Developing learners as leaders is my joy!

some of those phonics after a group discussion. And we are spending more time researching and planning our provocations so that they can make the children’s thinking visible and expose their understanding of the math concepts. In English, the beginning part of the story was given then learners completed. They read one by one. Physical Education for the 21st Century. : What is our purpose? Central Idea: Materials behave and interact in certain ways which determine how people use them. Here is the simple observational sheet that was created for this provocation: (Free to use). The typical length of a PYP unit is six weeks. Our central idea comes from the PYP Maths Scope and Sequence in Phase 1, so we needed to challenge it —is this the phase they are actually in or are we seeing evidence of Phase 2 understanding? of continents and Oceans names in a T chart.

After that they sat in, groups and shared their knowledge on times tables and standard unit through, In UOI, Learners started the LOI-2 today. You can learn more about me and my background here. Discover how we run PE lessons using the PYP curriculum that are student-centered and inquiry-based.

Blog. In language, learners got some phonics hints to make words individually. In Maths, learners got worksheet on all kinds of patterns and they, In unit class, Learners individually wrote the central idea after the discussion, In language class, they knew about a new trick of learning phonics. The planner has always been a tool for us to shape our collaboration and thinking about how best to meet our students’ needs in the inquiry. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Once aligning our standards was complete, we began writing out first PYP unit of inquiry! As teacher researchers, we divided up the students so that we could take notes, making sure that all students were given the time and attention to “show what they know” about patterns. ss  (class,pass) sh (fish, shrimp), ook (look, book), After that they tried to find out some words using.

Valuable Resources. exchanged it with their peers and then complete the rest of the story. LOI 1.

After that, they came one by one on the hot seat and said one word using appropriate. It may seem trivial, but when you consider how AGENCY is the new core of our curriculum, we need to be approaching our units in different ways. But, on Friday, after this week’s follow up provocations, we can safely appreciate our learners, where they are and where we can take them during the remaining weeks of the unit. Then, they, around to find another learner holding the matching homophone. Manipulation and application of materials to new purposes. Profiles: Knowledgeable,Risk taker, Thinkers Attitudes: Creativity, Confidence, Enthusiasm TD Skills: Communication skills,Research skills Key Concepts: Function, Causation, change Related Concepts: … solved think tac toe with multiplication. Find more on the sample planners!

In Maths, they solved some problems on the standard unit of time in the copy. a calendar of December with some information given. We are setting ourselves up for success with the PYP unit planning by beginning with our standards. When, has found a partner, each pair of students must be able to present their, homophones to the class discussed the words. In English, they wrote stories in the given worksheet. In UOI, learners took formative  assessment. there.

Developing leaders in learning is my joy! They prepared the, PYP jargon (concepts, lines of inquiry, teacher questions, learner profile, In language class, they wrote words by the sound oy and ay and wrote fill in, In Maths, they did repeating addition and multiplication from o-6, then in, In Unit class, learners did compass activity.

Why do we believe in this? Some example central ideas are: knowing about our family histories enables us to discover our cultural origins and develop historical awareness, migration is a response to human circumstances and challenges, and knowing that light comes from different sources and has different properties helps us to understand that it is an essential resource.

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