C | MP3 MP4. С текстове, които са изградени върху плоскостта на първичното възприятие и си играят с несъзнаваните коридори на слушателя, през музиката, която съсипва тялото от движение и безусловно му показва път, до видеоклиповете, които са чисто и просто произведение на съвременното изкуство - Стругаре показва на колко точно е способна човешката душа.

The avant-garde electronic duo from Moscow - IC3PEAK is one of the most popular counterculture bands in Russia at the moment. In the song "Смерти Больше Нет" (Death No More), Nastya Kreslina sings from the perspective of a riot squad member, facing the Lubyanka jail-headquarters of the FSB (Federal Security Service). Ние сме, ние съществуваме, ние озаряваме.

[9][11] The band have been caught up in a crackdown on popular music acts across provincial Russia, where shows have been cancelled in a flurry of local pressure that is said to have provoked an intervention by the Kremlin. 107. With lyrics which are built upon the foundation of the first glance and who play with the unconcious hallways of the listener, through the music which destroys the body with movement showing only the Long Road, all the way to the videos, which are, simply put, a work of contemporary art - Strugare shows all the capabilities of the human soul. Lyrics suchen. Furthermore their song “Смерти Больше Нет” is an open critique towards Russia’s government. СЛУШАТЬ НОВЫЙ АЛЬБОМ / NEW ALBUM СКАЗКА : smarturl.it/CKA3KA buy on 12'' vinyl https://bit.ly/2C0Yqsm Contains tracks. - Nastya & Nick (IC3PEAK) tl;dr they recently released an album with a song/video criticizing the russian government, which has led to the FSB tracking them down as they tour, threatening venue owners and cutting off their sound midway through shows.

666. Той прехвърля отговорността от тази истина в ума на всеки слушател, като му се доверя напълно, че знае какво да направи със стимулираното си въображение. Select from a wide range of models, decals, meshes, plugins, or … The song features the lyrics "Together with others you will be twisted in the square" and "I go outside to caress a cat while a cop car runs it over". Стругаре е изпълнител, който черпи информация директно от източника - от чистата истина. 1 hour ago, Java | В плътта на зимата колаборацията между СТРУГАРЕ и IC3PEAK, която този концерт представлява, може да бъде определена само като нужна.

Характерно за модерната руска сцена не оставят и социалния елемент - те далеч не са безпристрастни към заобикалящата ги среда и са сред най-силногласните активисти спрямо правата на LGBTQ общностите, а песента „Смерть Больше Нет“ е откровено критична към управленческия модел в Русия.

[9][10] In the fall of 2018, the group, like a number of other Russian independent performers, started having problems with the cancellation of concerts in Russian cities by local security forces. 2 hours ago, We use cookies for various purposes including analytics. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. 1 hour ago, C | We aim from darkness to the light. English subtitles are available now for our big interview with ... IC3PEAK - Fairytale Live Kazan 23/11/18. The duo initially recorded songs almost exclusively in English, however, they later began to record almost exclusively in Russian. The duo's second Russian language album "Сказка" (Fairytale) contains songs on social themes. IC3PEAK are a Russian experimental electronic music duo from Moscow that formed in October 2013.

Недавно группа начала петь про митинги, Россию и смерть", "«Выхожу на улицу гладить кота, а его переезжает тачка мента» Премьера клипа IC3PEAK «Смерти больше нет»", "Участников группы IC3PEAK задержали в Новосибирске", "50 отечественных альбомов 2017. FAIRYTALE episode 45. season 3 (ENGLISH SUB) 20:26 Play. MP3 MP4. [1], The duo currently consists of vocalist Anastasiya 'Nastya' Kreslina (born November 13, 1995) and producer Nikolay Kostylev (born August 31, 1995). Sie sind hier.

