If there are common conflicts in the relationship that caused the disconnect, the first step to healing might be for the person who initiated the estrangement to work on their triggers and try to excavate what is behind their reactions.

He told me he'd "teach me a lesson" and shared it w his mom and his sister...all the family. The main difference between psychological impotence and physical impotence is: In other words, you are able to get an erection when you're alone - or before sex - but you lose your erection when it comes to the crunch. Why should I continue to put up with a person who has continually manipulated and disrespected me on such a disgusting scale that I can barely believe I put up with it for as long as I did. I hope I can stay strong until I can see her again. I doubt that it is a psychiatrist who is keeping your daughter away from you (but they are probably treating her for something). People tend to mature over time. The idea of estrangement is something only people who come from very messed up families can understand. So I continued in my alcohol use and came to abuse it over the past few decades. I wish I could have resolved this issue 40 years ago and walked away then. Psychiatrists are medically trained and often prescribe medications. Then she and her family moved on to another church. She is very special and gifted. She is a liar, a con artist, and just an all around toxic person. She has more of an introvert type personality and was protected quite a bit by my mother. I knew all her friends and they knew me. I cut both of them off. My mom neglected...and my son in the middle..but at 21..he says "let them go" he has occasional contact with them. For our whole life she has consistently betrayed, lost control of her temper, and recently went a step further by causing our eldest sister to lose her job because of her lying. Will that ever change?

Posted Jul 22, 2011 It will be a month the 28th of September. Fortunately, there's no need to panic, because performance anxiety is a very common problem. I think about her and miss her every day.

I though..., what a waste of time. When she was a toddler. Even if you have to volunteer for a short while. She knows my daughter will be back in my live.

It is certainly to be hoped that you have found some resolution, whether in the form of reconciliation or accepatance of the estrangement. The child may believe that she was abandoned because she did something wrong or because she simply wasn't good enough to live up to her parents' standards. The relationship between my sister and I started to deteriorate quite quickly.

I live with my father who is manic-biopolar in a tiny little trailer. He was the wrong man for me. I think she felt that she had to choose between me and our parents which actually I can understand as it would make her life easier.

They were like ducklings following their mother, regardless of right or wrong. Now I do know how she really felt I could never trust her enough to have her in my life again. You should not have to tolerate unacceptable behavior just because someone is related to you. Give yourself a break. She does not want to see me.

This type of wicked behaviour from them continued for many many years and escalated to the boiling point where the volcano erupted and I said to myself NO MORE when my sister died and I ceased communicating with them. My mother's father sexually abused/molested my mother, and in turn, she allowed me to be alone with him, and be sexually abused from the age of 4. I was a far better mother and wife than I would have been if I had continued to have him in my life. I would have always been struggling to cope with the nonsense and resist the terrible patterns of family relationships that he exemplified. Mother's milk to a narcissist. So my sister married a boy from the church.


Yes - but not for walking away, rather for taking so long to make the decision. They are unpleasant to be around. He doesn't want me here, but he has a marijuana addiction (mental one) cause he's so bored, and that takes his pain away briefly. You know, you lived it.

Has called. He is so good at pulling my strings!) My brother is in his 50s and he won't apologise for physical abuse. I filled my time as much as I could - theatre, sports, dancing, started a small business, did a short course & was therefore busy every evening and weekend... We are not estranged, but I had distanced myself deliberately to get through it without feeling my emotions were wrong. She and my older sister ganged up on me and had me committed to a mental institution in my later teens until some of the staff got together and discussed my issues.

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