However, if it spots the player, it will flee and disappear after a few seconds.

As a consequence, carp are considered symbols of success and transformation in Japanese culture. So this wiki is incomplete? There are five at that first area. So does this mean minimum 1.5 playthroughs to get dragon dancer mask? Try swimming behind them then dashing in for the killing blow. There's enough scales in one play through to buy everything. Just be on the lookout for places you can jump into rivers etc. There's actually 2 in the water at the bamboo thicket shrine. The list now correctly shows 42 scales again. The fight is the same as the chained ogres, So glad I checked this page before NG+, "5x found by giving the Mibu Village priest Water of the Palace, then reloading the area to find him transformed into an enemy which will drop the scales upon being killed." There is one near the silver armour guy with the spear. is exactly what I am missing for the mask.

I believe the 5x scales from the village priest is written twice, once in the Ashina Depths section and another in Sunken Valley, these two are referring to the same thing, right?

Ps4 vs PC - is it very significant difference ? Can't kill them. 2x found underwater in the same lake. Contributions to Fextralife Wikis are licensed under a, 2x found swimming to the right side of the bridge, near the. The reason you’re collecting the scales in the first place are the Dancing Dragon mask fragments.You can buy these from the two Pot Noble merchants – one is near the Estate Path idol in Hirata Estate, the other by the Near Pot Noble idol in Fountainhead Palace. Four are looted from large carp swimming to the right side of the long bridge, around the vendor in the pot.

One attacks you. it'll make sense. the underwater ones at fountainhead palace seem to be impossible to hit. There's 3, maybe more, in the left-farthest most corner in Fountainhead Palace - Mibu Manor. There are some underwater? Currency for items sold by Pot Noble Harunaga and Pot Noble Koremori. What the hell is going on with edits on this page. Guys you can hit the deep ones while locked on with a thrust attack (hold the attack button) when they're at their highest point, probably less risk of spooking them. I bought out the first vendor in the Hirata Estate before I even reached Fountainhead though. The reason I know one is missing is that after purchasing everything from Pot Nobles (1+1+2+5+7+1+6+6+12 = 41) I have TWO extra scales remaining, not one. Hey guys, I figured out how to hit the deep ones. Travel to the Flower Viewing Stage, then enter the Mibu House, and kill the 2 or 3 old okami there. For this reason, collecting them could be worthwhile. Give the Village Priest the water to drink. Diving is required (only spawns once. Treasure carp scales bugged? You must come back after killing the spectral corrupted monk past mibu village and you'll learn how to dive and breathe underwater giving you a total of 7 in the estate. Killed the other 2 and one on another location. Treasure Carp Scale is a Key Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. How do I get across that broken bridge to the temple in Ashira? Furthermore the total of 42 scales doesn't even add up anymore, and that was the correct total attainable in one playthrough. Same problem here. Red Eyed Carp are considered incomplete creatures that lack the ideal number of scales, but their eyes are everlasting. You can get more from the great colored carp by feeding it normal precious bait and then talking to the feeder next to the feeding spot. He'll be lying there with the scales you would've gotten for feeding the great colored carp just the regular bait (or close to it; I got 3 scales). But there are some who exalt a certain "master", who consider these scales among the most precious things in the world. Or maybe the Toxic Mob guy restocks another, third Scale at some point later in the game? Does anyone know if the scales transfer to new game plus? Note that the underwater carp near the Pot Noble at Hirata Estate can be killed with normal sword attacks as long as you can get right on top of them while z-targeted. 7x found in the area's main body of water. However, it will respawn within about 10 seconds, and in the same spot every time. If you've already fed the great colored carp the truly precious bait before you fed him the normal bait: go to the Guardian Ape's Watering Hole idol, collect the whiskers from the dead carp, go to the Feeding Grounds idol, give the whiskers to the big noble guy, teleport to another idol, then come back. #5.

Note: they may not respawn if the player is in the exact spot they spawn, so try moving over a bit if it doesn't spawn.

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