Can you charge it with the light on like the NU20? There are two buttons on top of the light, which will be explained in the user interface section. My grandkids are very responsible. Thanks for posting pics. The output on high declines in a linear fashion during the first 2 hours of runtime, until is stabilises at medium mode 38lm output. What is the Difference Between a Single-Wall Tent and a Double-Wall Tent? Holding the red switch will result in flashes from the indicator light under the button. It will turn on while it's charging. No Trekking Poles required. Things I liked: – Lightweight and compact – Comfortable to wear – Good output for size/weight – Red and high CRI emitters – Moonlight mode – No PWM – Easy to use user interface – Internal USB charging, Things I didn’t like: – Unable to test battery health over time using analysing chargers – No mode memory – Not as solid as (heavier) metallic headlamps. 11 Easy Light Painting Ideas to Try as a Beginner, Learn Light Painting – Top Sites To Follow. Turbo mode steps down after 30 seconds to avoid overheating, though it is possible to go back to turbo mode after it steps-down. They take AAA batteries (I use lithiums for the trail since they are light and high capacity). The headband contains a silicon strip for extra comfort, and is great for running. This is my favorite for use when I’m near power outlets. For the rest of my family, I bought some $14 orange Energizer headlamps at Walmart–actually, a very nice, multi featured light. I like its lightweight, the adjustability of the strap, the light modes it provides, and that it’s powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a mini-USB connector. Found this out the hard way on one of my first longer hikes. The other is just some 1/16" inch shock cord with a micro cord lock. “The Nitecore NU20 has served me well on the PCT, AT, and countless shorter trips. Nitecore NU25 Beamshot on Turbo mode – f/5, 2.5sec, ISO400. I suppose they listed the imaginary minimum trail weight. Disclosure: The author purchased this product with his own funds. When charging, the indicator light will be red, and this will change to green when charging has terminated. I’m with you on the red. 47g, 360 lumen: Nitecore NU20 LED Headlamp is one of Nitecore's smallest and most efficient headlamps to date. 3 flashes = >50% charge, 2 flashes = 10-50% charge, 1 flash = <10% charge. Nitecore’s NU range of lightweight, plastic moulded, USB rechargeable headlamps, was a success when introduced in 2017. This can be charged via the supplied micro USB charging cable.

Get your 15.3 oz DFC ONE ($539) or 20.8 oz DCF TWO ($589) while supplies last! The light I carry, if I expect to night hike, is the Coast HL7 ($40 at the Home Depot) which can focus a beam up to 120 meters at 285 lumens. Posted by Stephen Knight | Jun 1, 2018 | Gear Reviews | 0 |. The 1lm low “moonlight” mode is great for a night light when camping, or for finding things in your camera bag without blinding everyone else. Main Light Click main switch from off – on/low mode Click main switch from on within 3 secs – advanced to next mode low>mid>high>off>… Long click (>1sec) main switch from on – Turbo mode Click main switch from on after 3 secs – off, SOS Very long click (3secs) of main switch – SOS Click main switch from SOS within 3 secs – advance to Beacon mode Click main switch from SOS or Beacon mode – off, High CRI Light Long click (>1sec) main switch from off – turns on high CRI light Click main switch from on within 3 secs – turns off high CRI light, and turns on main light in low Click main switch or red switch after 3 secs – turns off Click red switch within 3 secs – tuns off high CRI light, and tuns on red light in low, Red Light Click red switch from off – turns on red low mode Click red switch from on within 3 secs – advanced to next red mode low>high>flashing>off>… Click red switch from on after 3 secs – turns off. The headband runs through a plastic holder that is comfortable against the head. The Nitecore NU20 is very bright, lightweight rechargeable headlamp that's ideal for backpacking and hiking. While Supplies last. Cheers.

Many of my target hikes can be made as day hikes. If only companies would realize how negatively that reflects. The NU10 is another option with a red LED.
Join us and ask yourself the question: Do I really need that? I know this is a site about hiking and backpacking, but I recently bought an NU20 for running, and I’m very happy with my purchase. BACKCOUNTRY.COM: New Customer Offer - Take 15% Off Your First Order at! The user interface is fairly easy to remember.

Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "ad2fcbf3e20a6eb210d1726cba8a68fd" );document.getElementById("je705695a8").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); I have read and accepted the Privacy Policy *. Down bag got wet, so I had to do 20 miles extra in a torrential downpour, my Energizer headlamp died when it got wet, finished the hike with my Photon micro light. Sleeping Pad, Feathered Friends Flicker 40 Quilt Sleeping Bag, HydroBlu Versa Flow Water Filter w/CNOC Reservoir.

