9.00 University Challenge 10.45 Naked City Today the Man who Kills Ants is Coming The show began three days after STV launched, on 2nd September 1957 and the original Gang were: Larry Marshall, Sheila Matherws, Brian Douglas, Jimmy Nairn and the Tommy Maxwell Quartet. 11.42 Late Call Rev James Carrie, St James Pollok STV YouTube Channel; Intro to Larry Marshall Show.

Jig Time was first shown on STV on February 18th 1958.

The Bowler and The Bunnet (Tuesday July 18th 1967, 8.35-9.30pm- dvd issue 2011) marked the tv directorial debut of Sean Connery. 8= Hawaiian Eye

His voice did not have the authority or fire necessary to carry off his role. Bruce Forsyth (Dec 3rd 1965) On the train to Glasgow, the boys meet two au pairs, "a couple of stoaters." (Jan 17th 1966 9.10-10.05pm) [50] In his email, Marshall wrote: "That question has been answered, and the new question is what do we do about it, and how can we find solutions for the climate we will be living with?" Scripts were by Stan Mars, and the director was Jimmy Sutherland. 37. 9 Coronation Street (Oct 5) 49% 11.47 Close, STV Schedule for Thu Oct 08, 2009 1:02 pm. Robin Gardiner and Gordon Fleming were the first writers. A half hour series of humorous sketches, all mimed. STV programmes 6.10 The Warning Voice - The June bride Song for Scotland (1966)- to find a song that expressed "feeling about Scotland." A Matter of Expression- Summer Saturdays in 1967 at 11.05pm.

10.45 For Schools -2.55

I'm sure the experience I have gained during the past five years will add to anything I'll do in the future.'" 10.51 Dateline

3.4 The Stowaways (Feb 23rd 1965) 10= Man in a Suitcase 9.10 Call In On Valentine 8= Take Your Pick So now you know! 11.05 Roving Report But instead they get involved in shooting of a different kind, when a beautiful princess asks them for help from assassins 13 Oct 2nd 1964 6.30pm with Lulu, Barry St John Some programmes were recorded, Jim Tattershall manipulated the puppets, director was Liam Hood. Asked by Ian Wallace if he regretted 'the last five years,' he replied, 'no, I don't think so. 4= Top of the Form (BBC) 1.30 Local News-1.35 No words were used, only mime, plus dance and jazz.

Terms and conditions  ~   Bob Addison reviewed the programme at the time: "... it's been five long years since Hancock held court as king of tv comedy, but in the true traditions of show biz, he re-emerged from the wilderness with a riotous appearance in a recent Eamon Andrews Show (Oct 17th 1965). 5.00 Action- with Peter Murray Programmes were devised by John Wilson, and directed by Liam Hood. The final programme came on April 4th at 10.05pm. L. R. Marshall, Fiber stub end-pumped laser. 10.30 The Invisible Man - The Rocket (STV) #6 Goodnight Mrs Puffin (Dec 19th 1965, 10.15pm)- part 1 Prophet and Loss starring Richard Mathews as Henry Cameron and Marillyn Gray as Amelia Puffin, with Lennox Milne as Ethel Cameron, Jan Wilson as Jacqueline Cameron, Leslie Blackater as Pamela Cameron, James Kennedy as Nicholas Cameron, Betty Gillin as Annie, Antony Kenway as Stephen Parker, Joe Dunlop as Victor Parker, Roy Boutcher as Roger Vincent. 2.10 News; Kaleidoscope 9.30 Cinema

