english@rcinet.caPosted: Tuesday, October 25, 2016 12:50 The  Princess Sophia was built in 1911, entering service in 1912 as one of several, passenger, mail and freight steamers built for the Canadian Pacific Steamshipo Line. There are just too many names. The grim task of recovering bodies went on for weeks as divers found many still in their cabins, while others washed up on the shores around the channel. See what Sophia Danforth (sophiakittypowe) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. Your email address will not be published. Unable to see much beyond his ship’s own bow, the captain knew it too was in danger of striking the reef if and when it could find it. “People from Victoria would go up north to work in the Yukon, but also go to work in Alaska,” said Coates.

History: Oct 24, 1918 – The SS Princess Sophia … On the 25th conditions began to worsen and a morning attempt to bring an all-weather ship the lighthouse tender “Cedar” close in order to take off passengers failed against worsening conditions. But Coates said what is intriguing is how the disaster has slid from memory and has only begun to resurface in the past 20 years. Find out what's happening in your community. Cedar left its protected harbour and headed out towards Vanderbilt Reef. If you are using a pc, it is stored at the same level as “My Pictures”, “My Videos” and “My Documents” and will usually be called “Downloads”. October 24 1918, 11 AM: Sophia high on the reef.

There were no survivors, with the exception of one of the passenger’s dog. “The sinking of the Princess Sophia and the stories that weave in and around the 350 who died remind us of a time when what they called the North Lands was a very unique, cross-border society,” he said in a telephone interview from Regina, where he teaches at the University of Saskatchewan.

and West Coast history, offers an interesting insight into the behaviour of a people who were becoming integrated by the northern experience. and the U.S. Pacific Northwest.

“It’s quite astonishing that you can have a major disaster like this almost disappear from public knowledge,” he said. They waited desperately not knowing that within hours they would all be dead in the icy northern Pacific water. Contests and offers from our advertising partners. Required fields are marked *. Jacques Marc swims over the stern winches on the wreck of the SS Princess Sophia. Rescue boats risked being smashed themselves against the rocks as high waves alternately washed over and then exposed the rocky reef. State of Alaska digital archives ASL-P87-1702. The Sophia is Alaska’s worst maritime disaster to date. has several items from the Sophia on display. Should anything happen [to] me notify, notify Eagle Lodge, Dawson.

There were no survivors, with the exception of one of the passenger’s dog. It remains the worst marine disaster in the history of the Inside Passage. The next day, the armistice was declared, ending the fighting of the First World War.

The list follows the description of the loss of the Princess Sophia in the alphabetical (A-Z) section of this site. Although the ship sank in American waters, it is considered the worst maritime disaster in British Columbia. A lifeboat is lowered to allow inspection of the hull. But it’s only now, 100 years later, that commemoration is beginning. We struck a rock last night which threw many from their berths, women rushed out in their night attire, some were crying, some too weak to move, but the lifeboats were swung out in all readiness but owing to the storm would be madness to launch until there was no hope for the ship. Alhtough Canada had often requested a beacon be placed on Vanderbilt Reef, the US only did so after the Princess Sophia disaster. When the tide went down, two-thirds of the boat was high and dry. The last thing anybody wanted to hear about was a ship carrying 50 to 70 drowned bodies, the Princess Alice, whose last passage had already earned it the dreary nickname “The Ship of Sorrow.”. “This is one of those incredible stories that transcends national boundaries,” he said. The ship was one of four coastal liners operated by the Canadian Pacific Railway, all named for princesses. It's complicated, Kristallnacht
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“So there was these white, ghostly shapes waving in the current. Canadian Steamships Line, Princess Sophia, about 245 ft long (75m), circa 1912.Photo Credit: Library and Archives Canada image c002470, By Marc Montgomery | The Times Colonist is looking for newspaper carriers to work in the Reader Sales and Service Department.

My insurance, finances, and property, I leave to my wife (who was to be) Miss Dorothy Burgess, 37 Smart St., Longsight, Manchester, England, All rights reserved @ Radio Canada International 2018.

These were coastal class ships known as “pocket liners” i.e.

“The fact we have a Canadian ship going down in American waters only reinforces that.”. Now the submerged wreck of the Princess Sophia has become a destination for divers. Plumous anemones give the SophiaÕs wreck an otherworldly appearance. Only the mast of Sophia was sticking out of the water, and of the 344 or more souls aboard, passengers and crew, there were no survivors. Coates said the death toll alone, about 10 per cent of the non-Indigenous population of the North, should have made it more infamous. Nobody on board survived, save one pet dog who swam to shore. Victoria Times Colonist-SS Sophia disaster, British Airways flight makes emergency landing in Vancouver with 25 ill crew, Ontario nurse charged with 8 murders of elderly patients.

Canadian Steamships Line, Princess Sophia, about 245 ft long (75m), circa 1912.

Confronted trying to enter courtyard, man swings bat at residents, hits building, B.C. on U.S. election, City of Victoria seeking public input for new cycling corridors, COVID numbers surge in B.C. Smith swims over the wreck of the SS Princess Sophia. (This was later deemed by an inquiry to have been the only time the passengers might have been removed). Marker plaques are being dedicated. The French connection: How studying in France fundamentally changed Emily Carr's art.

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