“i’m chris, and you are?” he asks and i take a sip of my water. “it’s nothing, just been busy matty.” i mumble and he sighs, rubbing his fingers through his hair. Thank you very much. “y/n, im so fucking sorry i hurt you, truth is i still love you y/n. no you’re not come with me.” elias says and i shake my head. he wraps his arms tightly around my waist and kisses the top of my forehead.

Part 8 picks up where Part 7 left off. “no i’m sorry y/n, its just not working out for me anymore” mat mumbles quietly and i try my best to keep the tears that were beginning to pool in my eyes in. But you,” Mat leaned his head towards your neck again, “I chose to love you.”, “Aw, baby,” you said, “That’s really sweet, but please stop trying to butter me up. “you’ll be fine.” he responds, wiping away my tears softly.

So when I started taking an interest in one of his teammates I didn’t say a word to anyone, I kept my mouth shut. when justin bieber is playing, you both scream out to the lyrics.

“i’m your boyfriend, i can’t leave you to suffer on your own. With Mat, though, you felt like you were capable of burning down a forest, and he wasn’t even your boyfriend. “Okay, let’s talk,” you said, sitting on the couch next to him.

I have many friends at the school, including one who knew her well. Caroline’s blue eyes flashed with indignation. “it’s not you’re fault matty.” i hiccup and he sighs. “it was fake.” he smirks and i pout, slapping his chest. you’re more than enough. “oh shut it scaredy.” mat retorts and i pout. “i love you.” mat whispers as he wraps his arms around me tightly. We have to concentrate today.

Also mats finsta is private and according to “sierras” ig bio she only adds people she knows so idk how that anon would be able to see her followers/posts. what the heck is his deal?

liana: alright, waiting for you! And Beau wants you here, too.”.


my trembling hands reach for my phone as i take a deep breath, reconsidering if i should call mathew or not.

prompt: the reader feels overwhelmed and insecure about herself when she starts to get into problems with her friends.

Now, you were watching his press conference, and you hated seeing him hurt.

“But it’s Sunday,” you whined and buried your head under your pillow. i let out a loud sob as he wraps his arms tightly around my waist.

“you don’t like me mat, you’re just saying this under pity.”, “no y/n listen to me. “did you have another nightmare?” brock questions softly and i nod. “i said i needed space!” mat argues and i shake my head.

i mean who wouldn’t have a crush on him? i felt bad, but i can’t risk losing mat. He has been teammates with defenceman Sebastian Aho on the Islanders. “you have me, and you’re always going to have me baby.”.

“i love you, and i promise ill never leave you baby.” brock whispers, pressing a kiss to my lips sweetly. Request (anonymous): Hi sweetheart can u do a #54 w/ Mat Barzal?

“no y/n, i still love you, i just had to break up with you because coach said i was too distracted by my relationship.” he says and i scowl. today’s just not been a good day.

“i’m on my way.” mat replies as i hear his keys jingling in the back.

If no link found below, please write to us. i love you.” i cry, holding his hand. i was close with all of the boys, it’s just elias that got on my nerves. windows are down and the wind just flowing through your hair. Dave had never been controlling before; actually, he was very laid-back.

“no need to thank me princess, i’m always here.” mat murmurs. First Name Mat #2. i shake my head and turn around. Making sure I was safe. please!” mat calls out. Prior to his NHL debut, he was selected first overall by the Seattle Thunderbirds in the 2012 WHL Bantam Draft. this sort of confession can end up ruining a friendship for good and for some reason i couldn’t lose him.

Soon after, Mat came in shouting for me, and I knew right away that he was drunk because his voice wasn’t clear and his footsteps were sloppy. “i’m here.

This two-part series is based on Gabrielle Aplin’s Nothing Really Matters. “dude what have you done to matty? mat wipes away at my tear with the pad of his thumb.

“all we had was nothing to you? “That actually makes me feel a lot better,” you said. he chuckles, entwining my hands in his, placing a kiss repeatingly.

i get up and quickly make my way to the kitchen, trying to keep in the tears that were starting to form.

i had gotten a call from liana saying that she wanted to just hang and get some coffee together so i gladly agree. “well that wouldn’t happen because i won’t let you fall anywhere else but in my arms.” he says cheekily, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me into him. “i’m so sorry y/n.” mat whispers; running his fingers through my hair and i pull away. it’s all okay now, he’s in jail.” mat reassures and i nod. So it was my birthday, I was getting ready for dinner because Mat was going to take me out to celebrate it and handing in my first draft of my thesis, and I suddenly realized it was 8:30 and not 8 like I thought. no matter if you feel the same way or not, but i’m such an ass for letting you down and I’m so fucking stupid for letting you go y/n.” mat says tears brimming his eyes and i hug him tightly; taking him by surprise. i grab the ladder and carefully climb it up as i pin up the colourful string slowly, making sure i don’t fall off. On the screen was a text from Mat: “I know it’s 2AM but can I come over?”. For the first time in three years, you felt free. i kiss back, wrapping my arms around his neck. You?”, “I just came to get a beer before going home.”, The conversation died off until Mat held out his hand to you. “okay now what else do we put up?” mat asks and i shrug.

Hockey Players. am i not skinny enough? i look at her confused and then take the ticket out of her hands and my eyes immediately widen as i notice who’s game it was. Mat was not only one of the most talented young players, but also one of the most attractive players in the entire National Hockey League, and both girls and guys pursued him even though he was taken. “if that asshole is coming then no, i’ll simply pass.” i say causing the two boys to sigh. liana shakes her head.

i slowly get up and open the door revealing a concerned mathew. we planned everything out mat, we even planned out our fucking wedding and the name of our kids in the future god dammit!” i sob and mat just looks down at his fingers. You felt the bed dip next to you, followed by Mat’s hand stroking your back. As you wound your fingers in Mat’s hair, you wondered why you had stayed with Dave for so long; there was no fire at all between you. “let’s get you changed out of this dress.” mat says and i nod as mat opens the closet and grabs a pair of sweatpants and one of his oversized shirt.

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