If you really want to push your rank only, your skill does matter but the most important thing that matters is don’t lose your point. The time of play in PUBG is one secret tip that most of the users are not aware of. So, be unique and never give up. You can have a legal match there so that you can get your chicken dinner by depending on your skill.

Always try to use a closed UAZ because it is one of the safest vehicles in PUBG Mobile. The road to 'Conqueror' in PUBG is not an easy one. Each season begins with the Platinum or Silver-tier, till one goes on to achieve the last tier called 'Ace' or 'Conqueror'. But of course, it is not easy to reach in conqueror tier in such hard conditions and push your rank So, how do we reach conqueror tier? Of course, the best case is to wait for the final circle and kill him which would net you even more points, but you know where I’m coming from. So, always bee ready with lots of boosters and medkit. So, before you expose yourself to any enemy, check if someone is already picking on you. Conqueror tier is the highest in Season 14. Because there are many players out there who use the most powerful guns in PUBG Mobile. So, always play a TDM match before and after playing a classic match in PUBG Mobile. Play solo or duo for Conqueror; squad for Ace, Play conservative with controlled aggression, Use the flight path and circle position to your advantage, Enjoy the game and don’t become its prisoner, How to Complete Pubg Mobile Weapon Master Achievement, Pubg Mobile Free Chicken Dinner Achievement Full Guide in Depth, Top 3 Pubg Mobile Erangel Loot Location Full Guide, Miramar Pubg Mobile Loot Location Full Guide, Beginners Guide To Getting PUBG Chicken Dinners, PUBG Mobile Beginners Guide, Tips And Strategy, PUBG Enemy Kill Guide – How to kill enemies In PUBG 2018 July, 5 PUBG Tips TO Live Longer & Win More – How To Win PUBG Solo, Beginners Guide to Getting PUBG Chicken Dinners Full Guide, PUBG Mobile Loot Guide | How To Find Loot In PUBG Mobile Guide, PUBG Duo Strategy | 4 Quick PUBG Duo Tips 2018 July, How to Rank Up in Pubg Mobile | Increase Rank in Pubg Mobile, Pubg Mobile Season 4 Release Date | Royal Pass Season 4 Date, Top 5 Clash Royale Bowler Decks 2018 | Bowler Deck Arena 8+ 2018. That is the reason players like Novaking, Spike, and PH Ranjit (who are in the top 100 of Asia region) mostly prefer playing at mid-night between 2 AM and 6 AM. Hi Guys Today we will talk about How to Reach Conqueror in Pubg Mobile Ace to Conqueror Full Guide myckol made it to Conqueror recently, here are some learnings I made note of along the way. But, with four finger claw, you can quickly jump, look around, scope, and fire. To achieve the same in any season, and to get the title of "Season X Conqueror" is a fascination for most players. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is a last-man-standing shooter being developed with community feedback. Not every conqueror is a Hacker (cheater). The controls of a UAZ are also straight-forward and stable.

So, if you don’t want to die so easily then never prone in the open especially while looting, and always use smokes. Right??? Many times players get confused and to finish the enemy they jump off in front of the enemy and start shooting which is the dumbest thing to do in PUBG Mobile. And as I said, no. Press J to jump to the feed. Not all of us are smart to handle every situation. PUBG Mobile has a lot of hackers in the game. Subscribe to our mailing list and get interesting stuff and updates to your email inbox. Mid-season, you could see conqueror point requirements rise as high as 5500. It just started like last week? The reasoning behind this is simple. This also opens up an interesting tactic – say the following scenario – in the last 3 circles, there were only you and another person left. You know exactly where they are and can make a kill shot. This means you should play conservative at most times and avoid conflict at least up until you have survived long enough to breakeven in points. The top 500 players usually have an excellent Kill Ratio and Survival Time. Random players don't know you, and there is a high probability that they won't listen to you. It means he/she will need to push his/her rank up to at least the top 400 to be sure of getting the conqueror title for themselves. In case you make use of a random parachuter, then he may land you on a hot-drop site like Georgopool, where you may get killed quickly. First thing first, that is guns. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Because if you do this, you will die and loose for points instead of gaining. The sign that says "Rank" on the main page when you load the game up will take you there. Having plenty of kills at lower levels will help you rank up very fast and make the task of being a conqueror in pubg mobile very easy. Among other aspects, maintaining a top 500 rank in a region is key to achieve the 'Conqueror' tier. A player needs lots of dedication and great skills, with better decision making, to reach this tier in PUBG Mobile. Also Read: PUBG Mobile Season 12 Royale Pass Skin, Groza, outfit, Unicorn set, and more. Most important of all is to know that not everyone is cut out for this – not because you’re not good enough – but because ranking up in high ranks are extremely tedious and at times boring.

