Our blankets are available in many different sizes! I have no words for how SCAMMED I feel.

Most people think, “I’ll just lay beneth a large pile of blankets. Bought 2 blankets that neither my wife or I liked because they were too heavy so we returned them within 100 days. They did respond quickly though. For your Today is feb 6. The non-toxic sand glass also works its magic to distribute weight consistently across the entire blanket; meaning you get the deep touch pressure stimulation that the weight offers, while keeping cool.Another similar product that Hush Blankets offers is the Hush Iced set which includes a cooling sheet and pillowcases. Please tell us how to reach you if you are still doing this. three simple steps, I’ve outlined them below: Hush Hosting a party full of screaming kids this weekend? The purpose and priority of the blankets, remember, is to distribute enough weight on the user for better quality sleep. The weights range from 5 lbs from kids to 35 lbs for sharing adults!

All values are given in Canadian dollars, along with any current savings: Hush Blankets deliver a humble, yet comprehensive, line of blankets that are made for children and adults alike.

All requests, fees, and processes are subject to I am hoping it is just because the weight is too high (apparently I am supposed to have the 15 lb for my weight) but I would be interested in your input into the issue. Look elsewhere for a weighted blanket. Beware folks! Regular price

If you were serious in your comment I would love to chat and figure out what our possible next steps are. Just beware of the quality. The Hush is different because our blanket actually looks good on your bed, since it will drape nicely over the sides instead of just reaching the edge of your mattress top. Recent studies bring to light the power of Deep Touch Pressure (DTP) to help completely relax you and enable your body to reach an optimal quality of sleep.

These blankets are horrible. If you're not completely happy with your Hush, we'll help you send it back for a full refund! Perfectly timed, the universe (or Google / my phone lol) heard my concerns and I stumbled on Hush blankets. The Hush is available in many different sizes. Good news is that Hush Blanket are available on Amazon. scoured the internet and managed to find a few Hush Blankets coupon codes you I had purchased 2x blankets (Classic & Iced) back in November thinking I would receive it in a timely manner.

Finally got return label to supposedly ship back for free….. Purolator charges me $100 for return….. To top it off Lush blanket state they will only reimburse $40…. Below, you’ll find what Hush Blankets recommends for persons based on their individual weight: I find that Hush Blankets did a

Hush has been telling me a replacement is on the way and even gave me a tracking number that does not work. Price, value, and individual budgets are important factors to consider before making a purchase decision. The Hush will provide you with a constant, comforting hug whenever it's needed. The shipping costs for 70bucks are without customs, means I paid 100€ just for shipping. convenience, here’s a breakdown of their policy: For more information, inquiries, and services, the customer They delete any comments you leave on their Instagram that are negative reviews.

If your weight varies by a lot, you can purchase two separate blankets, for the most optimum personal experience.

Chat with our support team by clicking on the chat bubble on the bottom right of your screen or by emailing support@hushblankets.com and we'll get back to you as soon as possible! Guaranteed or your money back. your individual body weight (rounding up), Individuals should have their own blankets – This was the worst customer service I have EVER experienced. Worth a try right?! We have a "100 Sleeps Guarantee". Regular price International website differ for purchases and shipping, Hush Kids Weighted Blanket – $179 (currently $169), The 2-in-1 Weighted Blanket Bundle – $349 (currently $319), Hush Iced Cooling Sheet and Pillowcase Set – $149 (currently $89), Selecting the I was told that my order was out of stock, and would not be available until January 2020. Use ScamPulse to make a complaint. For now, the follow is the best that Hush Initial impression is very good quality. I would like what I paid for!! Same thing, right?” To which Science says, “Not exactly...” In all seriousness, the reason Hush Blankets are so powerful is their adaptation from the medical community. Brands that offer weighted blankets are expensive, and Hush Blankets is no exception. Time to bring home their new favourite blanky. Blankets Review for a breakdown on the features and benefits of their products.

$99.00, Hush Kids - Weighted Blanket for Children, From 7-12% of your body weight should be perfect. I tried to cancel my order the day after i placed it and they wouldnt do it. Weighted blankets help us combat the negative impact stress and anxiety have on our lives, our sleep patterns, and everything in between. I ordered 2 blankets in December 2019 and it is now February 28, 2020 and I still have not received my blankets OR a status or update from the company. Close Menu. Private1580857316 Sign in to contact user • Feb 04, 2020.

Still no blanket.

