This decision was made primarily due to the software vendors functional and system design specifications which listed WM ware as their only supported hypervisor. Openstack/cloudstack are for creating private/public clouds of VMs. Other than some worries about disaster recovery, the networking issue with a single node, and a weird error about an OVF store disk being unable to be created on my main storage domain (I have to look into this more, what I've seen online ties it with being unable to create new disks, but I can make new disks no problem), it's been a lot of fun to use. That said, it takes intermediate to advanced concepts and functions and wraps a web gui that beginners can use. What is the development pace of oVirt vs Proxmox like? About Robert5205 wrote:“Hyper-V, for example, is a single product. With Ovirt you either need to get paid third party software to backup the Vms or install and agent on each VM or do some advanced scripting. - AFAIK Cockpit has no integration with Ansible/Terraform, I dont know how much is powerfull its API, but You will definetly has to use SSH to provison VMs -> bad, - I dont know oVirt much, but it will consume more resources than Proxmox and it has better automation (cloud-init) and integration, - Proxmox is good for PXE automation, not for cloud-init automatiun. Let's say there's an upgrade to DFS on 2019 - that won't break my 2016 install. However, there's some concerns internally around the AGPL licensing. Note: It is possible that some search terms could be used in multiple areas and that could skew some graphs.

VmWare... yeah... lets say I like them like Cisco. Manages virtual machines, storage and virtual networks. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. The networking wasn't an issue, it was just the management console that was giving me the biggest trouble. More answers about "Proxmox vs oVirt what to choose?" Something to be aware of with Proxmox though is that the free version is kind of the BETA version. Maintenance is easy until something goes wrong, then it can easily suck up time debugging it. This really hasn't been a pro Proxmox forum...if you want, you can search the old posts to get the details. And both Proxmox servers are backing up to … I got this doubt, because I didn't come across any topic in SW related to Proxmox, oVirt kind. oVirt's development seems very active, and the devs also seem pretty friendly from what I've seen in IRC. Apparently many find the documentation easier with Proxmox, and the community is more vibrant.

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