Have you ever stopped and thought about if the Pit bull breed is really a vicious breed, or are they just misinterpreted due to the reputation that others have given them along with the many myths that are attached to them? We will be discussing the decline of the pit bull, the biggest pit bull fallacy, and the role the media... ...For The Love of Pit Bulls Pit bulls are just like any other loyal breed of dog. According to the American Temperament Test, which is a test that focuses on and measures different aspects of temperament such as stability, shyness, aggressiveness, friendliness, The America Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) was breed to be a sport dog, they are athletic energetic and a good companion. Outline Pit Bull Paper 1.

Pit bulls are wonderful companions and friends. It 's so wrong. Their strong, muscular body and square jaw makes them attractive to dogfighters. These people were bias against pit bulls only, Essay on Writing Techniques in Poe's The Raven, Essay about Medical Attributes of Cannabis sativa - Marijuana, Essay on Hanging 10 for Power Generation, The Reparations to the Descendents of African American Slaves in the United States. Pit bulls are outlawed in Miami-Dade County because of their vicious nature. Banning Pit Bull terriers. Whether because it happened to you or someone you know, or because you have seen it way too many time in the news.

That being said over the years their reputation has dropped dramatically form once being Americas most popular dog to Americas most hated and feared dog. They continually strive to exceed expectations that are set for them, which is one of the biggest reasons they are preferred as a fighting dog; they will not give up. In fact, most of the canine abuse cases involve pit bulls. Usually when one hears about a pit bull, it is bad news. Labradors are as likely as pit bulls to be ferocious and mean. C. But why does this irresponsibility fall on the breed? ENG215046VA016 Unfortunately, this same breed of dog now has a bad reputation, being called a vicious breed of dog and bully’s.

It placed once more a stigma on the dog breed after other cases involved Pit Bull attacks on people, including their owners. I opened it and my lovely puppy galloped up to me and i hugged him and feed him i also brought him inside but then i sat down and fell asleep with my dog on my lap.

Pit Bull Essay 1148 Words | 5 Pages. Many times people speculate too much when it comes to the Pit bull breed. Even if a friend of Bethany doubted the police theory, Agnew said that the dogs have something to do with her death. On his website, Cesar Millan stated that his kids are around pit bulls every day. The pit bull's true personality is fun-loving, patient, smart and trustworthy. Aggression that happens when a mother, Should Pit Bulls be banned from America?

B. Many celebrities are or have been pit bull owners. Wind turbines: Could be reason why bats die, a bat lung seems to have low pressure might cause to expand to the point of blood. exactly the attitude they will reflect because all animals are obedient to their owners. It's time to find the facts and finally make a decision based off of the facts that we find. A domestic animal is one that has been tamed by man over many generations and lives with people, exotic animals are the animals that are meant to be in the wild and not tamed.

Grisly mauling America's first war dog, Stubby, served 18 months 'over there' and participated in eighteen battles on the Western Front. Most people believe it is the dog’s natural personality and that they are born that way, but this is not true. When I found out that I was pregnant, a few people that I had known suggested that I get rid of my dogs because they were going to kill my baby. If... StudyMode - Premium and Free Essays, Term Papers & Book Notes. Many people don’t know that the term “bully breed” refers to more than forty breeds that hail from the same root breed. The breed of dog I’m talking about is Pit bull. In fact, the main cause of the pit bulls false image is the wild, vicious and merciless owner or tr People are getting these dogs and are training them to fight.

Please join StudyMode to read the full document. The humans are the ones who have created this so called “monstrous beast”. INTRODUCTION

Many people don’t believe that exotic animals and pit bulls would make good companions, but in fact, they actually do. The pitbull is a fighting dog that can do more damage to a body than any other breed of dog out there. Lastly, pit bulls are born as sweethearts, it depends on the way you raise them that makes them mean. People don’t always look at the facts of pitbulls, they just exaggerate and say they are mean killing dogs and that it’s all they are good for because they have heard so. When people hear the word pit bull they automatically think of dogs fighting and attacking. Like all living organisms, a dog’s behavior is influenced by both genetics and environment.

Pit bulls are feared because of their past reputation as fight dogs and this has led to the banning of Pit bulls in many counties and cities across the United States. In America, dogs have become part of families and it is not taboo to see them treated, loved and taken care of as if they, How would you react if you became next to or close to a stray dog? If we train any animal to be spiteful fighters that is That’s why I’m writing about the truths regarding the American Pit Bull Terrier. Media’s Influence Over public’s perception of the breed as well as irresponsible owners contribution to this perception (Pit Bull panic – article) A.

We, as owners and pet lovers, need to take the steps to ensure the image of this breed is restored; We need to speak up for the underdog. The dog comes second to themselves. According to the AVMA, it is “mostly the owners, not the dogs, who are to blame for any bad behavior.” (“Ban Pit Bulls?”).

