Sinton  Mabel I.          Nov 1895          Michigan U.S.A. Sinton  Mabel Luise   11 March 1925             Colarado Springs El Paso Co  Colarado U.S.A. Sinton  Male     23 October  1845        Pittsville  Schuylkill Co  Pennsylvania U.S.A. Sinton  Male     27 July 1871   Newbridge Co Kildare. This branch of the family took part in the Volunteer Movement. His children were definitely part of the exodus from Ireland. Sinton, Sarah  5 May 1907       Auchinairn, Lanarkshire, Scotland, Sinton, Sarah Edith    29 October 1849           Dunham Township, McHenry Co, Illinois, U.S.A.of, Sinton, Sarah Elizabeth          16d 5mo 1846   Richmond, Virginia, U.S.A.of America. Sine Macula: translates to "without stain" or "untainted".

Sarah Jane Muldrew married George Fawcett in Strabane Presbyterian Church Strabane Co Tyrone. Turlough Lynagh has proclaimed that whoever molested those that draw timber for the fort at the Blackwater shall be hanged. Sinton  Emma L.        1 March 1888   Pittsville  Schuylkill Co Pennsylvania U.S.A. Sinton  Ernest 1892      Galashiels Selkirkshire Scotland. Economics have not been good to the hotel or to the O'Hanlon's who have fallen on some recent hard times and Jenna takes it upon herself to help Charlie's father bring new life back into the hotel and maybe, just maybe rekindle some of the old feelings that Jenna and Charlie once shared in good times past.As I am from Irish heritage I have a soft spot for any film surrounding the countryside of Ireland, and although actor Jack Turner's Irish accent left a lot to be desired the story is a favorable one, the romance rekindled and a happy ending in these troubled times (COVID 19) are always a blessing we all need.I give this particular Hallmark made for TV romance a strong Irish blessing score of 8 out of 10. 1831 Patrrick b. The Nine Year War (1594–1603). 10 May 1868   Downland f.    John Sinton m.            Maria Greenlee, Joseph Richardson Sinton b.

Norman D Odlum                   marriage:        Oct - Dec 1946           Dublin Sth. 5001 There was a great mortality of kine in Ireland in Breasal’s reign. One example of this interconnectedness is revealed around the Christening and eventual wedding of Thomas and Elizabeth’s first born, Mary Ann. 27 March 1876           Armagh f.       Joseph Sinton m.        Susanna Sinton Mullin, James William b.

Down); issue la. Governing the creaghts and strongholds for the sept was the Chief of the Name, "The Ó Hanlon." 855) has been published.

Moderate numbers 21-55, Fairly numerous 56-100 Sinton, James 16 January 1871           Co. Armagh, Ireland. Sinton, Samuel           About 1863      Co. Armagh, Ireland, Sinton, Samuel           18 December 1878       U.S.A.of America, Sinton, Samuel (William)      1d 7mo 1778     Moyallan, Co. Down, Ireland, Sinton, Samuel Arthur           Withheld           Fort Collins, Larimer, Colorado, U.S.A.of America. 1579 Four competitors for the name O’Neill, vix the Barons of Dungannon, and Shane O’Neill sons strong, and Turlough Brasselagh and Art McHenry are weak.

29 June 1863   Laurel Vale Armagh d. 5 October 1949 f. Thomas Sinton m. Elizabeth. 1883 19th Jul. 9d 9mo 1869 - Co. Armagh[ s369 s1393 ] d.. 20d 12mo 1941 - Lisburn Infirmary, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland, om - [ s370 ]Father Samuel Sinton b. However these did not seem near enough to Newry. Witness James Stewart No 195 page 98, 1888 14th Oct.  Hannah Good of 118 George St Cork f. William Good to Patrick Hackett of Cork.

Sinton, John Walker   29d 10mo 1894             Markethill, Co. Armagh, Ireland, Sinton, John Watson  17 November 1846       Virginia, U.S.A.of America. Sinton, John    10 May 1868     Tullylish, Co. Down, Ireland.

In September 1601, after seven years war in Ireland, the Spanish Armada sent 4,000 men to help Hugh O'Neill and Hugh O'Donnell. Muldrew Name from Woulfs All Ireland surnames Manus O’Hanlon, lord of Orior, is blinded by sept members under the leadership of his kinsman, Niall, son of Cu-Uladh O’Hanlon, on Spy Wednesday. 1861          Co Armagh, Sinton Robert  John    1895      Jedburgh Roxburgh Scotland, Sinton Robert  John     1898     Temple Midlothian Scotland. Breasal is the nickname of Bo-dibaid  Cow-destruction, so called from a rinderpest that occurred at that time). A photographer returns home to take care of her grandmother and gets involved with helping a neighbor look after his young nephew. Sinton Thomas  H.        4 June 1859     Pennsylvania U.S.A. Sinton Thomas  Richard           24d 5m 1822   Dublin, Sinton Thomas  Rutherfrd      1890      Newington Edinburgh Scotland, Sinton Thomas  Spencer 25 May 1934 Bethel Hospital Colarado Springs El Pas Co  Colarado. Newbridge Street        Birr     Offaly 57, Fanny  Newbridge Street        Birr     Offaly 17, Joseph Newbridge Street        Birr     Offaly 22, Lillie   Newbridge Street        Birr     Offaly 24, Thomas           Newbridge Street        Birr     Offaly 15, William          Kilkeeran        Hammerlane   Offaly 13, Edward John   Kilkeeran        Hammerlane   Offaly 81, Ellen               Kilkeeran        Hammerlane   Offaly 11, Florence Mary            Kilkeeran        Hammerlane   Offaly 2, H Fred Ro? (TV Movie 2019). 1846 25th Nov Robert son of Robert & Mary Good of Watergate.

These base names referred to the real or supposed characteristics of the then chief. Sinton, Edwin I'Anson            1897      Biggar, Lanark, Scotland, Sinton, Egbert Watson           1851      Virginia, U.S.A.of America, Sinton, Eleanor Isabel Mary  Kasauli, India. Banbridge husband of Mary Martin father of female child b. As the grandson of Conn O’Neill, then later King and later Earl of Tyrone, he was fostered by the McCann clan in the area of the south of Lough Neagh know as Clan Brassill area.

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