9.45 Startime "[37], However, Marshall – who says he has found inspiration in Netflix' "high performance culture"[38] – has struggled in his attempts to apply the language of 'startups' and the logic of market disruption within the CSIRO. Title: Larry Marshall in Who's Life Series ID: Hogmanay Show Description: Excerpt from Larry Marshall sketch Who's Life for the Hogmanay show, classic 50's pie fight with Chester McChew Production Date: 1957-12-31 00:00:00 Keywords: comedy, pie fight, sketch, 50's, fifties, new year, Hogmanay, life, through the key hole, one o'clock gang, fifties, 50s CSIRO officials said that the measurements at Cape Grim and Argo would continue, but scientists said that the climate science team would lose 70 to 100 scientists, which would leave them unable to manage and interpret the data that they are collecting. [by whom? 7= Spindoe 46 10= Scotsport Special 53% Top BBC was Hollywood and the Stars (46%), TAM ratings in Scotland (STV area) w/e 21st February 1965 When he kills a man and runs back to the Gorbals for protection, should they follow their unwritten law of never helping the police. Mahoney said, "one of the most exciting programmes has been that on Scottish Writing." 3= They Sold a Million 52% Friday March 17th 1967 "Australia currently ranks 81st* in the world when it comes to innovation efficiency - the bang for our buck we get when we transform innovation investment into results. 8.00 Man in a Suitcase - Three Blinks of the Eyes STV Menu. 9.10 The Incredible World of James Bond Script: Austin Steele. 11.26 Late Call Young Richard Madden. The search for a teenager who has displayed "initiative and community spirit." With Kevin Moore as Willie, Norma Varden as Gugs, James Copeland as Scotty, Gertrude Russell as Sarah. Events take a turn with the arrival of a long lost niece from America, Tabitha Coggie (Lyn Ashton).

6.35 Crossroads Apart from some confusing moments near the beginning, it held interest throughout. Francie and Josie have got £10, and naively imagine they can go to Majorca on it. (STV, Friday Dec 17th 1965 8.00-8.55pm)

2.43 Schools-3.50 Last night showed just how good Tony can be as Tony Hancock.

10.05 Night Club Night - John Toye with guest Donald Peers "Australians are great inventors: as a nation, we're responsible for more than 100 great inventions, such as fast WiFi, ultrasound for medical imaging and the Cochlear implant. 11.40am Action This Day-12.10

Though only shown in the STV region, the humour was apparently not especially Scottish. Close-down, STV Schedule for 1 Dr Finlay's Casebook (BBC) 57% 5.25 Hawkeye The mock opera at the end, Larry's own creation... was a sensation. 7.30 Coronation Street 10.00 Private Secretary Marshall, LEOS'97, San Francisco, CA (1997), Australia's 10 most influential people in tech 2015, Advance Innovation Summit: Solving Australia's innovation dilemma -. 6.05 Here and Now

5.00 Jolly Good Time 7 Here and Now (STV Dec 13) 64% 8.55 News 10= European Cup (A-R), TAM ratings in Scotland (STV area) w/e 28th July 1963

8.00 Criss Cross Quiz [62][63][64] In addition, major questions have arisen about the adequacy of the governance and due diligence applied by the CEO and senior managers to decision-making around the proposed cuts and adherence to formal processes around consultation with staff and unions. [39] Moreover, in making the transition from 'venture capitalist' to being the CEO of a large public sector institution with a 100-year history of public good science, Marshall has had to confront challenges of scale as well as culture. 8 Coronation Street (Oct 7th) 61% But when someone else is arrested, should they ignore their 'law'? Monday Feb 28th 1966 9.48 The Ladykillers 7 This Week 54% 9.15 Survival - The Only Pretty Ringtime This, he suggested, "is unprecedented".

8.00 Criss Cross Quiz host Jeremy Hawk 7= Canadian Miscellany (STV) 50% 7.25 Greyhound Racing - from the White City "[29], The strategy identifies a number of key ways CSIRO will deliver on its strategy: crowd sourcing; collaboration; entrepreneurialism; customer focus. Note: An earlier play in this series was shown on June 6th/ 13th 1965 at 7.30pm. Armed with a thirty bob camera, a keen eye, and a non legit stance outside Glasgow's poshest hotel, the boys go into the photographic business. A pruned version of say 90 minutes would be worthy of network consideration. Seen only occasionally in evening spots, this was by far Larry's best effort yet. 5.55 News

