He has got millions of followers on his Youtube channel, you should know him top to bottom, here, through this article you will get to know plenty of things related to him such as his life, career and body measurements and many more, if you long to know about him then you are reading the right article. Height (in feet inches): NA Clay (born August 12, 1999) is an American Youtuber and Minecraft gamer who is famous for his skill at Minecraft, his world record speedruns, and his Minecraft Manhunt series. Facebook ID: Dreamwasteken Then Minecraft Manhunt Videos May Be Perfect", "Minecraft Speedrun Leaderboard "Random SeedG", article "Dream (Youtuber)" is from Wikipedia, https://wikitia.com/index.php?title=Dream_(Youtuber)&oldid=61105, Pages which use embedded infobox templates with the title parameter. [3], [manhunt and speedruns request an edit on Dream (Youtuber)'s Minecraft manhunt and speedruns] Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

play quizzes ad-free. [2] Dream started his Youtube channel on February 8, 2014 where uploaded a now deleted video of him playing Minecraft with his friend.

He is a famous gamer, he is having his own Youtube channel. Dream Minecraft Age, Height, Net Worth, Face Reveal, Real Name, Cari Cakes Vlogger Wiki, Age, YouTube, Reddit, Real Name, Twitch Wilbur Soot Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Gay, Jack Denmo Wiki, Age, Real Name Height, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Jay Swingler Net Worth, Girlfriend, Age, Height, Girlfriend, FlightReacts Net Worth, Real Name, Wiki, Age, Girlfriend, Height, Dk Metcalf Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Nikki Mckibbin Wiki, Net Worth, Husband, Son, Age, Family, Leanza Cornett Wiki, Age, Instagram, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Kourtney Pogue Wiki, Age, Instagram, Net Worth, Family, Colin Jost Wiki, Age, Height, Married, Net Worth, Instagram, Damson Idris Wiki, Wife, Age, Height, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Caroline Brassard Wiki, Age, Instagram Husband Harish Salve.

From Dream, George, and Sapnap! Do You Know These Facts About Dream (Minecraft YouTuber)?

He gained attention after the video was uploaded and begin a series called "Minecraft Unsolved" where he analyzes strange things within Minecraft world. Talking about his family, he has siblings, including his younger sis and younger brother, an older sister too.

Weight (Kgs or lbs): NA He later adds BadBoyHalo into the group, and five more manhunt challenges with all of his friends including "Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 hunters GRAND FINALE" which is Dream's most popular video. While his channel also centers around games, challenges, and other modded content or custom maps of Minecraft, including rescuing his friends from various dungeons and adventure maps, the real deal would have to be his pranks. The ‘shaderpacks’ folder will open, copy the shaders file there.

life and youtube career request an edit on Dream (Youtuber)'s Early life and youtube career, manhunt and speedruns request an edit on Dream (Youtuber)'s Minecraft manhunt and speedruns, in the media request an edit on Dream (Youtuber)'s Dream in the media, https://www.sportskeeda.com/esports/dream-minecraft-genius-who-s-breaking-internet, "Looking For a Minecraft Speed Run Video That Is A Bit Different? Dream went quiet for the next 3 to 4 years until he and a few other coders started a project to find the seed of PewDiePie's Minecraft world.

All rights reserved.

Download shaders for Minecraft Minecraft Manhunt is a game in Minecraft where the one player will attempt to beat the game while number of other players are hunting him down to kill him.

He is a famous gamer, he is having his own Youtube channel. Add to library 11 Discussion 43. Quizzes. Birth Place: America Ravit Kumar - September 6, 2020.

He held the record about two months until Koranoes broke it with a time of 21 minutes and 26 seconds. Age: 21 years old Famous for: Minecraft videos

The Hunters have infinite lives, so even if the Speedrunner kills them, they'll come back and try to get him again. Shaders will work in all saves.

Eventually, Dream would do more Minecraft Manhunts, adding two hunters instead of one (GeorgeNotFound and Sapnap). This is my first quiz, so sorry if it’s a little weird or choppy.

He is holding an American nationality. Wikitia is not affiliated to Wikimedia Foundation. Articles taken from Draft Namespace on Wikipedia could be accessed on Wikipedia's Draft Namespace. Quiz by lovethebeanie608. Residence:  USA. After copying, the shader will appear in the list. [4] [5] Eventually, Dream would do more Minecraft Manhunts, adding two hunters instead of one (GeorgeNotFound and Sapnap).

Twitter ID: @Dreamwastaken He chose his career in the gaming field, in which he is interested. 294.


Recently he added Antfrost into the Manhunt, making it 4 hunters.

In the ‘Shaders’ section, select ‘Shaders Folder’.

[1], [life and youtube career request an edit on Dream (Youtuber)'s Early life and youtube career] Full Name: Dream Launch Minecraft, then go to Video Settings. Do You Know These Facts About Dream (Minecraft YouTuber)? On December 26, 2019, Dream uploaded a video call "Beating Minecraft But My Friend Tries To Stop Me", the first of many Minecraft Manhunt videos to be uploaded. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike. Start a new game or load an old one. He was also admin of BadBoyHalo's Minecraft Server for a short period of time where he would meet GeorgeNotFound, Sapnap, and BadBoyHalo. Here we are going to talk about one of the famous and well-known gamers and Youtuber too, he has got name and fame as Dream, most of the people know him as Dream. This page was last edited on 30 October 2020, at 11:17.

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