| Not many people may recognize that name, so here’s a quick bit of history. [15] Riku's character represents one of the series' main themes, "the light and the dark sides of hearts," alongside Sora. [83][89] G4TV awarded Kingdom Hearts II "Best Voice Over" in their 2006 G-phoria Awards. The Beagle Boys, as depicted in Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers, reprise their roles from the film as Pete's minions in the Dream Drop Distance level "Country of the Musketeers". [11] He is a playable character in Kingdom Hearts II, stepping in to replace Sora whenever the player is defeated during certain boss battles until he is able to revive Sora. It’s the style of voice I’m really happy that Jennifer Hale managed to emulate in her dual role as Princesses of Heart Cinderella and Aurora in Birth by Sleep. So what do you think? Terra is ultimately freed from Xehanort's control and restored to normal during the events of Kingdom Hearts III. The name's Quinton Flynn, got it memorized? | As one of the seven Princesses of Heart, she is cast adrift from her homeworld of Radiant Garden at a young age as part of Xehanort's experiment to locate the key bearer, which eventually brings her to the Destiny Islands, piquing Sora and Riku's interest in other worlds. The biggest influx was in Kingdom Hearts II, including one of my favourite voice artists Tara Strong reprising her Final Fantasy X/X-2 role of Rikku. Aerith had two different voices in the Kingdom Hearts universe, where her second voice also appeared in Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, which, by the way, was recorded alongside Kingdom Hearts II. The Dandelions (ダンデライオン, Danderaion) are a group of Keyblade wielders recruited by Ava, each deemed strong enough to resist the darkness. Discover what to watch this November, including a documentary series that dives deep into the Marvel Universe, a reboot of a beloved '90s animated series, and a special that celebrates a very important Star Wars holiday. They simply don’t shine when surrounded by the extraordinary Mark Hamill (once again flexing his amazing voice-over muscles, though for the first time in the Kingdom Hearts franchise as new character Master Eraqus) and the legend that is Leonard Nimoy (in what is billed as his last role, as Master Xehanort). However, both eventually grow to care for Sora as a friend and remain with him. -[URL=http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0103785/]Zach Braff[/URL] will voice his silver screen character Chicken Little. He is a Keyblade wielder who is trained by Master Eraqus alongside Aqua and Ventus, developing a strong sibling-like bond and sharing his dream of becoming a Keyblade Master with them;[23] gameplay-wise, he performs slower, heavier-hitting attacks than Aqua and Ventus. (voice) (archive sound), Master Xehanort First appearing in Kingdom Hearts χ, the Foretellers are each given a copy of the Book of Prophecies, which details their master's prediction of the future and the manifestation of worlds. Founded in May 2004, Kingdom Hearts Ultimania In Dream Drop Distance, it is revealed that the Organization's true purpose is to serve as vessels for Xehanort's heart in his plan to forge the χ-blade, with a second, "real" Organization XIII being assembled from several of the Organization's older members, who willingly return to their Nobody forms, and various incarnations of Xehanort brought from the past using artificial replica bodies. This year, in what I thought was an incredible gesture, she voiced Kairi’s grandmother in Birth by Sleep. Terra and Aqua’s voices, Jason Dohring and Willa Holland, most known for playing bitty parts in Veronica Mars and The OC respectively, were occasionally swallowed up in the game. Arriving at Hollow Bastion, Riku is manipulated by Maleficent into aiding her plans for world conquest in exchange for knowledge to restoring Kairi's missing heart. Adult Simba is featured as a full party member in The Lion King's Pride Lands, while Mushu becomes a supporting ally in tandem with new party member Mulan in the film's Land of Dragons. Nomura has stated that Sora's name can be interpreted as "sky",[14] as the Japanese word for sky is sora (空).[15].

[41][42] Originating at Castle Oblivion, she is forced by Marluxia to alter Sora's memories so he remembers her as a close friend from the Destiny Islands, allowing Marluxia to manipulate him. Ansem -[URL=http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0123733/]Steve Burton[/URL] returns as Cloud. [20] After Sora and Riku defeat the Organization's leader Xemnas, Kairi reunites with them at the Destiny Islands. Small Beagle Boy / The first Organization's members also serve as computer-controlled party members of 358/2 Days, and are playable in the game's "Mission Mode". The constant replacement of character voices has continued throughout the series- Lance Bass‘s battle cries as Sephiroth in the first game led to him being succeeded by George Newbern; after being newly recruited in Kingdom Hearts II to play as Naminé, Brittany Snow have been replaced by Meaghan Jette Martin, who had recently (as of Re:Chain of Memories) played a role in Disney’s Camp Rock. | Roxas (ロクサス, Rokusasu) is the initial player-controlled character of Kingdom Hearts II, featured during the game's prologue segment. Ansem disguises himself as DiZ, an acronym for "Darkness in Zero", and escapes to exact revenge on the Organization. He is also an experienced Keyblade Master, alternatively wielding a golden version of Sora's "Kingdom Key" retrieved from the realm of darkness, and the "Star Seeker" he is seen using during his apprenticeship to Yen Sid in Birth by Sleep.

