrow, usually pushed by the Duck Man. Lewton met and fell in love with a female archaeologist named Ilsa and seemed to have a happy life; a particular moment fondly remembered was the Hotel Pseudopolis. Their most noted member is 71-Hour Ahmed, who gained his name for violating the ancient 3-day custom by executing a criminal one hour before it expired, an act so unthinkable that other D'regs call him the most feared man in all of Klatch. Before the couple can embark onto anything intimate however, Hrun is snatched away by Rincewind and Twoflower riding Twoflower's dragon Ninereeds. He has been in employment at the bank since he was thirteen, when he came to the city with a group of travelling accountants. An archetypal fantasy barbarian woman, she has red chestnut hair, is curvaceous and and wears almost nothing except for a chainmail harness. The main themes throughout the series are the laws of physics, time travel and evolution. If you loved Mav…, Calling all true crime fans—who wants to solve a murder? Eric inherited most of his demonology books and paraphernalia (as well as a talking parrot) from his grandfather; his parents, apparently convinced that their son was destined to become a gifted demonologist, allowed him free rein over his grandfather's workshop.

Brutha was completely faithful and would do practically anything for anyone as long as it did not include violence. Billet is later reincarnated as an apple tree, with fruit that goes "from stomach-turning sourness to wasp-filled rottenness overnight" (see Scumble).

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Mr Tulip is, along with Mr Pin, a member of the New Firm, a duo of interloping criminals in The Truth.

In desperation, Liessa summons her own dragon to pursue them (still naked, as Pratchett makes a point of).

One of the two remaining employees of the Ankh-Morpork Post Office prior to Moist von Lipwig being made Postmaster.

She has a prominent role in The Light Fantastic and a small cameo in Eric. A former handmaiden, the Djelibeybian priests thought she would be easy to control. Susan Death), who is also a human who inherited qualities from an anthropomorphic personification. [2] Somebody apparently wants him dead, as the price on his head at The Assassins' Guild is $132,000. He was finally killed in an extremely operatic battle with the Ghost. The Patrician who came to power after Lord Winder.

He also suffers a mild speech impediment, causing him to often insert "—ing" mid-sentence (the suffix of an action verb without the verb itself). Secretary to Patrician Vetinari of Ankh-Morpork, following the death of Lupine Wonse. During the last years of his reign, he was extremely paranoid, albeit with good reason. An Ankh-Morpork businessman who runs Hobson's Livery Stable, a multi-storey construction which sells and hires horses, as well as stabling other people's horses. Secretary to Patrician Vetinari of Ankh-Morpork, following the death of Lupine Wonse. Captain Swing is the head of the Unmentionables in the Ankh-Morpork of the past in Night Watch. It is assumed that this means he is the son of the elder Fool's wife and Verence I, and he is duly crowned Verence II.

He has attempted to aid in deposing Lord Vetinari from power several times, but only through serving other clients and not from an actual desire of his own to depose of Vetinari. A doctor in Ankh-Morpork. Just add your keyword into the “Enter Your Name or Keyword” field.

He died 100 years later and some time ago, an issue that has been proven by a passage in Thief of Time. Hrun accepts and succeeds in carrying out her orders, but refuses to definitely kill her siblings. In the TV adaptation of Going Postal, she was portrayed by Claire Foy. Because of this, he will remember, with perfect clarity, the life of his daughter and the choice HE made not to save her when he could.

Achmed the Mad/Achmed the 'I Just Get These Headaches', Esmerelda Margaret Note Spelling of Lancre. This incident echoes a story about the death of the Greek playwright Aeschylus in 456 or 455 BC, which claims that he was hit on the head by a tortoise dropped by an eagle or vulture. Evil Harry Dread always plays the Game by the code, he intentionally hires stupid henchmen, invests in masks that cover the WHOLE face (thus making it easy for a Hero to disguise himself) and places Heroes in overly contrived, easily escapable deathtraps. Queen Ptraci I of Djelibeybi. He is the most intelligent of the band of Changeling rats. She chose her false name, Oliver, because it corresponded with the folksong "Sweet Polly Oliver", which is about a girl running off to join the army. The place where he lived had been apparently in the middle of a war zone.

Mr Trooper believes his work has value in terms of crime deterrence, based on the fact he never sees criminals more than once. Against all expectations, he acquitted himself admirably. How to get your Mac Nac Feegle name: In Soul Music he was possessed by "Music with Rocks in" and became the Disc's greatest musician under the name Buddy in the Band with Rocks In along with Cliff and Glod, before dying in a cart crash (a reference to Buddy Holly— Imp's name translates as "bud of the holly"). Tell us in the comments below! Appears in Pyramids; by the end of the novel she is enthusiastically embracing many of the stranger regimens, such as bathing in ass's milk, favoured by Cleopatra. Found boarded up, deep investigation reveals that a local thespian from the Dysk theatre was eaten there.

There are over 1100 individuals listed on this site. Harry keeps ferocious mongrel guard dogs on his property. Dangerous Beans is tiny, rather weak, and nearly blind. Walter's physical appearance is based on the character Frank Spencer, from the 1970s British TV series Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em.

This position puts him in direct competition with the Clacks, a series of semaphore towers that are used to send messages via light signals across the Disc, leading to an increasingly deadly rivalry between the two. The logic is, 'That sort of thing cannot happen, therefore, it did not just happen. Vorbis' character combines a strange mix of apparently religious mania with a fervent desire to spread the Word/Empire across all the Disc.

Roland personally apologised to Tiffany when his father made out that he had in fact rescued her, as would be expected in such a story.

Mr Pin is then reincarnated into a potato and deep fried. However, unlike Susan, who is mostly human, Lobsang is "mostly not" human—he has the mindset and "infuriating smile" of a God, and thinks in 18 dimensions—he claims that even seeing in only 4 is hard, making it difficult to maintain corporeal form. Queen Keli still ruled at the time of Soul Music, when she ejected the Band with Rocks In from the city by royal proclamation. Mr Bent eventually accepts his clown heritage after having a mental breakdown because (among other things) he made his first mathematical mistake.

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