Of course, you have Mercedes with their SL63 AMG and Jaaaaaag with the XKR and XKR-S. The M6 is hands down, BMW's best looking car today. Exterior styling, hands down the best looking BMW today. from I just bought the 2014 BMW M6 GC, frozen gray Matt color. Models now available with iDrive 5 with Professional Navigation.

The M6 is more mature and a more developed transmission seems to fit the bill. 6 out of 7 people found this review helpful. My Supercharged Audi SQ5 was fun, My V8 Mercedes CLS was classy, the Jeeps, trucks and convertibles were cool too. [22][23][24], The F06/F12/F13 6 Series introduced selectable driving modes with ECO PRO, Comfort, and Sport, affecting the acceleration, transmission shift points, and climate control system.

How would I ever know if BMW replaced the timing chain as part of a 'proactive' approach? She knew i wasn't a chump. Unsuprisingly, due to the car weighing a large amount, it can eat through brakes in no time and so to replace the fronts you will be put back over £1000. In 2004 the E60 generation M5 was born ahead of its time boasting a launch control system which could rocket the 1755kg luxury saloon from 0-62mph in a staggering 4.7sec, and – once the electronic limiter was removed – would rise to an almost unheard of 205mph. Simply put, when you step beyond $100,000 the options of insane sports cars become bountiful. Très bon compromis. on Fri Mar 17 2017. [34], Compared to the standard car, the M6 features M-styling, merino leather upholstery, an M-specific head-up display, and a carbon fibre roof. BMW M6 (F13/F06) Buyers Guide. Just this could require a new engine. Any insight at all is very much appreciated. And that is exactly the reaction you need if you are going to compete with the heavyweights in the $100k and up division. In general, I find BMW's styling safe and expected. The new M6 comes with iDrive 4.2. Both will tear you apart in a mere instance, but the domesticated tiger might do so with a little more care and precision. The original M6 earned the nickname "The Shark," due to its toothy front fascia, and the Jaws-like appeal can still be found in today's F12 M6. My gripe with BMW has never been about performance. Access them anywhere. [10] The kerb weight of the model range is 1,715–1,985 kg (3,781–4,376 lb).

But I am less then 20K miles. The convertible version was officially introduced in January at the 2011 North American International Auto Show, while the coupé was introduced in April at the Shanghai Auto Show and New York Auto Show. Engine itself has no issues but minor electronic kinks do bother me a bit. Well that is true. Does anyone have any insight as to what is going on with these vehicles? And the latest rendition of this notorious machine remains as brilliant now as it was in its original form. You'll SAVE 39% on the shop price, and get evo for its original cover price for a whole year! Bref, plaisir de conduire à budget modéré. from San Diego, CA BMW appeals to a large target demographic, it knows its audience has different budgets, tastes, and priorities – yet they are able to satisfy everyone with their range. [14], The F06 Gran Coupé is the four-door coupé variant of the 6 Series, and was launched in June 2012 at the Geneva International Motor Show. The M6 version was produced in convertible (F12), coupé (F13) and four-door coupé (F06) body styles. I will leave it at that. And so, standing out in this high-end, high-priced world is tougher than enduring a picnic with Justin Bieber. On track the performance is just about perfect, although they do feel a bit grabby when it comes to general road driving. True story: A hot girl i was once trying to woo started talking to me about cars. Is Cupra about to get hold of Audi’s brilliant five-cylinder petrol engine? Launch control and engine coasting in ECO PRO mode introduced for models with the 8-speed automatic transmission. 02/2012 X5 35d M57Y CPO 98K miles NOKIAN WR G3 12K miles. Fewer than 2,000 E24 M6s were sold in North America between 1983 and 1989, making them as rare as they are beautiful. The design sets it apart from other cars on the road, and it is definitely a head turner. I’ve owned MANY fast and fun cars. BMW then housed all that in the M6 body, which was now lower and lighter (by 120kg) and also much sleeker visually. Nor has it been about quality.

