We also offer reconditioned parts from wartime VWs (Pictures of finished work can be found in the gallery) that have been tested for wear and tolerances. Auch wenn der Markt an Oldtimern immer umfangreicher wird und immer mehr Autos von vor 50 und mehr Jahren in neuem Glanz erstrahlen, sticht der VW 82 Kübelwagen selbst unter diesen Exoten noch durch seine ganz besonderen Eigenschaften heraus. The car is based on a 1973 Volkswagen donor car, and other than some tune-up work following a few years in storage, the car is said to run and drive. The car has a large 1913cc engine which is excellent running condition.

In November 1943, the U.S. military conducted a series of tests as well on several Type 82s they had captured in North Africa. Der heutige Stand der Entwicklungen im Automobilbereich hat Höhen erreicht, die niemand für möglich gehalten hat. – You transfer the amount due to our bank account in Euro or via PayPal

For a couple of years every Monday morning when we arrived at the shop there would be new orders waiting on our fax machine. Heavily based on the VW Beetle, a fun and authentic Kubelwagen replica is a worthy proposition.

– We dispatch the order. Each panel was shaped and prepared piece by piece over a 3 year period. Given the virtues of its design, the Kubel was re-introduced in 1969 for use by the German Federal Armed Forces, and in similar civilian dress as the VW Thing in the U.S., the Trekker in the U.K., and the Safari in Mexico (though no parts were interchangeable between these modern designs and the original configuration). Porsche responded to both requests by mounting new axles with gear-reduction hubs, providing the car with more torque and more ground-clearance all at once.

The full lists of products we manufacture can be found below. It was based on the same design parameters as our 356 reproduction chassis, but designed to fit the Kubel size and shape. Drivetrain and suspension components are from ’66-72 VW T-1 (micro bus).

Should you have any questions in relation to components for your vehicle we are happy to try and help and answer your questions. - Panzer Art 1/35 VW Kubelwagen Balloon Road Wheels WWII (Continental) RE35-396, - DRAGON 6364 1/35 DAK Kubelwagen w/Officers. The car was built on a 1973 VW Beetle chassis and is street legal and titled in the state of Washington. Spiegel und Scheinwerfer sind hierbei überaus beliebte Souvenirs bei eifrigen Sammlern. Fortunately, because of post war economic restrictions, Volkswagen did not alter the fundamental engineering principles employed during the 30s and 40s until the 1970s.

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