Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Her other main friends were George Costanza and Cosmo Kramer. She then gives them to Mr. Lippman, Jake's publisher, who inadvertently angers Jake by wearing them to a book promotion.

They, however, dismiss it. Helen Seinfeld | In "The Summer of George", Elaine makes enemies out of her coworker Sam (Molly Shannon). Elaine works several steady jobs throughout the show's entire run, mostly as a writer or editor. She grew progressively more cynical and acid-tongued as the series progressed. Then, in "The Little Kicks", she and Frank come to blows after George is arrested along with Elaine's coworker Anna. Kramer tries to get a "refund" for Jerry's broken stereo. In "The Wizard", Elaine is not sure if her new boyfriend Darryl is black or not and gets mixed signals when she tries to find out. Lloyd Braun suggests this idea to the mayor, who likes it so much that he adds it to his campaign, subsequently leading to his loss in the mayoral elections.

She was also a notoriously poor dancer, as evidenced in the episode entitled "The Little Kicks" in which she dances at a J. Peterman company party.

Her father, gruff author Alton Benes (a character based on the novelist Richard Yates and played by Lawrence Tierney), was featured in "The Jacket", and a cousin was featured in "The Wink". Kramer tries to get a "refund" for Jerry's broken stereo.

She then begs Jerry to have sex with her. Former occupations For work, she dresses more formally. Later on, she lives on her own at 16 W. 75th St., Apt. Occasionally, she is entirely out of her usual attire, as in "The Betrayal" (when she wears an Indian outfit and hairstyle) and "The Millennium" (where she dons Mayan dress). Both clips appear in "The Clip Show, Pt. In a few episodes George and Elaine work together, most notably in "The Revenge" and "The Cadillac". She dumps him because of his reluctance to use exclamation points.


She views saying "God bless you" as a "silly superstition" in "The Good Samaritan". She expresses shock when Puddy is revealed as a devout Christian. The moves are repeated in her bedroom in a short scene of "The Slicer". First appearance She returns later to accept his proposal, but Jerry has by that time settled to his usual stable emotional state and says "I don't see it happening." After a rock climbing accident mangles Tony's face, Elaine admits to Jerry that she can't date somebody who is unattractive and wonders how long she is obligated to stay with him post-accident. Elaine's charm and confidence contribute to her ability to influence others, often with disastrous consequences.

"The Jacket" revealed that she had a sister in St. Louis and an uncle who worked in the Texas School Book Depository with Lee Harvey Oswald. Also last name starts with "A". Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who played Elaine on the show, has the distinction of being the only actor in the main cast not to suffer from the “Seinfeld curse,” the supposed curse that kept the others from having another successful show after the series ended. Later in the episode, a theater outburst gets her temporarily fired until she agrees to travel to Tunisia and live in a cave in order to save her job.

[citation needed]. In "The Contest", John F. Kennedy, Jr., who works out at the same gym as Elaine, lets her know through the countergirl that he would like to meet her. Is every single episode of The Simpsons on DisneyPlus+? In "The Tape", George, Jerry and Kramer become attracted to Elaine after hearing a joke erotic message that she recorded on a tape Jerry was recording one of his live shows on.

Unlike the other characters, she was not a native of New York, having grown up in Towson, Maryland. In this episode, Elaine and Kramer turn to Newman to resolve a dispute over which of them is rightful owner of a bike, George wants to name his first child Seven, and Jerry dates a woman who seemingly never changes her clothes. Storylines involving her would typically have her caught up in the machinations of the other characters, or coming into conflict either with her inadequate boyfriends or the arbitrary requirements of her eccentric employers. Elaine's quick temper makes her several enemies and gets her into several confrontations over the years: She has a long-running hate and inferiority complex for ex-schoolmate and candy-bar heiress Sue Ellen Mischke.

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