Add the feature to cancel ready before entering the next stage in the team mode: Optimize the interaction mechanism of reviving teammates: after approaching the fallen teammate, you can press F to revive without aiming at the teammate, Optimize the interface of weapon upgrade at Craftsman, Optimize the animation footage after players get knocked down, Optimize performance of ping system in the team mode, After canceling the matching, the check box will not be automatically unchecked, Waterfall decoration is added to part of the "Duo Fjord" scene, Optimize Crown Prince’s and Ao Bai’s checkout animation, Fix the issue that when teammates use Talisman, the sound volume is too large, Adjust the sound effect of Elite Corrupt Monk's light beam, Lower the volume of Heavy Crossbowman's charge, Add fuzzy effect for the background music when entering checkout page, Adjust the sound effect of Talisman's secondary skill, Add voice dialogue when the hero is killed, Add the feature to adjust the volume of enviornment sound in the setting, Adjust the sound effect of Glimmering's explosion, Lower the attributes of some monsters in Anxi Desert-Stage 1, Optimize the entrance location of the vault in Anxi Desert-Stage 1 and Anxi Desert-Stage 3, Optimize the number of bottles in some vaults, Optimize the spawn location of elite monsters when players trigger elite monster challenge event in Longling Tomb and Duo Fjord, Fix the issue that players can't switch weapons after picking up a weapon, Fix the issue that the inscription "1s after scope is on, highlight all enemies(including the one behind barriers), and all hits on highlight enemies become Crit Hit" doesn't take effect on some monsters, Fix the issue that reloading Goshawk during the charge will cause abnormal reload animation, Fix the issue that after players use secondary skill, the mark of Raninbow and Dragonchaser disappears, Fix the issue that players sometimes can't reload or shoot when using Concealed Ammo with "Advanced Depot" scroll, Fix the issue that ammo consumption is abnormal if Laser Gloves or Thunderclap Gloves doesn't hit the target, Fix the issue that switching the archive may make the game unplayable, Fix the issue that secondary skill of Talisman sometimes has errors which make players unable to shoot, Fix the issue that in challenge event "Continue to be injured and defeat enemies to get healing! Gunfire Reborn - About This Game:Gunfire Reborn is an adventure level-based game featuring FPS, roguelite, and RPG elements. Can you provide us your computer spec like CPU, GPU and so on? Gunfire Reborn - New adventure FPS with co-op set to launch ... 3 Wounded During Gunfire At Cleveland House Party ... Life-saving information shared at BCSD active shooter ... Gunfire Reborn – Buried Treasure. We will release the update roadmap in November, and inform you of the update plan from EA version to the 1.0 official version. Click here to jump to that post. It currently features … I think they will need some time to learn and evolve and adapt to the ecosystem. A lot of times it feels like your build really starts to take off in the middle of stage 3 and then it's promptly over. Thanks for your feedback. Gunfire Reborn was released as an Early Access title in late May 2020. I love this game, I'd fallen out with FPS for a long time but got Gunfire Reborn 2 weeks ago and ive put 50+ hours in and i was just wondering if the team behind it has any kind of roadmap for what they plan/hope for the future?

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