Iago encourages Roderigo to believe that by participating in Iago’s plot, he might have the chance to have an affair with Desdemona.

(II,iii,285), who happens to be nearby. Visit BN.com to buy new and used textbooks, and check out our award-winning NOOK tablets and eReaders. What is Deception? If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.

Iago, whether directly or indirectly is responsible for 
many tragedies. The events that take place are due to. | Store.

In Othello, Shakespeare explores different forms of manipulation through the antagonist Iago.

(V, ii, 267-9). from West Virginia State University Ph.D. from Bowling Green State University, Top subjects are Literature, History, and Science. The theme of social status plays a huge role in the story.

He knows that Roderigo lusts after Desdemona and is angry to learn that she is married Othello. He did things such as when Brabantio was outside talking and hearing news about his daughter, he could see, but there was another voice, talking and telling him about Othello his daughter Des. Iago’s number one technique was his ability to make people trust him. Even then, Iago gets personally involved only because his plan against Othello goes slightly awry, and he has to step in to sort things out by wounding Cassio and murdering Roderigo in act 5, scene 1. Log in here.

Ok so those were the techniques that Iago used to manipulate others. Start your 48-hour free trial to unlock this answer and thousands more.

(I, i, 71). and how Othello got her through witchcraft.

For example, Iago tells Othello that he finds that, “To do no contrived murder: …

What is Othello's tragic flaw that causes his downfall. Such a lady named Desdemona, who was supposedly cheating on a guy whom he once fired. that he demands, ?I know not that: but such a handkerchief,-- I am sure it was your wife's,--did I today see Cassio wipe his beard with?

In the critical essay “Othello” it discusses the idea that the characters are cast as outsiders due to false interpretation of what is happening or what, Olivia Culp

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Iago most effectively, In any story, the antagonist always scheme their way into getting what they want by any means necessary. And he got every one of them to trust him, although he still hadn’t got Emilia into his web fully. As this seed takes root in Othello?s mind Iago need only supply, ?trifles light as air?, which Othello demands from Iago: ?Villain, be sure thou prove my love a whore? In his discourse to the Duke, Othello?s love seems elevated and pure.

To insert a modern day psychologist into the world of Othello would be extremely interesting, and potentially amusing. He argues that since Desdemona has committed her crimes in bed, by sleeping with other men, she should also die in bed. The essay describes in detail Iago's manipulation of Cassio, Desdemona, Emilia, Roderigo, and Othello. Rodrigo, Othello, Cassio, Desdemona, Emilia, and etc. ATTENTION: Please help us feed and educate children by uploading your old homework! insecurities can help your enemy to destroy you. Walking up the street and not know that it was Iago telling him that information. Iago's Manipulation of Roderigo. He had just about everyone spun in Iago’s web.

Iago has succeeded in reducing Cassio to a pitiful state; a state in which he will be highly suggestible due to his desperation. Roderigo?s mental function is also inhibited by his love for Desdemona, which shames him in its strength: ?I confess it is my shame to be so fond, but it is no in my virtue to amend it?. According to Sholokhov and Tolstoy, author Helen Muchnic states that the Vice of the morality plays who evolved into Shakepheare’s Iago.

He had just about everyone spun in Iago’s web.

Thus do I ever make my fool my purse."

Types of Deception. (II, i, 240), he convinces his impressionable cretin.

The doctor would be most drawn to Iago.

Iago is a puppeteer that knows just how to play on Roderigo?s weaknesses to produce the desired affect.

Othello – Iago quotes. Manipulation is central to this play as a whole because it is what Iago uses to get his revenge and what furthers Othello’s downfall. First, Iago uses Othello?s blackness to create doubt in his mind: ?Whereto we see in all things nature tends. What is the relationship between Iago and Roderigo in, What is Iago's plan and purpose in Act 1, scene 3 of. In Classical times, when the Muses 
were assigned specific artistic and literary abilities, Iago's Manipulations: Master of Words and People in Othello by Shakespeare, What makes a successful villain?

He also states that “If Iago, Shakespeare created the character of Iago in a complex way that made critics differ when interpreting the role he played in the Othello drama. Such as who’s the bad guy, who’s planning against them, and when he was talking to Othello who was cheating on who. Iago states that, ?Our general?s wife is now the general? Among all great plays of William Shakespeare the tragedy of Othello the moor of Venice considered the most tragic as the massive destructions the play ends with. Ok so now that he gets the trust of people he can work with that, he would make everyone he came in contact with feel as if he was on their side. In fact, he is one of the greatest villains Shakespeare has ever created. Iago seizes upon Roderigo?s inability to draw this conclusion, and slowly bleeds Roderigo?s purse.

Iago’s number one technique was his ability to make people trust him. Here Iago orchestrates even the way in which Desdemona will be killed.

Your online site for school work help and homework help. He always when talking to that certain person said that he was on their side, making a false trust that the person believed, and therefore trusted him.

Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. Although he ostensibly convinces Roderigo to amass a small fortune for his own personal advancement, Iago makes it clear here that he intends to manipulate Roderigo in such a way that he will essentially function as Iago’s “purse.” The essay describes in detail Iago's manipulation of Cassio, Desdemona, Emilia, Roderigo, and Othello.

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Now most of the people he did this to it worked on.

Finally, Iago?s most destructive manipulation of the characters of Othello, is his manipulation of Othello himself. Profoundly, Shakespeare, in his famous tragedy Othello, brings forth the power of human emotion; seemingly, he reminds people that a simple emotion such as love and hate could have dire consequences if the person involved is misled.

Top subjects are Literature, Social Sciences, and History, Latest answer posted September 26, 2017 at 3:36:22 PM, Latest answer posted September 15, 2019 at 7:38:51 AM, Latest answer posted November 11, 2019 at 8:17:07 PM, Latest answer posted June 06, 2018 at 7:18:47 AM, Latest answer posted November 17, 2018 at 5:12:37 PM. Iago?s manipulation of Roderigo is indeed perfect; the more he fails in securing Desdemona?s love for Roderigo, the more desperate for it Roderigo becomes. Literature and Composition Honors The play Othello is a tragedy. (III, iii, 512).

Firstly, the fact that Iago declares his intention to harm Othello when he speaks to Roderigo, is a good quote:. Science Teacher and Lover of Essays. Iago Quotes.

Manipulation - "The Moor is of a free and open nature, That thinks men honest that but seem to be so," Whereas many of Shakespeare's villains—like Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, Angelo (in Measure for Measure), Tamora (in Titus Andronicus), and Richard III—generally take care of business themselves or directly order someone else to do it, it's not until the last act of Othello that Iago does anything to get his own hands dirty. So he therefore was covering his back and making sure he wouldn’t be caught. Personal Response. • The psychologist would probably being appalled that the people in power were so mentally compromised. Shakespeare’s Lady Macbeth: Manipulation & Ruthlessness, Essay: History of the Social Studies Curriculum, Pip and Joe’s Relationship in Great Expectations, Dulce Et Decorum Est by Wilfred Owen: Poem Analysis. | Digests

Thus, as Iago was able to control Desdemona through her character flaw of good will, he is similarly able to bend Emilia to his purpose by exploiting her spousal devotion. Iago?s manipulation of Desdemona occurs through Cassio. Act 3 scene 3 shows the point where Iago is able to manipulate Othello into believing his wife has had an affair with Cassio. Here Iago explains how Roderigo can help him.

(III, iii, 411).

He then, ?lose[s] this napkin?in Cassio's lodging?, where it will serve as the ?ocular proof? So the techniques that he used were to gain their trust, then branch off that. And he got every one of them to trust him, although he still hadn’t got Emilia into his web fully. As a trusted confidante, he is able to sway Othello’s opinion and manipulate him much more effectively. With as little a web as this I …

He points out that Desdemona demonstrably has the capacity to lie and keep secrets since she hid her courtship with Othello from her disapproving father. Cassio does implore Desdemona for he aid and predictably she responds that, ?Be thou assured, good Cassio, I will do all my abilities in thy behalf.? Types of Deception.

Iago manipulates the other characters of Othello by preying on and triggering their individual doubts and insecurities. | Submit Which was the number one technique, and from gaining their trust he could branch off form that and then he could manipulate the people he was playing into thinking that he was on their side even when he might be on the opposite side. Like Desdemona?s good nature, Iago exploits Emilia?s devotion toward his malicious goals.

In this scene, Iago masterfully utilizes Cassio?s low tolerance for alcohol, to rob him of his position. Personal Response. The next technique that he used was that he knew how to use all his options he could use all the tools in his grasp.

He had from the very beginning known what he wanted. Text to Text Connection. (V, ii, 272), the handkerchief that Othello gave to Desdemona: ?that handkerchief?I found by fortune, and did give me husband? I follow him to serve my turn upon him. Your IP: Look to her , Moor, if thou hast eyes to see / she has deceived her father , and may thee – act 1 scene 3 – brabantio: Later used in the play by Iago as evidence of D infidelity: He takes her by the palm.

At, well said, whisper!

He uses their individual aspirations and passions to motivate them to whatever devious plan he desires. Iago's Manipulation of Cassio. Quotes Iago Quotes.

Indeed, Iago is a satanic character whose manipulations often involve perverting that which is good and moral into a pitifully depraved heap.

Through out the play of Othello Iago used many techniques to get what he wanted and one way or another he somehow all most always got what he wanted.

After being Egged by the words of a proficient manipulator (Iago) ends up with killing his beloved wife (Desdemona), Jealousy: An Intriguing Aspect of Shakespeare’s Othello This quote is one of the few moments where Iago explains his possible motivation for being obsessed with destroying Othello.

Othello – Iago quotes.

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