Another 8/10, and for a car that costs $107,995 (including destination and gas guzzler tax), you might think that is rather generous. Honestly, you will not care less, it's that good. Un look qui ne passe pas inaperçu et une très sportive, encore un bon compromis pour associé grande routière et un coupé sportif, à condition de n'être que deux ou éventuellement avec deux jeunes enfants, mais pas plus. Soft, supple leather covered the doors and console, and carbon fiber trimming fuses it all together — reminding you that despite the cabin's luxurious feel, this ambidextrous car is built with performance and speed as its main party piece. 2012-14 BMW F13 M6 Coupe: 'Service Engine Soon', 'Drivetrain Malfunction' and VANOS faults In September 2014, BMW North America issued Service Bulletin SI B12 26 14 for BMW F13 M6 Coupes that were manufactured prior to July 2014. This will be my 3rd BMW but first experience with a 6 series. It isn't so much the stopping ability that was all wrong with M5; it was its spongy pedal. All rights reserved.evo™ is a registered trade mark. Overall, I am very happy with the car. Today on the other hand, be prepared to pick one up for less than £20k. which is why it's taking so long. Purchased this car after trading in my 2013 M5 and it was a total downgrade. It's unobtrusive when cruising, but when you decide it's time to go, it ignites in a fury of violence that still reverberates in a sophisticated manner. I was afraid to make a commitment on one of these and get stuck with a bunch of electrical problems like I had with our new ML350. The SL63 AMG starts at $145,800 and if you want to start talking Aston Martins, then you go up a chunk more. Mine is a daily driver, seems to like frequent exercise. We finally got married! Is this BMW the best daily driver ever? Did you. Hey guys, I've been looking for a 650i or M6 convertible since May, I am being picky on mileage, color, options etc. by Oddest Ball In addition to this, the higher mileage cars tend to acquire Bottom-end failures which damage the cranks from picking up and spinning bearing shells. Did you? It's as if something is loose in the steering wheel and every time you hit a minor bump over 55 mph, you hear it. It is easy to navigate and the 3D graphics it incorporates are visually pleasing. It is powered by the S63 4.4 litre twin-turbo V8. Essai - Citroën C5 Aircross BlueHdi 130 : confort et sobriété.

The 2013 BMW M6 Coupe is just as striking as the E24 M6. It presents itself in a more romantic fashion, yet still maintains the aggressive nature of a BMW. [citation needed], The first convertible models were released in March 2011[11] and were produced until May 2018. A common problem for older cars is water seeping through due to blocked roof drains, which can move into the control units. Le tarif est assez élevez avec les options que j'ai pris,ou le poids qui se ressent sur les routes sinueuses,mais elle est confortable et équilibrée.Le mode " sport " fonctionne pas beaucoup mais ça reste une grosse GT.L'équipements est technologique,qui comprend vraiment tout ce qu'il faut pour une GT comme ça. All of this brought the re-vamped M6 to a £79,760 list price, though as the last cars began to depart the showrooms back in early 2011 this price rose to a modest £87,335.

But look at the competition. At the 2015 Detroit Auto Show, BMW introduced the F06/F12/F13 facelift ("LCI") models:[49]. The F12/F13/F06 6 Series was produced at the Dingolfing BMW plant. But driving impressions are amazing. Very luxurious and sporty combination interior. If you dig deep enough you will always find someone with a sub-optimal experience.

The car is fast but doesn't ride/handle nearly as solid as the 2013 BMW M5 I owned previously. Reliability so far has been average. I do not own a beige pair of anything. As far as looks goes, the car makes heads turn. Did you? [1][2] It is the first M6 model to use a turbocharged engine.

Overall, it is a very nice car. Also, there is the possibility of acquiring a shimmy through the steering under harder braking due to warped disks, or worn brake reaction bushes. It is a touch more supple and that becomes welcomed when pottering along. Subscribe today to have every issue of evo delivered straight to you. 8/10 is becoming a bit of common theme with this car. Save cars. There is nothing earth shattering, equipment-wise, but you don't feel like you are missing anything. A forum community dedicated to BMW owners and enthusiasts. Un look qui ne passe pas inaperçu et une très sportive, encore un bon compromis pour associé grande routière et un coupé sportif, à condition de n'être que deux ou éventuellement avec deux jeunes enfants, mais pas plus Lire la suite de l'avis»Donnez votre avis», Serie 6 F13 (F13) COUPE 650I 407 SPORT DESIGN (2012), C'est incroyable ce véhicule unique,raffinée et sportif avec ses 407 ch.Elle est élégante,son design est superbe comme son confort,bien finis ( j'ai juste eu du mal a apprendre a faire fonctionner le GPS !

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