"I ruined my mom's birthday"- 5/28/16 - She goes to the store with her mom on her mom's birthday. Also, her parents will often come into her room without knocking. But I think she may have a better idea than anyone except for Eugenia's immediate family. i have seen so many people who used her as thinspo come here and 'wake up' to the realities of her impact.

Bio: Son, Wife, Net Worth, Family, Daughter, Died, Where’s Rebecca King-Crews now?

She says when she was younger, before she had her own appleID, she used her dads.

In December, 2012, Eugenia's dad was caught drunk driving in a vehicle with heavy front damage and riding on its rim. Some things might not be outright related to her family specifically but are implied to be or are in general points of interest. In the beginning her mom says she's not wearing the jacket for the outfit because it's 93 out, she mentions that's okay for Eugenia to wear a jacket but not the kind of weather for her to wear one in. "Switching lives with my mom" - 4/11/18 - They dress as each other and then go to the store.

You can see her brother and mom in the reflection of the window behind Eugenia. A couple of times she has seen her aunt and uncle and they always tell her to leave the internet because it's bad for her.

Wiki: Net Worth, Boyfriend, Brother, Real Name, Where’s Joe Biden now?

Though she posts overall lifestyle movies, there are a great deal of individuals that are just astounded at her appearances that has induced many to feel that she’s suffering from anorexia or another eating disorder.

Net Worth — Just How Rich Can She? "My First Time" - 8/23/13 - Her first kiss was with two guys at a hotel. She also can't film the whole apartment because her brother is there (and her mom) and that he doesn't like ever being on camera. She then goes up to three women and asks them if they are looking for anyone to date, and they say no and that they are at the beach with their kids. Here are things that you want to understand about her. "Why School Sucks" - 9/1/14 - Kids who were popular in school and graduate aren't usually very successful later in life. Her mom and her were very close and not in an incest way.

It's so hard to make sense of because no one knows, I don't think even Jaclyn fully does. She then asks if their kids are looking to date and that she has a younger department on her website if they are interested in starting to date. She moved to LA so her brother could go to school for animation. Eugenia seems upset but detached.

"My Insane Family Members" - 5/12/14 - Her family is insane and creepy. There was a disney halloween party and her brother desperately wanted her to be penelope from wreck-it ralph and she didn't really want to be but did it anyways. I already know of a few things I forgot to add or find the video of like her mom filming her trying to use a credit card. 4-7-12, One of numerous prank call streams where Eugenia mentions turtle rape and continues sexual prank call with a 14 year old while she is nearing 18 years old Teachers are mean.

"Why parents are annoying" (deleted video) - 11/29/13 - Eugenia references different things that annoy her about her parents.

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