I'm 4715 in Asia still my rank is around 7000 : Key here is to be patient and listen to their behavior. It is the hardest title to achieve in the game and only the top 500 players of a particular server can get this title based on the points. Team Work is also a very important factor in Rank Push. This level has great competition, and many highly-skilled players.

So, always be ready and start pushing as soon as the season starts. However, it is to note that it is difficult to get hold of a motorcycle in PUBG. So, take more medkit to reach the Conqueror game. Yeah I was about to comment that??

All rights reserved. Let’s say you know if you die 3rd circle in and around 30 people left, you will get +0 points, that’s the time you can start becoming aggressive and gunning for kills. Rank push to 'Ace' and 'Conqueror' is one of the oldest trends in PUBG Mobile. Don’t be afraid to drive across the map. I hope this is useful for others if they are looking to rank up from Crown upwards so come and take alook at this How to Reach Conqueror in Pubg Mobile Ace to Conqueror, How to Reach Conqueror in Pubg Mobile Ace to Conqueror: Match Type. From my experience, the numbers are as follows: I’m not going to go into too much detail about play style as everyone has different styles, but here are some stuff I do: Know that Ace or Conqueror may not be for you, Most important of all is to know that not everyone is cut out for this – not because you’re not good enough – but because ranking up in high ranks are extremely tedious and at times boring. You can avoid them if you notice them already in the lobby but in case you are already in the game and you notice any hacker in the game then you shouldn’t go all over the map searching for kills.

So, the fact is, you need to take more healings instead of ammo. Having plenty of kills at lower levels will help you rank up very fast and make the task of being a conqueror in pubg mobile very easy. Also Read: Drones to coming in PUBG Mobile 0.16.5 update? Although, you can play PUBG at any time of day, but as far as the rank push to Conqueror is concerned, the best time to play the game is between 5 AM to 10 AM.

The point furthest away from the flight path is almost always safer – go there if you want to avoid action. Not only shooting, killing, and hiding can get you chicken dinner every time. In this article, we have discussed how many points are needed to reach conqueror tier in Season 14 of PUBG Mobile. You can also play war or other modes but TDM mode is the most effective mode to perfect your skill. To get it you need to be Ace + Top 500 in your server when the secret stash refreshes.

The choice of map is also an important one. One has to survive, as well as win matches to reach the top 500. However, if you want to shoot for Conqueror, go for Duo or Solo as even at mid-season, there are less than 400 Ace players, meaning that once you get to Ace (4200) and wait a day, you are automatically at Conqueror. Iceland is in UTC time zone if you want to check. Conqueror refreshes daily AFAIK.

Nah. Steps By Step Guide To Change Your Pubg …. You know exactly where they are and can make a kill shot. Also, the player will lose fewer points.

Many times we die because of some snake in Erangel or Sanhok map. In a direct fight, the player needs to take action according to the situation. Players must fight to locate weapons and supplies in a massive 8x8 km island to be the lone survivor. I am a Conqueror and i am skilled enough to give you and answer.

However, if you want to shoot for Conqueror, go for Duo or Solo as even at mid-season, there are less than 400 Ace players, meaning that once you get to Ace (4200) and wait a day, you are automatically at Conqueror. Instead, the top 500 players of any server get to the conqueror tier. They will either have to jump out or come down eventually. If a player comes in the top 500 players list after reaching ace tier, the next morning, their rank will be converted to conqueror. Conqueror is the highest rank one can achieve in PUBG mobile.

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