Davie is contented, while his brother Peter (Michael O'Hallorhan) is ambitious. 8 April 15th included Rob Storme and The Whispers Directed by James Sutherland. Much to the consternation of manager, head waiter and guests alike 1pm One O'Clock Gang 6.10 Overseas Press Club Indeed Imitation being.... etc etc, the BBC's White Heather Club which got shown all over the nation, was started as a result of the success of Jig Time. A second programme on Monday Dec 6th 1965 10.35-11.20pm was titled High Living. 4.00 Batman 8= Silents Please Title: Larry Marshall in Who's Life Series ID: Hogmanay Show Description: Excerpt from Larry Marshall sketch Who's Life for the Hogmanay show, classic 50's pie fight with Chester McChew Production Date: 1957-12-31 00:00:00 Keywords: comedy, pie fight, sketch, 50's, fifties, new year, Hogmanay, life, through the key hole, one o'clock gang, fifties, 50s be worthy of seeing on other regional networks. After Liam Hood announced planning for the series in Sept 1961, a long Equity strike interrupted production, only one programme (Errant Knights) had been completed before production ceased in Nov 1961. They make friends with some bikini girls and stay in a posh hotel. L.R. STV programmes, As a somewhat belated 10th birthday celebration, STV presented The opening show included Tommy Dene and the Tremors, The A Bears, and Lulu and the Luvvers.

A study of The Fairfield Experiment after one year. 3.5 The Volunteers (Mar 2nd 1965) - also with Ethel Scott, Glen Michael and Clem Ashby, plus: Maud Risdon. Note- top BBC show (31%): Professional Boxing, TAM ratings in Scotland (STV area) w/e 11th October 1963 8.55 ITN News 5.45 Sir Lancelot

10.45 Scotsport 3= Rats of Tobruk (A-R) 61% Also appearing in the first edition of this monthly series on April 24th 1965 were Ethel Scott, Glen Michael, Clem Ashby, Maud Risdon, Walter Jackson and Clemence Bettany. In the first show Kenny Lynch and magician Johnny Hart appeared. #5 Mugs and Money QUOTE (Dykejumper @ 13th Nov 2016, 02:29pm), QUOTE (carmella @ 13th Nov 2016, 08:56pm), This is a "lo-fi" version of our main content. 1.10 Station Tuning Signal 10.45 Success Story: Hank Jensen 10.05 This England 2.5 The Rivals (Oct 16th 1963, rpt Mar 1st 1964): cast also included: Douglas Murchie as Luigi, Ethel Scott as Felicity, Glen Michael as Jim, and Clem Ashby.

21 Nov 27th 1964 6.30pm with Lulu, The Dakotas Consisting of 23 shows, Dig This was also hosted by Pete Murray. Part 2 (Dec 26th) Carry Forward- with the same cast Devised by Stan Mars, who wrote some of the scripts, other contributors were Kelso Roberts and Dick Bradley. As Chief Executive of CSIRO, Marshall has argued that this organization is uniquely positioned to help tackle Australia's "innovation dilemma". The Reivers choose offbeat ballads His fighting poses an agonising problem for his friends.

a 1961 series directed by Brian Mahoney, who ambitiously described it as "an illuminated moment of history...this series of programmes has been an exciting experiment in producing intimate television without in any way depriving guests of spontaneity. Also appearing: Betty Robson, Clydebank Lyric Choir, Geraldo, and reader Harold Wightman, with Davie Kinnaird as host. 11.02 Professional Wrestling Note however it was not a show in its own right as yet. Larry R. Marshall is an Australian entrepreneur and physicist. 3= Coronation Street (Feb 3rd) 65% 1pm One O'Clock Gang 6.30 In Your Garden 8.55 News The fifth and final programme on Dec 27th at 10.35pm was titled Not Proven.

Script: Allan Prior. 7= Circus Comes to Town 11.47 Late Call 4.30 Michael Shayne 2.6 The Nightclub (Oct 23rd 1963 9.10pm, rpt Mar 8th 1964 5.05pm) also with Douglas Murchie, Joan Scott as Secretary, Glem Michael as Ham Actor, Ethel Scott as Tilly, John Mulvaney as Wee Man, and Clem Ashby as Mr McClure,. 2 July 17th 1964 6.30pm 8= Coronation Street (Jan 31st) 52% 11.52 Close, STV Schedule for 4.45 Small Time- Tum "[55] In defending his decisions, Marshall told the ABC "I guess I had the realisation that the climate lobby is perhaps more powerful than the energy lobby was back in the '70s - and the politics of climate I think there's a lot of emotion in this debate", adding "In fact it almost sounds more like religion than science to me"[56] Marshall later apologized for his reference to religion at the start of a subsequent Senate Estimates hearing. Jig Time was a popular local show. 6 The Baron 55%

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