We did it, and we're finally gonna get out of here.

", Liza Koshy - The Explorer: "Any crevice, any underneath of the skirt, any inside the pants, anything like that, I'm exploring it. ", Safiya Nygaard - The Investigative Reporter: “If I had to describe this place in 4 words, they would be Brady. He is sent to where Ryu and Jael are, with him cursing himself that he let Colleen down. Role He asks the group if they have the order of mannequins correct, they did so a box opened, and it says that two will need to play perverse games. - Matt, after killing the, "Wait before we get started. ", Alex Wassabi - The Novelist: "Let's call him Pepito! -Matt after being voted into the challenge, "Look for the coin! Nikita Dragun, the winner of the challenge, who Safiya voted for, says she deserved it in a fit of rage after being voted against her best friend, Manny.

Matt, Ro, and Safiya are also commonly grouped together as fan favorites. I’m excited for Matt to be in Escape the Night, so I made a lil rotoscope of his part in the trailer! Before she can respond, Sierra asks what they are doing and tells them to hurry up.

The show is currently the "Longest Running YouTube Original Series" as of July 11, 2019 when it premiered its fourth season. There are two different teams, with the captains being Teala and Manny as they pulled short straws. Matt, Ro, and Safiya are also co… She only cares about herself.

Sometime after this, his soul is collected by The Collector and stored in the Jar of Souls. Matt shows that he trusts Joey again when he joins the Society Against Evil and joins him to save their dead friends together. After Colleen Ballinger and Bretman Rock escape Purgatory he is seen alongside Nikita Dragun, Jael and Ryu looking worried as to why Joey Graceffa didn't enter the portal as well. They find out that it is empty, apart from a note.

Matt finds a shield, a vase and a sword and matches them all correctly. However, in Episode 7, the episode he’s revived, Safiya is killed by Willie, which they later find out is because whoever voted for the winner of the challenge would die. Thank you. Matt and Colleen's relationship together is very positive as they knew each other before they arrived at Everlock. Just look at them. - Matt at the end of, ”I just don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel here.”. The next episode, Matt is cursed by The Witches and has to enter The Cursed Challenge alongside Joey, Manny, and Rosanna. He says that the fact the they were burying somebody who was right next to them a second ago is unexplainable.

Matt arrives driving a car along with Rosanna to Everlock. Group 1 being Matt, Rosanna, Colleen and The Sorceress and Group 2 being Nikita, Joey and Bretman. He was against Tim. Sierra says Joey, as they are in his house. You bring me back and say 'Here do this puzzle for us'.

• 5th: Sierra Furtado Matt immediately has suspicions about Lele Pons, causing them to hate each other, constantly voting for each other throughout the season. They decide to investigate it anyway. However, that slowly deteriorates over the episodes, as Matt becomes uneasy not knowing anything about the Society Against Evil, believing that Joey was hiding something from them. Colleen loses the challenge, causing Matt to suddenly disappear and reappear in the world of the living. You’re my best friend. Book One Yn Ln gets invited to a dinner … This causes most of the group to think that Justine is the one in leagues with the evil spirit. The show first premiered on June 22, 2016 as one of YouTube Premium's first batch of original content. When the group splits in to three, he is with Oli White and Lele Pons trying to finish a puzzle.

While Lele is voting, she says "Matt" out loud, so everyone can hear. Mix & match this pants with other items to create an avatar that is unique to you! Photo. He then joins the Society Against Evil and retrieves The Crown Of Oblivion to use for the plan to rescue their dead friends from the Museum of the Dead. Matt sees a wig in the shower of the bathroom, and it happens to be the wig that they needed to perform the seance. Matt pleads his case and avoids being sent into the challenge. Follow. Honestly, today was one of my favorite episodes. Although he is shaken from returning from the dead, he states that he's fine with this. Matt, along with Roi, Safiya, Rosanna, and Manny explore the Big Top Tent, where they search for the spring that is needed to cleanse the Jack in the Box. Colleen states that both of them are married and have a baby. Joey and his friends must battle the most terrifying creatures & demons if they hope to escape the night. It is unknown who he voted to go in, but it was most likely either Lele or Tim. Zombies! Welcome to the Carnival (Escape the Night 3) Fanfiction "Just enjoy the carnival!"

He was happy to see them and was especially happy to reunite with his best friend, Rosanna. OF COURSE THEY MADE THE NERDIEST GUY THE DETECTIVE.

", Oli White - The Game Hunter: "WWE! Matt is assigned the role as 'The Professor'.

", Andrea Russett - The Mystic: "I was all down for a ball.

They revive former Society Against Evil members, Jael and Ryu. Male You’re my best friend. https://escapethenight.fandom.com/wiki/Escape_The_Night?oldid=28687. Matt Haag He says that Lele is killing people off and she needs to go. Sierra is also not there, which GloZell notices. Our favorite duo is back at it again, being adorable, Getting ready montage - Escape The Night Season 3, Episode 1, I AM SO EXCITED. However, Joey and Safiya decide to use the Harp of Lazarus’s last song to bring him back from the dead. The Ferris Wheel stops moving and they try to warn their friends, but are not heard. Matthew Haag I did cancel my livestream for this.” - Matt, asking, "Guys! Justine tells the group to replicate the song that the piano is playing, and Lele plays it. What we didn't know, is that with saving people comes a great cost.

First Episode

Matt then tells Colleen that the last time someone asked to save them he failed, but he said that he will try his hardest to save her and almost succeeds, until Nikita sabotaged them with the excuse "I don't lose...". ", "I've seen enough "Blair Witch Project" to know you don't go touching creepy stick figures in the woods", "Hey, witches! ETN) is a surreality YouTube Original series created and hosted by Joey Graceffa.The show first premiered on June 22, 2016 as one of YouTube Premium's first batch of original content. Reblog. Matt mentions he has claustrophobia (the fear of closed spaces) in, Matt is the third guest to die without his default attire, the others being, Matt is considered one of the most useful guests in ETN history along with, This made Matthew the first guest to ever be brought back from the dead (Joey was fully revived at the, Matthew was once a Broadway actor and he has a degree in neuroscience, which is mentioned in, Matt is one of the nine named members of the, Matt released a theory on Escape the Night on his channel, Film Theory, on July 12th, 2019, claiming that the, While running away from the zombies, Matt yells "Zombie!" They find a box come up from the ground, and Matt points out that it has the marking they saw earlier in it. ", Sierra Furtado - The Heiress: "You're creepy.

", Lauren Riihimaki - The Engineer: "This is super cryptic, like cryptic af. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Surprisingly, even though Manny backed Nikita up, Matt never argued with Manny over anything, actually wishing Manny good luck over Nikita when they enter the Straightjacket Key Hunt Challenge. Cause of Death

Go to Downloads and double click RobloxPlayer.exe. And then it just got real weird real fast.

We have a witch. You can’t fake that. Matt becomes incredibly angry about this, and he and Nikita get into a fight, which causes the official split of Matt and Ro and Nikita and Manny. Look's kinda like a cross between Capri sun and urine", "At this rate the guys are dropping like flies", "Yay!

He says in a confession that he just buried his friend alive (Justine) and now all that they have is a black box. My armkle! Haha.

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