The home was designed by architect Peter Muller and features five stories, six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and includes unique architectural features such as European made stone column balustrades. It is believed that the ‘front block’ has recently been subdivided off the property and sold for a whopping $19 million dollars. The plains of Comtat, Crau, and Camargue lie to the west and are drained by the lower Rhône River. Our moisturizers, cleansers and eye creams soothe sensitivities, heal dryness and restore radiance for younger-looking skin.

South facing, beautiful villa on large plot of land with olive trees, Light and airy studio apartment with breath taking views, Properties with Live Stream viewings or video tours. Taking out the top spot is La Mer, a surprisingly non-waterside mansion located in Sydney’s Vaucluse, which was owned by none other than James Packer and his then wife Erika Baxter, but sold in 2015 to Australian-Chinese businessman Chau Chak Wing. He had planned to combine it with Gladswood House, but failed in his plan after a financial struggle with Alan Bond. The mansion located in Point Piper is known as the ‘Bang & Olufsen House’ due to its distinctive tinted glass design that is apparently reminiscent of an old hi-fi system when viewed from the Sydney Harbour. Priced at $38 million, this mansion located at Double Bay was owned by Andrew Roberts, a former Multiplex head. The majority of employment is in the service sector, partly reflecting the importance of tourism, which is concentrated in the coastal belt to the east of Marseille, especially along the Côte d’Azur. The main bedrooms have an entrance that leads to all other rooms in the house. Wolseley Crescent provides a perfect picturesque view of the ocean and spacious elegant rooms. This is measured through user feedback, quantity of sales and other proprietary data. However, some real estate agents have questioned the eligibility of the transfer of property since documents revealed that it was transferred at a price of $44 million. The Fontaine de la Rotonde in the Place de la Liberation off the cours Mirabeau, Aix-en-Provence, France. €658,000 | £ 594,093 | XAA 992. Located in the northern area of Double Bay, this house includes six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a heated pool, a jetty, mooring and a large garage, able to accommodate four cars. It was refurbished in 2004 by architect Michael Suttor. It is located in Vaucluse to the east of Sydney. It is located near the sea shore with a huge swimming pool that lets your eyes rest while viewing the stretch of the ocean. Immigrants came from a variety of Mediterranean countries as well as other French régions, notably Île-de-France. Omissions? Together with his wife, they sold the waterfront home in early 2015 before they moved to Bondi. Known as ‘Altona’, it is the fourth most expensive house having a net worth of about $52 million. It is owned by a Chinese property developer, Wang Zhijun and his wife Eve, who is a famous swimwear designer known for her bikinis. La Mer, Vaucluse, NSW.

A spokesman for Mr Packer confirmed the property had sold to a local buyer, but offered no further details.

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