By continuing to use Pastebin, you agree to our use of cookies as described in the. SoundCloud СКАЗКА by IC3PEAK published on 2018-10-05T15:01:14Z. The band describes itself as an "audio-visual project".[2]. Their music implements bi-polar aesthetics where melodies which recall the memories of the painful russian winter are juxtaposed with unmerciful and disintegrating instrumentals. MP3 MP4. Typical for the contemporary russian scene is the presence of the social element - IC3PEAK are far from uninvolved in their environment and are amongst the most vocal about the disbalances and injustices concerning the LGBTQ community. Създадени от природата - ние сме красиви и силни. In 2017, IC3PEAK won the Electronics category in the Jägermeister Music Awards[6][7] and the Golden Gargoyle Award for "best experimental project of the year". In November 2017, the band released their first Russian-language album "Сладкая Жизнь" (Sweet Life), with the track "Грустная сука" (Sad Bitch),[8] receiving more than 10 million views on YouTube. Text lyrics übersetzung: English A A March [Intro] La la-la-la la la La la-la-la la la la La la-la-la la la . СТРУГАРЕ е оптическата измама, скроена от времето, която ни показва колко е всъщност незначителна повърхността. The duo initially recorded songs almost exclusively in English, however, they later began to record almost exclusively in Russian. [4] The band released their debut EP "Substances" on the Portland-based label STYLSS in 2014, featuring the track "Ether", for which they released their first music video. IC3PEAK. All the boundaries are relative. Wish us luck." IC3PEAK - Марш (march) Lyrics Übersetzung ins Englische. MP3 MP4. Startseite. 1 hour ago, YAML | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. The Ugly Duckling | Full Story | Fairytale | Bedtime Stories For Kids | 4K UHD 9:43 Play. Strugare is a performer who drinks straight from the source - the unquestionable Truth. ПОСТ КУЛТУРА ПРЕДСТАВЯ: IC3PEAK И СТРУГАРЕ, *****************For English scroll down********************************, “Ние искаме всички да имат възможността да бъдат това, което са - без да се страхуват. Резултатът е безупречна продукция, която може да се нарече изключително дръзка и смела. In 2018, a series of the band's concerts were cancelled or disrupted by law enforcement, and the duo were detained in the Siberian city of Novosibirsk with no probable reason, and were not released from custody in time to perform at the show. He puts the burden of said Truth in the mind of every listener trusting him fully that he will know what to do with it. Deutsch texte lyrics übersetzung; Englisch texte lyrics übersetzung; Künstler; Deutsche und Englische Lyrics Übersetzung.

The duo’s first performance took place in Saint Petersburg, followed by a concert in Moscow as the second part of the series "W17CHØU7" ("Witchout"),[3] to an audience of around 600 people. The band then released the EP "Vacuum" later in the same year, on French label Stellar, Kinematics, allowing them to widen their audience in Europe. -------------------------------------------------------------------, **Политика за достъп на непълнолетни: http://on.fb.me/YDzVEe, “We want everybody to have the opportunity to be what they are without fear. Считалочка by IC3PEAK published on 2018-10-05T15:00:05Z. Sprache .

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Livingston - Fairytale (Lyric Video) 2:50 Play. Use IC3PEAK - SAD BH and thousands of other assets to build an immersive game or experience. 2 hours ago, Python | In the same year, their first tour of the U.S. and a performance in Mexico took place. IC3PEAK - Смерти Больше Нет / Death No More.

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STRUGARE(СТРУГАРЕ) is the optical illusion conceived by Time which shows us just how insignificant the surface is. Ние сме редки цветя, които се опитват да оцелеят в панелен лунапарк. 2020.03.02. IC3PEAK are a Russian experimental electronic music duo from Moscow that formed in October 2013. In winters flesh the collaboration between STRUGARE and IC3PEAK, which this concert is, can be only described as necessary. its gotten to the point where they have shown up in their scheduled city and announced the venue they are playing at as the … Да ги дефинираме и преодоляваме е в нашите собствени ръце.” – IC3PEAK. Their first European performances took place in Paris, Bordeaux, Riga, Prague and Helsinki, followed by more shows in their homeland of Russia[5]. Тяхната музика се обуславя от биполярна естетика, където мелодии, напомнящи на болезнената руска зима, се сблъскват с безмилостни и постоянно пропадащи инструментали.

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