To prevent this, Yen Sid prepares to substitute the princesses with seven Keyblade wielders to clash with Xehanort's reformed Organization XIII. -[URL=http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000489/]Christopher Lee[/URL], who played Saruman in the Lord of the Rings films, as Diz. The following characters debuted in Kingdom Hearts Dark Road, a mobile game focused on Xehanort's youth and training with fellow apprentice Eraqus, under the tutelage of Master Odin. Soon after, Kairi finds Sora's Heartless and restores to human form. After that massive onslaught of text dealing with my one bad point of getting actors with little-to-no experience in voice acting, I finally get to my second bad point. [76][77] A series of Play Arts action figures has also been released. Disney Castle and Olympus Coliseum are the only worlds featured in this game that exist exactly as they appeared in Kingdom Hearts (2002). Subsequent installments have featured several new original, Disney, and Final Fantasy characters, Dream Drop Distance introduces characters from Square Enix's The World Ends with You, while Kingdom Hearts III introduces characters from Pixar's Toy Story series and Monsters, Inc..[2][3][4]. They also stated the voice talent "shines across the board. (voice) (archive sound), Lea / Now, why would she belong in the opposite end of the spectrum? Upon learning her identity as a Princess of Heart and the location of her heart, Sora sacrifices his own heart in order to release hers and return to her body. Aqua (アクア, Akua) is a Keyblade Master who serves as one of the three playable characters of Birth by Sleep, and the sole playable character of A Fragmentary Passage, a direct sequel bundled in Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue. These characters form the "Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee" in Kingdom Hearts II, with the goal of rebuilding their destroyed world following Maleficent's defeat, using the home of Merlin as a base. Several of the “celebrity” voices used in the first Kingdom Hearts were replaced in the second, and in turn this saw an increase in professional voice actors taking over: Billy Zane was replaced by Richard Epcar as “Ansem, Seeker of Darkness”, David Boreanaz was replaced by Doug Erholtz as Leon/Squall, and Christy Carlson Romano was replaced by Mae Whitman as Yuffie (the odd exception was Mandy Moore‘s replacement by Hollywood actress Mena Suvari as Aerith in one of the most fan-controversial moments of the series’ history). [83], GameSpot commented the first game created a "fascinating world" using the Disney and Final Fantasy characters. However, the crown for the most famous voice actor role in the Kingdom Hearts series would undoubtedly go to the extremely talented Quinton Flynn, who’s portrayal of Axel (and Lea) from Kingdom Hearts II onwards is one of the most immediately memorable in the franchise. [51] At the start of the game, Eraqus passes Aqua the Mark of Mastery but denies Terra, basing his decision on the darkness in Terra's heart. Hercules and Jack Sparrow return as party members in Kingdom Hearts III, with new party members including Woody and Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story, Rapunzel and Flynn Rider from Tangled, James P. Sullivan and Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc., Marshmallow from Frozen, and Baymax from Big Hero 6, all in worlds based on their respective films. (voice) (archive sound), Geppetto Chain of Memories features the same party and summoned characters from the first game, with the inclusion of Cloud Strife as an additional summon. Game Informer praised the voice acting of the third game, particularly the performances by Haley Joel Osment, Christopher Lee, and James Woods. She has the ability to change, rearrange, or erase the memories of Sora and those close to him, for which she is called a witch. Ludwig Von Drake does not appear physically, but is mentioned on the Classic Kingdom posters found in Twilight Town in Kingdom Hearts III. Another alumni of Camp Rock, Alyson Stoner, surprisingly replaced Hayden Panettiere as the voice of Kairi in Re:Chain of Memories and 358/2 Days (where she also voiced Xion, a role she reprised for a cameo line in Birth by Sleep). The Gullwings from Final Fantasy X-2—Yuna, Rikku and Paine—are depicted as fairy-like creatures in Kingdom Hearts II, where they are initially sent by Maleficent to spy on the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee, but later switch sides to help Sora's group in exchange for treasure.

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