Other symptoms include a loss of appetite and walking with a hunched back. Recovery normally takes a few days following treatment, although more serious infections may not be curable. Treatment of conjunctivitis may include antibiotic eye drops and oral antibiotics. She wasn’t able to feed or do anything herself. Make sure however that you shield your hamster’s eyes from the spray. I cleaned them and they seem to be better but now he can’t seem to hold his food so he’s having trouble eating anyone know what would cause this? More serious illnesses such as bronchitis or pneumonia could develop if a severe cold is not treated quickly. My hamster is about 2 years old. You can reduce the chances of your hamster developing a lung infection by protecting your hamster from colds and treating any colds or allergic reactions quickly. Fungal infections can be caused by damp and dirty housing, and include ringworm and aspergillis fungus. Like humans, hamsters can suffer from colds which give them a runny nose and sneezing. Would using a pipette of water help loosen the bedding? Like us, hamsters can get little cuts and scrapes through their day-to-day life. My hamster is acting normal, but she has a crusty eye.. I’ve used warm water and a washcloth and it opened yesterday and last night, but today its worse.. it barely opens… WHAT SHOULD I DO?? If you touch the tip of your pet’s bottle when it’s attached in its usual position in the cage, then your finger should come away wet. How do I tell? i feel bad for it i hope that never happens to mine.

Symptoms of an allergy include sneezing, runny eyes, skin irritation, fur loss, wheezing and breathing problems. Abscesses in the mouth are commonly confused with food in your hamster’s pouches. Abscesses can also be caused by cheek pouch injuries, so if your hamster has swollen cheeks or its cheek pouches appear to be continuously full then this may be an indication of an abscess. My hamster is acting normal it’s just her eye what should I do? Then, once your hamster has calmed down, hold the end of the cotton swab against its eyes for a few minutes to soften the crust on it.

Diseases are commonly worsened or irritated by cedar bedding, so to help start the healing process switch over to paper bedding. You will want to make sure you clean your hamster’s eyes with a saline solution. if anyone has GOOD advice i really need to know what to do for her. She was getting old, and lived a normal life after that. In addition, if it isn’t eating, you can try to add some water soluble vitamins into the water. I don’t know what to do can one of you help me? To help your hamster recover you should move its cage into a cooler area where your pet can slowly cool down. Supplements such as Oasis Vita-Drops High Potency Multi-Vitamins are commonly recommended as a treatment, however, I would still recommend seeing a vet.

This is commonly caused by an injury to your hamster’s spinal cord. This is intended as a guideline only and should not replace having your hamster evaluated by an experienced small mammal veterinarian. It doesn't look swollen sticky or anything else. It may be a good idea to have a quick check of your hamster’s bedding when you’re cleaning them out. You will also notice a fungus growing in the area where your hamster urinates.

Sticky eyes are more common with older hamsters as stickiness is similar to what we call “sleep” or “eye poop”.

If your hamster exhibits signs of rabies and bites you make sure you get a rabies vaccine immediately, as it can be cured in the early stages, however, is incurable once it reaches a certain point. Use a very mild saline solution, My female hamster has labored breathing and does not open her eyes our even move ache been like this for a week went to pull her out and she just layed on her side really worried.not sure off her history as we got her free three weeks ago. In the meantime, as we mentioned above, offer your pet an alternative water-source, one that won’t tip over them and which won’t dry up too quickly.

Should I be worried? Diarrhea is most commonly caused by intestinal parasites or dietary change. If your hamster is in shock then it will typically seem fairly limp and lifeless, while it may also be shivering, breathing heavily and have a colder temperature. My kids were playing with our "little Vader" and they brought him down with one eye popped out and it was bleeding. I went over to check on him earlier this week and notice the eye difference, no discharge , doesn’t look swollen, he isn’t scratching it or anything. Your hamster will show poor balance and coordination, possibly falling over, and its head may hang to one side. Another time I had treats in my hand and let him come to me. It is therefore highly important to get veterinary treatment as soon as possible. You can help avoid dangerous falls by ensuring there are no unprotected areas in a multi-level cage where your hamster may fall from a height, and by buying a safe hamster wheel. There are no “over the counter” medications for abscesses and you will need a vet to either give you antibiotics, flush out the abscesses or even drain them if they have grown too large. You can avoid heat stroke by keeping your hamster’s cage away from direct sunlight and heaters. A post-operative care schedule and regimen will be given by your veterinarian.

Take a quick look at your hamster to see if his injuries look minor (e.g, small cuts and scrapes) or major (e.g., broken limbs, lots of bleeding). When hamsters don’t have enough protein they begin losing their hair, so make sure you cut back on cereals and add more proteins to their diet. Instead, consult your veterinarian as to the best eye drops or ointments for your pet. Smoothing a tiny bit of this on your pet’s ears will help the symptoms for a while, but you might want to start building this treatment into your regular care routine. Please check before giving your hamster any medication to make sure your vet has not given something harmful. One time I said come here Raider my hamster and he was walking and fell down his ladder and he started squealing.

Symptoms include lethargy, breathing problems, inflamed skin, diarrhea, and blood in urine.

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You can use the form below to receive an e-mail whenever we have a new update. Can someone tell me what happend he had some scab on his eye. It is suggested that you use a lukewarm wet cloth (or Q-Tip) to help loosen up the build up. Oasis Vita-Drops High Potency Multi-Vitamins. Symptoms of sarcoptic mange include dry, scabby skin and lots of scratching. I don’t know what else to do. I think she’s going to be fine. Wet tail is most common in baby hamsters, particularly around the time of weaning when they are about 4 weeks old. Is the hamster eye drop the same as normal eye drop? If one eye is sticking out from your pet’s head more than the other, then your pet may have a protruding eye caused by an infection or injury.

If the abscess bursts beforehand then it is still important that you visit the vet as additional treatment may be necessary to clear the infection. A vet visit is absolutely necessary with this problem as it will require surgery. Everything about your pet 44,127 views. You can reduce the chances of cheek pouch injuries occurring by not giving your hamster sticky foods such as candy, and by avoiding the use of fluffy bedding, straw, pieces of material, and wool. This is a highly contagious disease that is by far the most common in hamsters that have been recently weaned. Protruding Eyes - if you look at your hamster from above, then you will be able to judge whether or not the eyes are symmetrical. I separated them but the injured hamster was bleeding a bit, his fur was all messy and one of his eyes won’t open. Worms - hamsters can contract a number of different worms, and a long time can go by without them showing any obvious symptoms. From what you say it sounds like a respiratory infection but I’m not certain….you can try a saline solution to help free up the sticky eye. Best to keep the hamster in a small cardboard box without any bedding for 15 minutes after administering or cleaning its eye to ensure it dries completely. You should isolate your hamster in a separate cage away from other hamsters, and use an anti-mite spray that can be bought from a pet store. My roborovski dwarf hamster has a red ring around its eye is it because of the bedding cause I use carefresh idk what it is but who ever can help me thx u very much !!!!

For more information on nail trimming, have a look at our ‘How To Trim My Hamster’s Nails’ section.

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