The second set of twelve Behind The Bastards Rookie Cards. This is primarily down to Robert Evans’ infectious enthusiasm, and his endless jokes about starting a cult, podcasting machetes, and the super-awkward cuts to adverts, during which he typically damns the upcoming products and services with extremely faint praise that relate to the podcast topic at hand, promising that they defintely won’t murder your children or are highly unlikely to commit genocide. Tags: Our new editor Michael Marshall talks about the challenge of countering coronavirus misinformation and conspiracy theory, and why compassion is such an important aspect of skepticism.

tpihd, behind-the-bastards, bastards, how-stuff-works, world-war-2, Tags: Robert Evans is a former editor at and author of the ridiculous book A Brief History of Vice.

Tags: Tags: hero, funny, tpihd, revolutionary, caution-is-cowardice, The first 12 Rookie Cards for the Behind The Bastards Podcast, Tags: On this special podcast miniseries hosts journalist, Robert Evans and rap artist, Propaganda draw a straight line from the darkest days of slavery, to the murder of George Floyd and the mass violence American police meted out to their citizens this summer. You have Javascript disabled. A forum for unmoderated free speech quickly became a place to showcase the worst aspects of human nature, with grim consequences.

tpihd, one-pump-one-cream, robert-evans, Sheriff Reverend Doctor Bishop Robert Evans, Tags: Over the course of his career, he’s reported from war zones in Iraq and Ukraine, experimented on his co-workers with strange ancient narcotics and interviewed hundreds of people about their baffling careers. badguys, bad-guys, cards, podcasts, podcast. Robert is joined by Courtney Kocak to discuss John C. Woods, the American tasked with executing the Nazi High Command. Listeners will learn about the young adult novels that helped Hitler form his monstrous ideology, the founder of Blackwater’s insane quest to build his own Air Force, the bizarre lives of the sons and daughters of dictators and Saddam Hussein’s side career as a trashy romance novelist. They did, in fact, beat ISIS. i-love-dogs, pet-lover, podcasts, best-dogs, podcasting, Tags: The Death & Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, Ipso Factoid: Daily Mail in Mildly Educational Shocker, Behind the Bastards, with Robert Evans: an infectiously enthusiastic dive into the darkness. Robert Evans is a former editor at and author of the ridiculous book A Brief History of Vice. Parts of the site may still appear in English, even when translated. Could the U.S.A be on the road to a second civil war? reverend, doctor, bleach, podcasts, humor, Tags: Episodes have focused on everyone from Samuel Hahnemann, founder of homeopathy, to discredited ex-physician Andrew Wakefield, the man behind the MMR anti-vaccine scare that lingers to this day. For best results, the new design should have a similar aspect ratio to the on you are copying.

Pseudoscience is a global phenomenon - if we want to protect the public in our individual countries, it will take global action. How did American police get so violent? Evans is fairly open and vocal about his opinions, and this makes the podcasts very entertaining, and also leads to fun political connections, from the links between Nazis and Flat Earth to the racist origins of phrenology. Failure to listen to patients is causing unacceptable delays in endometriosis diagnosis, Ghosts, curses and werewolves: archaeologists see human belief up close, The Witch’s Itch: Possible explanations for the symptoms of the Salem ‘victims’. While almost everyone can get on board with hating the above-mentioned bastards, the show also covers a lot of targets that skeptics in particular may consider worthy of vitriol and discussion. As conspiracy theories flood social media and users struggle to tell fact from fiction, we need to find better ways to stop misinformation from spreading. Bad guys (and gals) are eternally fascinating. bleach, grinder, bolt-cutters, machette, doctors, Tags: With pandemic-related anxiety and stress causing an increase in experience of sleep paralysis, we may well see an uptick in paranormal belief. red-and-black, machete, ussr, cyrillic, russian, Tags: Tags:

You'll upload a new art file and edit your products in the next step. Robert Evans is a former editor at and author of the ridiculous book … Tags: Finally, for a skeptic it’s reassuring to note that all of the episodes are well-referenced, in case you want to go behind-Behind the Bastards and check Evans’ sources. tpihd, behind-the-bastards, commercial-drilling-equipment, humor, funny, Tags: Tags: monsters, how-stuff-works, podcast, evil, bad-girls, Are things getting worse? Which settings do you want to use from this design? Oh no, your cart is empty. From Hitler’s love of young adult fiction to Saddam Hussein's shameful romance novels, this podcast sheds new, weird light on history's monsters. robert-evans, podcasting, lgbtq, podcast, podcasts. The September issue of Biomedical Scientist magazine ignores the real story in their rose-tinted history of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Please enable Javascript and return here. card, topps, podcasts, trading-card, podcasting, Tags: Robert is joined by Billy Wayne Davis to discuss Woulter Basson, a chemical weapons engineer with a hard-on for racial extermination. In Robert Evans' podcast, The Women’s War, he introduces listeners to dozens of men and women fighting a war for the future of the human soul. Are digital pregnancy tests simply taking the pee? About the Host Robert Evans . Tags: robert-evans, behind-the-police Behind … New to podcast listening? it-could-happen-here, war, civil-war, robert-evans, how-stuff-works. Una pompa, una crema! leftist, political, one-pump-one-cream, parody, bastardspod, Tags: But I'm also a conflict journalist; I've covered wars in Ukraine and Iraq and protests all across … history, tpihd, funny, podcast, coronavirus. Robert is joined by Sofiya Alexandra to discuss John Ronald Brown, the world's worst surgeon. tpihd, biography, communist, communism, turntables. Behind the Bastards, a podcast hosted by Robert Evans, dives in past the Cliffs Notes of the worst humans in history and exposes the bizarre realities. Sheriff Reverend Doctor Bishop Robert Evans T-Shirt, Behind The Bastards Theosophical Surgical Society T-Shirt, Producer Doctor Sophie Lichterman T-Shirt, Reverend Doctor Billy Wayne Davis T-Shirt, John Brown - Caution is Cowardice T-Shirt, Behind The Bastards Official Rookie Cards T-Shirt, Behind The Bastards Official Rookie Cards 2 T-Shirt, The MDMA Cook Who Tried To Commit Genocide T-Shirt, Savitri Devi: The Woman Who Turned Nazism Into A Religion T-Shirt, The Bastard Who Executed The Top Nazis T-Shirt, John Ronald Brown: The Worst Surgeon Ever T-Shirt. For when you need to strike fear and confusion into the heart of your oppressors. Tags: violence, joy, humour, comedy, bagels, The true leader of Behind The Bastards Podcast, Tags: Robert Evans says ‘Yes!’, Tags: tpihd, behind-the-bastards, criminal-organization, trump-institute, scam, Tags: syria, syrian-kurds, kurds, support-rojava, feminism, Tags: nazi, nazis, robert-evans, podcasts, podcast.

