In reality, she was being held against her will at Smith's Grove Sanitarium, where she was impregnated; in one draft of the script, Michael was revealed have been the father of the … Richard and Darlene also had an older daughter named Rachel, who revealed that she had been babysat by Laurie in her childhood, a fact Jamie found comfort in. Un an plus tard, Jamie est internée dans une clinique pour enfants à Haddonfield. She knew of her murderous uncle Michael Myers and was often mocked by her peers because of it. tell kayla and mike whats up for me. A year later, on October 31st, 1989, Michael appeared once again, murdering Jamie's teenage foster sister, Rachel, as well as her closest allies. Following this, Jamie is taken to the local police station, where she observes a despondent Michael in his holding cell. After arriving in Haddonfield, Michael goes on a murder spree, killing five more people, as well as the Carruthers' family dog, Sundae. In Halloween 6, Jamie (now played by J.C Brandy) is impregnated and gives birth to a baby boy the day before Halloween, but the “Man in Black” takes the baby away. How do you feel about this Halloween 6 news? She drives to an isolated bus station, where she begs for help on D.J. Plus tard chez sa famille adoptive, Jamie étant possédée par l'esprit de Michael, poignarde sa mère adoptive, heureusement le coup n'est pas mortel.

The films followed the character of Jamie Lloyd, Laurie Strode’s daughter, and while she played an integral part of those first two films – she was promptly killed off in the sixth. He always had my back no matter what and he was just such a good preson. Utilisant Jamie comme appât, Loomis attrape Michael dans un filet, lui tire dessus avec des fléchettes tranquillisantes et le bat avec une poutre en bois. Les 11 mois suivants, Jamie va souffrir de cauchemars à propos de son oncle, Michael, qu'elle n'a jamais vu, mais dont elle a déjà entendu parler. Meanwhile, Michael begins stalking Rachel, Tina, and their other friend, Samantha.

Jamie was aware of her relation to Michael Myers, something that made her a targeting for bullying at school, along with the fact that both of her parents were deceased. In November of 1987, Laurie and her husband were killed in a vehicular accident, leaving Jamie an orphan. jamie i love and miss you so much. After being stalked through the woods by Michael, Tina is stabbed to death by Michael while protecting Jamie, allowing her time to escape. Write your message of sympathy today. Jamie Lloyd passed away in Warren County, Ohio. In Halloween 6, audiences learned that this man abducted both Jamie and Michael, and kept them captive for years. Suddenly, Michael appeared behind her, driving a Smith's Grove transport van.

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