Hayley looked beautiful ... everything looks good.

Hayley was human for only five hours once a month under the full moon, Elijah took Hope to see her mother on those occasions. After Chris's death, Hayley is passed out the next morning next to Tyler on a sofa; they had clearly spent the entire night drinking in honor of Chris. They talk about Hope and that she is okay. Hayley then reveals to Klaus that the reason he has been unable to find Katherine all these centuries has been her ability to build and maintain a network of allies willing to do anything for her.

She then tells him that if she uses Hope to try to manipulate her again, then he'll never see them again. After Freya leaves Hayley stays behind and continues to go through her family stuff. Dahlia tells her she has no quarrel with her, but if she were to deny her what is owed to her, it would result in her death. She says she's still a Crescent and is the last of the Labonair line, which makes her an alpha.

Hayley shares a dance with Elijah and he once again suggests to come back. Klaus came closer and asked "How is our Littlest Wolf today? I was a little sad when I found out that she had died. They arrive at Willoughby Lake Bar and when some tensions are shown, Hayley asks for a bourbon unless Hollis still has his moonshine. There the only problem is that, since Hayley is now a full vampire, she is vulnerable to the sun. Jackson was Hayley's husband. Klaus finds them and curses both Jackson and Hayley to be human for only five hours once a month on the full moon. After Marcel is incapacitated by Papa Tunde's blade, Hayley and the Mikaelson Family run for their lives. When Elijah is alone with her he tells her that went far too easy and that she shouldn't trust any of them. .css-14iz86j-BoldText{font-weight:bold;}A girl with a rare genetic condition which made her body age eight times faster than normal has died at the age of 17. Hayley closes a truck with the coffins of the Mikaelson Family. And she, as Andrea Labonair, is living proof of that. When Hayley is helping Adrian break the sire bond, Kimberley interferes and frees him before they finish. She uses a sleeping powder to knock out the Hollow. She tells them it's their choice if they want to keep the rings and be a slave, or be a part of a pack. Hayley Marshall-Kenner (born Andrea Labonair): Hayley/Andréa was born into the Labonair family on June 6, 1991, but was abandoned by her family when she was a baby. She was first introduced in The Vampire Diaries as a werewolf who later on became a hybrid in The Originals. In From a Cradle to a Grave, we see a flashback of who seats between A Closer Walk With Thee and The Battle of New Orleans. The family once lived in The French Quarter of New Orleans, and it has links to both the Original Family and the North East Atlantic Pack through Hope Mikaelson. Elijah being the "vilain" in Hayley's story. He tells her that he spent a lot of time tracking her as a wolf, and they joke to which he tells her she's better than the Andrea Labonair he was waiting for. In The Tale of Two Wolves, she sees that Hope has appeared in the afterlife and tells her it's not her time yet. After vampires begin attacking the compound, she saves Freya by killing two vampires and takes her away as Freya has now been poisoned. By jumping on him and ripping his throat out. He then grabs her and she fights back, realizing that The Hollow is controlling her dream, she rips out Jackson's heart killing him, she finally wakes up still bound to a chair.

After she is done fighting she sees Elijah he gives her his jacket and she turns around to kiss and hug him. And how they have been tricked. She tells the witch she needs "crushed aconite flower". Supernatural information She tells him that he has to forgive Elijah and he before he walks away from her, he tells her she sounds like Cami. When Dahlia shows up in front of the doorway to the room where Hayley is, she realizes her magic will be gone and talks to Hayley. Hayley rips off Greta’s daylight ring, and flings them both into the sun, thus killing them both!

Both gave birth to a baby girl in hard conditions and their respective child was taken away from them (for Katherine it was her father who took Nadia, while Hayley was killed while the New Orleans Witches took Hope, who she later took back, but sent her to live away from New Orleans with Rebekah). She is the older sister of Athina Mikaelson-Labonair and the older maternal half sister of Apollo Olsen. Later on, Elijah finds Klaus and learns about the baby and Klaus still isn't agreeing to cooperate. She was born as Andrea Labonair in New Orleans into one of the two ruling families of the Crescent Wolf Clan, but her mother and father were killed by Richard Xavier Dumas.

She tells her that when Jackson is ready to talk, he should come home. Hayley is then seen with Cami and the others at St. Anne's Church, and Hayley tells her she'll heal. They talk about how ill he is.

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