pooch-lover, pooch, dog, puppy, anderson, Tags: ***Please note, this is not actually FDA Approved for anything, Tags:

Our manifesto against pseudoscience in health challenges alt-med at a global level, From the outset, chiropractors have held anti-vax views – sadly, not much has changed, Institute of Biomedical Science falls for the Traditional Chinese Medicine hype, Rectal ozone therapy: Brazil’s latest COVID-19 pseudoscience, How to Cook That, with Ann Reardon: cooking tutorials with baked-in skepticism. Add something awesome to it! Expert skeptical analysis of pseudoscience, conspiracy theory and claims of the paranormal. As you might imagine from the title, the Behind the Bastards takes in a lot of obvious targets, from the Ku Klux Klan to Jeffrey Epstein, via Saddam Hussein’s erotic fiction and Joseph Stalin’s childhood. Check out these How Tos, ©2020 PodSearch, Inc. All Rights Reserved. But their military successes were just part of the story. Listeners will learn about the young adult novels that helped Hitler form his monstrous ideology, the founder of Blackwater’s insane quest to build his own Air Force, the bizarre lives of the sons and daughters of dictators and Saddam Hussein’s side career as a trashy romance novelist. A new study suggests coronavirus antibodies fade over time – but how concerned should we be? Javascript is required for this site to function properly. Evans is always joined by a guest – either a writer, actor, podcaster or comedian, including David X Cohen, Edgar Momplaisir and Sofiya Alexandra – with whom he has excellent chemistry. Tags: Behind the Bastards dives in past the Cliffs Notes of the worst humans in history and exposes the bizarre realities of their lives. Each purchase supports an independent artist.

retro, typography, catchphrase, whats-crackin, peppers. The podcast is hosted by former editor and Bellingcat journalist Robert Evans. podcasts, genocide, mdma, robert-evans, podcasting. Has the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in an increase in ghostly encounters? tpihd, political, politics, dictators, chips, As promised: Official Behind The Bastards commercial drilling equipment, Tags: Facebook’s efforts to curb QAnon and anti-vax conspiracies are too little, and much too late, The Curse of Monster Island: a four year experiment in unmoderated free speech, Coronavirus, conspiracy, challenges and compassion, Brazil’s government throw their weight behind Creationism and Intelligent Design, By invoking ‘Spirit of the Blitz’ nostalgia, we do a disservice to what was achieved on the home front. Driven by the Discovery Institute, Creationism and Intelligent Design have been gaining ground in Brazil, and finding support in government. bad-guys, funny, podcasts, humor, podcasters, Tags: This image of fairies dancing in a ring comes dates from around 1600 and was in its original form a woodcut, before appearing in an issue of The Strand magazine in 1892. Robert is joined by Jamie Loftus to discuss Hitler's Priestess, Savitri Devi. death, podcasting, hangmans-noose, hangman, robert-evans. Digital pregnancy tests might look like another example of expensive e-waste, but we should look more carefully about their use and accessibility before we rush to condemn. The answer to that question goes back centuries, to the earliest days of this nation. red, typography, cyrillic, soviet, tpihd. Don't worry about it. I'm Robert Evans, and if you're reading this you're probably a fan of my podcast, Behind the Bastards. pet, i-love-dog, love-dogs, dog-lover, puppy, Tags: This twice-weekly podcast, running since 2018, looks at some of the worst people in history. I first noticed Robert’s … Tags: Behind the Bastards, with Robert Evans Mark Horne - 25th September 2020 0 This twice-weekly podcast, running since 2018, looks at some of the worst people in history. Brazil's rectal ozone therapy may sound ridiculous, but the reach of the pseudoscience movement is no joke, Ann Reardon's uber-successful cookery YouTube channel smuggles in good, solid skepticism among the Spongebob Squarepants cakes, We shouldn't be overly worried by the data showing that coronavirus antibodies wane after infection, explains immunologist Professor Sheena Cruickshank, Endometriosis affects one in ten women – yet patients continue to face an uphill battle for diagnosis and treatment, Dealing with human remains teaches us we don't have to share somebody's belief to respect them - as long as those beliefs aren't causing harm, While much has been written about those accused of witchcraft in Salem, a modern understanding of psychology can shed light on the reports of their alleged 'victims'.

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