Affiliation Race "The Eternal Knight: Part 2" (Trollhunters)"A Glorious End, Part Two" (3Below; mentioned)"Our Final Act" (Wizards), The Way of the WizardAngor RebornThe Felled (mentioned), ArgantePale Lady/Lady PaleBaba YagaEldritch Queen of the Seventh PlaneThe Mother of MonstersMistress of ShadowsThe Dark OneWitchLady Creator (Changelings)My Queen (Angor Rot and Gunmar)My Lady (Angor Rot)Madam M, Scary Sorceress Lady (Toby)M, Mistress Doom (Claire)Lady (Jim and Toby)Vile Troglodyte (Blinky)Sister (King Arthur)Our Champion (Arcane Order)Demon Witch (Galahad)Queen of the Apocalypse, Darling (Douxie)Ninth Level Sorceress (Archie), Camelot (formerly)Her Cave, Black Sea of Bulgaria (formerly)Heartstone Trollmarket (incapacitated; formerly)The Shadow Realm (formerly), Present: Evil, cruel, sadistic, treacherous, manipulative, cold, vindictive, spiteful, vengeful, mysterious, hypocritical, hostile, deceitful, unpredictable, crafty, power-hungry, vile, bloodthirsty (formerly)Determined, remorseful, witty, courageous, selfless, Angor Rot (formerly) †Gunmar †Bular †The Arcane Order (formerly)Claire NuñezToby DomzalskiBlinky GaladrigalAAARRRGGHH!!

She initially cooperated and then later tried to see if she could sway her brother to be the good man he once was, only to find he was beyond all hope of redeeming, to her bitter dismay. Voiced by

And she even intended to dispose of him (even if Jim doesn't) once he completed his conquest for her. Books Morgana le Fay was one of the main stars/primary antagonists in the Tales of Arcadia franchise, serving as the tetartagonist/secondary antagonist of Wizards, the hidden true main antagonist of Trollhunters, and a background (later posthumous) antagonist of 3Below. However, Morgana is definitely not done with her goals.

Type During a battle outside of Camelot, Arthur used Excalibur to cut off Morgana's left hand, which Merlin and Douxie used to create the Amulet of Daylight. Bad (formerly)Good (formerly)Herself On her right hand are gold claw finger ring tips. Her manipulativeness even extended to where she once took the form of Barbara Lake to persuade Strickler into trapping Jim and his friends in the Shadow Realm forever, by offering to give him the heart of another (though Strickler, in a desperate attempt to resist her temptation, claims that a stolen heart is never truly an act of true love, but rather an act of selfish desire).

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. !Steve PalchukKrel Tarron After Jim, who became a half-troll, kills off Gunmar, Morgana continues her genocidal ambitions, and tries to make several attempts to kill the heroes one last time. Behind the Scenes

Defenders of Arcadia While she restrained Jim's friends and ensnared him, she claims that she only spared their lives just so they could watch her kill him before she would finish them all. Forests of the Black Sea (formerly)Camelot (formerly)Her Cave, Black Sea of Bulgaria (formerly)Heartstone Trollmarket (incapacitated; formerly)The Shadow Realm (formerly)

However, when Gunmar kills off the Janus Order despite their conspiracy to release him from the Darklands, Morgana puts an illness in Claire to slowly take control of her body by separating it from her soul, and shows Gunmar the key to the Eternal Night. In her physical form, Morgana appears as a beautiful woman with fair skin and green eyes, being clad in golden armor that covers her entire body except her eyes, mouth, and hands. Morgana is also capable of showing mild annoyance, like when she tried to introduce herself to Jim to strike fear into him, only to realize that he's never heard of her before. Unknown (immortal)

It even has a green cape attached to the pauldrons. Interestingly, Morgana is one of the foremost overarching villains in the entire trilogy, as her fall into dark magic would lead to many events within the installments.

Deceased (temporarily resurrected)


Initially, Morgana was incredibly treacherous, scheming, self-serving, manipulative, abusive, and cruel, which was first shown in a flashback in the beginning of "It's About Time" when she made a bargain with Angor Rot. With almost any allegiances she makes she will easily break as she regards all of her allies as nothing more than "pawns", which she admits to Angor where Gunmar was concerned. Morgana's Armoris a full-body armor worn byMorgana. Intact
Morgana is the former secondary antagonist in the Tales of Arcadia franchise. Arcadia Oaks-pedia is a FANDOM TV Community. Morgana eventually resurfaces as she was revived by Skrael and Bellroc, and she is used as a pawn for their plans. Home “Jim!” In a last act of redemption, she used the last of her power to strip King Arthur of his right to wield Excalibur and crush him to his death, and it was because of her redemption that she was able to move on with Merlin to the afterlife, rendering her a saved soul. Rule the world through devastation and chaos (failed).

She can also be legitimately gloating and arrogant in herself and the power she possesses. Green Arthur then remorselessly cuts off her arm, and out of a shock she falls into the sea. Morgana le Fay She has fair skin, emerald green eyes, and waist-length red hair tied in a low thin ponytail. Morgana's Armor is a full-body armor worn by Morgana. King Arthur then fights her as an act of vengeance towards the magical creatures. Given that one of her names is "Eldritch Queen", she's likely a humanoid-type of, According to Strickler, due to her link to the Shadow Realm, Morgana casts no shadow because she, She is the fourth female major antagonist to appear in the series, along with, Although Gunmar has been promoted and mentioned most often, Morgana is actually the ultimate true villain of the. "The Eternal Knight: Part 2" (Trollhunters)"Our Final Act" (Wizards). What makes her even more despicable are her destructive and genocidal tendencies. However, while she did want to rule the world, she did have some good intentions as well when bringing forth the Eternal Night; she truly cared for trollkind and felt that mankind must be destroyed to ensure the trolls' freedom, even though Merlin claimed that she wanted to do it just because she craved chaos.

The Arcane Order

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