When i woke up he was gone then my mom walked in so did my grandma she asked if i wanted to go to halys and harleys. Task 1

Pit bulls have had a long history, Pit bulls are a Misunderstood Breed Pit Bull Dog Fighting Throughout the years society has sought many different forms of entertainment. In this paper I am going to talk about how I think that pitbulls should not be illegal based on people’s opinions of their reputation, I’m also going to talk about the different types of abuse they receive, truth and exaggeration, and training them. Just as we, as people, are evaluated, all animals need to be evaluated by its own qualities, not their appearance. Many people do not know the history behind the Pit bull or where their reputation comes from. Some of these celebrities are Rachael Ray, Michael J. Climate change

My kids as well as any other kids that come into contact with my 8 year old pitbull can ride her like a horse, pull her ears and tail. All they want is to play with you and love on you. Goochland County Sheriff Jim Agnew said that Bethany was apparently mauled by her two pit bulls whose combined weight was two times that of Bethany who was just about 100 pounds and stood at 5 foot and 1 inch.

Too often this particular breed becomes a victim for something that they have no control over. Pit bulls are loving, tender, faithful, and they are protective over the families they belong to. This is no different for the pit bull breed. Among the evidence that the investigators, Owning A Pit Bull A. For example my friend had a Pit Bull that he would hit for no reason and one-day the dog attacked him and hurt him pretty bad. There are many different qualities to consider when choosing a dog.

By the American Temperance Test Society pitbulls are rated the secnd most tolerant with a passing rate of 85.3% and other breeds with an average of 81.9%. The aggression trait has been bred into this dog, by inbreeding and breeding for those particular traits. Instead of taking the time to learn about them, they would much rather allow the myths and things they hear through the media to set their mind that the Pit bull breed is a vicious breed. They are always talked about as being very aggressive and vicious breed, but in fact they are a gentle companion. Wind forms Pit bulls are constantly misunderstood as violent,

Hour alcohol can harm communities Saying a pit bull is born aggressive is kind of like saying a baby is born to hate. It was in the 1980s when the perception of the pit bull was smeared. I have had each one since they were six weeks old and I have trained them to the best of my ability.

Exotic animals can make people feel loved and, the United States, there are pit bulls be banned, and euthanized. These dogs have been used for protection not only in homes but in war, with the police and even with celebrities.

Pit bulls are known to be obedient, intelligent, affectionate, loyal, courageous, and friendly, along with several other well known traits.

However, over the years people have wrongfully stereotyped pit bulls because their owners have trained them to be violent. I yelled, “yes of course because they were good friends plus i liked there pit bull !” I yelled because of the music still, problem is people, not pit bulls! Neither of them have ever once growled or barked at another human, but they do not like animals. (Truth) Throughout history Pit Bulls have been known as “The Nanny Dog,” due to their love and loyalty towards people, especially children. There are many different types of abuse that can happen to pitbulls, and most of the abuse is using them to fight with other dogs, animals, and even people. Pit Bulls have all the qualities needed to become a great companion. What about the owners of these precious animals? They were also the preferred “guard dog” for big time drug dealers and gangs.

English 1B The pit bull breed originates from England in the 1800s. As members of the millennial generation, we are taught that it is unacceptable to judge people by the way one looks, dresses, or talks.

1. View Essay - Pitbull essay from ENGL 102 at American Military University. Is there a specific breed of dog that comes to your mind? More times than not, it’s fear. To me this is absurd! This is not an example of the work written by professional essay writers. “The United States finally outlawed dog fighting in the 1970s.” One of the good things that came out of breeding dogs for dog fighting was the loyalty to their owners. A. Why Pitbulls Are Unfairly Discriminated Against With any dog you need to train it so the owner has the upper hand. When people say "pit bull" they're usually referring to a range of breeds and, often, a mixed-breed dog. Just because the dog is mean doesn’t make it aggressive. There are so many myths about Pit Bulls and they are just that. There were also three pit bulls that worked non-stop after the twin towers fell on 9/11, helping the FDNY search for people among the rubble. Owners need to know that they have to be dominant and for their dog to be obedient towards their orders. Today, I would like to take the time to refute the falsely made claims that have been made against the pit bull breed and provide you with some information and instances that will hopefully shed some light on their true character. How they where breed B. Characteristics of dog good and bad 3. Around “1835 England outlawed the gruesome entertainment of dog fighting.” Not long after, organized dog fighting became very popular in the United States around the Civil War era. Although, if you treat them wrong when they're growing up there is a good chance they will get out of control.

Essay on Pit Bulls 1458 Words 6 Pages Final Persuasive Speech Outline General Purpose: to persuade Specific purpose: To stop breed discrimination against the APBT I. Imagine your dog being put down or abused just because someone else thought he or she was mean when they actually are a really kind, loving, and loyal dog.

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