In 1999, former House of Representatives speaker Salisu Buhari was found to have lied about studying at the University of Toronto.

“Form” is another one that puzzles newcomers in Nigeria. Use it in a sentence: “Mary has a new international job, she has hammered o.”. It has nothing to do with the dating site or two people wearing identical clothing, oh no. 202 people like this post. Double up. I know a FEMALE named (check all that apply):,,,,, | The Art & Science of African Names. Variations include “Yahoo-Yahoo” and “Yahoo boys.”. Ways to say queen; Afrikaans: koningin Edit: Amharic: ንግስት Edit: Chichewa: mfumukazi Edit: Hausa: Sarauniya Edit: Igbo: queen Edit: Kinyarwanda: umwamikazi Edit: Sesotho: mofumahali Edit: Shona: mambokadzi Edit: Somali: Boqorad Edit: Swahili: malkia Edit: Xhosa: ukumkanikazi Edit: Yoruba: ayaba Edit: Zulu: inkosikazi Edit

“Match” is mimicry of “marching” and it refers to trampling on or stepping on someone. Nigerian Language and Slang. Queen. For more information about your privacy and protection, please review our full. It’s also spelled as “mach.” Many an argument in Lagos’ crowded markets have begun with the question, “why are you matching me?”, Use it in a sentence: “Get out of my way before I match you.”, When “gisting” or having a chitchat with a Nigerian, they may reveal a story of someone that was conned by a “Yahoo.” This is a swindler or an individual that uses Yahoo email for fraudulent activities online. To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. Use it in a sentence: “That driver is reckless, he doesn’t even trafficate.”, Merriam-Webster defines “dash” as “moving with sudden speed.” For Nigerians however, it’s a bribe or gift. We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development.

fed this “fact” to visiting Nigerian soccer players during the 1989 under-16 World Championships that took place in Scotland. For instance, when one feels abdominal pain they may express this as “my stomach is paining me.” The use of a car’s horn to produce a sound, therefore, becomes “horning” in Nigeria. Case in point: “cry-cry” for a cry baby, “beg-beg” for one who always begs, “bend-bend” for something illegal or corner-cutting and “follow-follow” for a person that copies others and never leads. The wives of kings, princes and chiefs of royal background usually make use of the title "Olori" (the equivalent of Princess Consort, otherwise spelled "Oloori"), though some of the wives of dynastic rulers prefer to be referred to as "Ayaba" (the equivalent of Queen Consort).

So, if you ever receive an email from a dying African prince who seeks to bequeath his $5 million fortune to someone deserving but initially needs a wire transfer of $500 as proof of life, it was probably sent by a Nigerian Yahoo boy. This word is widespread in Nigerian speech, as older houseguests will often “dash” money to the children of their hosts before leaving. In addition to the universally accepted meaning of “corruption,” it’s common to hear the word “corrupt” being used to describe someone that’s wayward or sexually deviant. Use it in a sentence: “You can come and chop at my house.”, Similarly confounding in Nigerian lexicon is “Toronto” which stems from a political scandal and it refers to a fake educational degree or certificate.

Rumors continue to swirl about its origins and it’s been instigating belly laughs for decades.

One might hear this when someone is putting on a fake British or American accent or talking too much about their riches or achievements. Ethiopia (F) What are your favorite ROYAL names?

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