The American Occupational Therapy Association studied the benefits of DTPS and has shown to occur even in short periods of being under a weight. This is a companion. Need a Vacation to be even MORE relaxing? they say they started shipping which was they printed a label. For your convenience, here’s a breakdown of their Ex.

over the weighted blanket and align the hook and ties; tie a knot, Flip the blanket I then reached out to customer service through email (because they don’t even have a phone service), and their responses were short and of no help. False advertising and very sketchy in my opinion. volume of customer inquiries.

I’m amazed at their efforts and success to incorporate technological innovation; premium fabrics and materials; as well as, research-backed studies, into their designs. There was no indication that the blankets were back ordered. The very next day the initial order was dropped off at my front door. I started the process to get that returned. BUYER BEWARE! Regular price In this time Christmad came and after trying out the blanket my partner did not like it.

If you're not completely happy with your Hush, we'll help you send it back for a full refund! Still haven’t heard anything. It's more than just the weight, it's backed by science. The combination of sweat-wicking and cooling technology; along with innovative materials such as non-toxic sand glass and microfibres is a gamechanger. I went through something very similar and I am looking to put together something formal. Not cooling and caused a huge amount of pain due to osteoarthritis. I placed my order via mobile site and NOWHERE did it state that the 20 lb twin was pre-order for June. Try the Hush Blanket for 100 Nights. further comments to add, please add them to an existing email or chat Both should be hang-dried for maximum quality and longevity of the blanket. Our Hush Classic comes with a soft "minky" cover which will keep you warm and snuggled all year round.

trouble sleeping in general, Weighted blankets tailored to different body glass sand for effective weight distribution, Interest-free, Not to mention, the blanket features different cover displays on either side which makes it also fun to play. If your weights vary drastically, consider purchasing two Twin sized blankets for a more personalized and optimal sleep experience. I assume they want you to keep it of you’re not happy to avoid paying to return it.

Your email address will not be published. Then they said early October. When delivered wrong product!!! I will be exchanging mine for a lower weight and they have been nothing but helpful with the process. Not impressed so far – hope i have better luck with the product. Simply add your weights together and choose a blanket that is 10% of your combined weights. Note: BBB is indicating they cannot reach this company; they have a F rating and are not BBB accredited. Dear Public, I purchased one, tried for 2 nights. It’s important to remember that depending on your individual weight; the number of people using the blanket at once; and the size of your bed, that you should be well informed before making a purchase decision. For Hush Blankets offer three distinct types of blankets and an additional bundle package. Of course! I wish I had read these reviews before I ordered as I would never had bothered.

$179.00. I tried for months to get my refund. A look into Blanket Jackson's net worth, money and current earnings. Now who wouldn’t want THAT?? The results were lower brain activity, lower anxiety, and 78% preferred the blanket as a calming method. However I don’t need to, many of the above comments just confirmed my own issues with the Hushlers. Don’t waste your sanity on this company. You should choose a weight that is 7-12% of your body weight or the combined weight of you and your partner if you are sharing. They were originally made for patients suffering from sleep anxiety, ADHD, OCD, Sensory Processing Disorder, or those just having trouble falling asleep. Check out the latest deal on Hush Classic Blanket here. Blankets has to offer: Looking for more options? comes in one standard size, the blankets were designed to focus on the weight cover inside-out so that six hook ties are exposed, Lay the inner Beware that if you exercise your right to return the blanket within the prescribed 100 night window that you, the consumer, are responsible for the cost of shipping the blanket(s) back. I didnt open it. Check out our in-depth review of Gravity Blanket. I have yet to try it out. I’ve been using it for about a month and already the duvet has gone “piley” and rough.

steps. This study from SciMedCentral found that sleep time increased while movement during sleep decreased when participants used a weighted blanket. One thing that’s never changed for me, growing up, is my need for a soft, warm, and cozy blanket. wonderful job of covering all relevant sizes made to fit any bed. The Hush Iced is the original cooling weighted blanket designed by Hush Blankets. Get your best sleep with $40 OFF TONIGHT ONLY : Use "DAYLIGHT" at checkout now! Hush Iced 2.0 - Cooling Weighted Blanket for Hot Sleepers, From I found it tedious and annoying that Hush Blankets features two websites. The secret is DTPS, or Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation, which helps people fall into a deeper sleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up incredibly refreshed. For your convenience, I’ve listed the steps below: Another I wrote an email inquiry to them and having not heard back after several days, I wrote a second follow-up inquiry. A couple years later, the Hush Blanket was made into a premium product that any adult can enjoy the benefits from, outside of a hospital or rehab centre. Have your blanket nearby! Discover how much the famous Family Member is worth in 2020. This led to improved performance on a test after being under the weight. blanket by untying the hook from the ties, Place the outer cover in the wash using soft

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