This holder withstood quite a few accidental drops during testing, but it is not as solid as metal headlamps, and is a possible point of weakness. Totally dependable light, ran 48 hours continuously, was super dim, but still usable when I replaced the battery.

The Nitecore NU25 arrived in a Nitecore branded cardboard and moulded plastic box. So while the nu25 adds some nice features, I won't be tempted to upgrade because of weight savings yet. Do both of the straps come included? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Just plugged it in. Hey, Nancy… Check out this one’s big brother, the NiteCore NU30. At >90CRI this renders colours well, and is thus useful for example to check that meat is cooked correctly whilst camping, or any other tasks where objects with colours (especially red) need to be better illuminated. Nitecore NU25 Rechargeable Headlamp. Did you purchase it off I’ve been running for a long time, and now at the age of 59, I’ve decided to do some pre-dawn runs to beat the heat (it’s now summer in Australia).

edited 2 years ago. Equipped with a powerful CREE XP-G2 S3 LED, this tiny illuminator can produce up to 360 Lumens of brilliant white light. If any expensive headlight was left out on the trail or back at camp, they would be the ones responsible. The red and high CRI white auxiliary light are placed behind a diffuser lens. I have used it on all my 2017 walks. I use the NU20 now, like it so far. I’ve been using the Nitecore NU headlamp for over 2 years months and really like it. My only relief is that my nu20 with the stock strap weighs 51g. Sorry I’m confused, but it would be good with a description. It is useful for illuminating up to around 4m. Weighing just 1.66 ounces, including a comfortable head strap, it has 4 brightness levels, ranging from 1 lumen to 360 lumens on full power.

It kept deleting the link for me. Order Yours Today! Light Painting DIY – The Backlight Scanner Tutori... Flashlight Review: KDLITKER E6 Triple XP-E2, Flashlight Review: Light Excursion Deluxe 1200. Looks like a good lite. If you are wearing the light, the main switch is the left of the two buttons, and red switch the right. Are Vibram Soles Good for Hiking and Backpacking? Enter coupon code “MAP” in View Cart page for a better price. This creates a 100 degree wide spill beam, with a wide hotspot (max 1,650cd/81m throw. All Rights Reserved. The Nitecore NU25 is a lightweight headlamp, with a plastic moulded case. There is a crude battery charge indicator as part of the user interface. So far, that’s never been an issue and I am confident that the risk of running completely out of juice is low anyway. That’s why they get the Walmart ones! Had mine for 5 months. The high CRI white emitter is at 20 lumens, with a yellow tinted neutral white beam at approximately 4500k CCT. Brightness options are low 1lm, mid 38lm, high 190lm, and turbo 360 lumens. I live in the middle of a large city (there may be 7 total star-like objects visible where I live – this includes Jupiter, Venus, and Mars), and one of the points of camping for me is to be able to pop out of the tent and star-gaze in truly dark skies. GOSSAMER-GEAR.COM: NEW DCF TENTS! I like to preserve night vision and stargaze. Of course, the fact that the headlamp is field rechargeable means that I can top off the battery is if I ever forget, the headlamp turns on and drains itself. I would recommend the NU25 for light painters who want a compact, rechargeable, and lightweight headlamp for a single evening of light painting, or a single night camping. Damn, I just bought the NU20, I thought that was pretty good.

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The Nitecore NU 25 is a lightweight (1.85 ounce) state-of-the-art, multi-function headlamp available at a low price. Thanks. The headlamp also has a built-in battery indicator to indicate how much power is remaining and when the light is being recharged.

It also uses replaceable batteries. I’ve also started using a new USB rechargeable camera, a Panasonic Lumix DMC-SZ7 (awesome camera), which means I can eliminate a lot of the spare batteries I routinely carry in my pack and recharge on the go if needed. The NU10 delivers pure and neutral flood using 5mm LEDs. You’re never more than a week away from an electric outlet anymore, even when hiking a remote trail. It’s small, light, and bright. With a main, red, and high CRI LED emitters, the Nitecore NU25 is a compact and lightweight version of the impressive HC65 headlamp. Still carry the Photon along with a tiny SAK on a loop of cord, goes with me everywhere. This was my first NiteCore product, but after a half dozen trips, it has become my go-to light…. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Tutorials, reviews, news, interviews, events, contests and more! The NU20 looks like a nifty little light. The NU20 is recharged using a micro-USB plug so it’s compatible with the 8000 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery I carry on all my hikes to recharge my smartphone if I use it for GPS navigation. I believe the NU25 is .99 ounces with red light as well. Actually, I’m very happy with the Petzl Tikka RXP my wife got me for anniversary after many not so subtle hints. Sweet info! It’s ~.6oz heavier than the NU20 and limited to 160 lumens but has a larger battery, it also has a wider beam spread but less throw – tradeoffs. I like that lockout.

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