The right half of his face was left heavily scarred after the events in Kusagakure, resembling wrinkles, while the destroyed right half of his torso and his right arm have been replaced by White Zetsu matter, which have a much lighter colour than his body. Tobi surviving Konan's attack after using Izanagi. Tobi was indeed accepted into Akatsuki as Sasori's replacement, partnered with Deidara. [2] Despite its name, there are actually seven of these techniques that grant the user powerful and near god-like abilities: Nagato, who was crippled early in his lifetime, utilised the Outer Path to create the Six Paths of Pain: six reanimated corpses that he controlled as additional bodies through the use of black receivers. [21] Obito's manipulation of the Mizukage was eventually discovered by Ao and he was forced to abandon it. [14] All the while, Madara would tell Obito about the harsh realities of the world and his plan to save it, which the young Uchiha disregarded. In actuality, Obito was rescued by White Zetsu under orders from an elderly Madara. Tobi leads the Six Paths towards Killer B and Naruto. [45] Once he does, Obito becomes stronger than the original Ten-Tails because he is able to focus its immeasurable power, leaving so-called God of Shinobi unable to compete with him. As he is leaving the Mountains' Graveyard, Tobi is confronted by Kabuto Yakushi who requests to ally with Tobi in the coming war. Cursing him, Tobi gets a new arm and makes plans to retrieve Nagato's Rinnegan to prepare for war.

Some of the Six Paths Techniques are very chakra-taxing, and in order to use them Nagato must either bring the respective body closer to his position[5] or alternatively cut off control of the other five Paths and focus all of his chakra into the one. When not in competition with Kakashi, Obito would famously perform random good deeds around Konoha, especially for the elderly, which in turn made him notoriously late. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Tobi continued to keep tabs on Sasuke as he moved into confrontation with Itachi. It took Naruto stabbing himself with one of Nagato's black receivers to create a direct connection to track him with his Sage Mode sensing. Obito and Madara take position atop the Ten-Tails' head and attach themselves to it so they can control its actions. When a group of Konoha ninja were about to interfere with Sasuke and Itachi's fight, Tobi intercepted them, keeping them busy until Zetsu reported Sasuke's victory. In some games, such as Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, the Tobi personality appears as his Awakening Mode. During the Uchiha Massacre, he grew out his hair resembling Madara's, and wore traditional blue Uchiha robes. [8] He enrolled in the Academy to help him achieve that goal, where he developed a one-sided rivalry with Kakashi Hatake, whose natural talent and popularity he was jealous of. He became more calm and focused, no longer caring about his village, his friends, or even his name, all of them being worthless parts of a miserable world that had forced Rin to die at the hands of a person she loved.

[44] His skin turns white, ten protrusions emerge from his back – five near his shoulders and five near his hips – as well as a black assortment of ten magatama markings appearing on his back; one large one, with a black Rinnegan-like pattern within it, and nine smaller ones arranged in rows of three below it. This is usually mitigated by Nagato's frequent changing of his chakra signature. While Obito was almost able to sway Nagato, the Akatsuki leader, Yahiko, declined; Obito claims he eventually agreed without informing Akatsuki's other members. Giving it up as a lost cause, Tobi ends the Limited Tsukuyomi, letting Naruto and Sakura return to the original world. Danzō activates the Reverse Four Symbols Sealing in an attempt to take Tobi and Sasuke with him, but they are able to get out of range in time. Tobi vows to remind the world of "Madara Uchiha's" power. [27] He also met Danzō around this time, for unknown reasons. Eager for Rin's attention, Obito trained relentlessly, eventually rising to the rank of chūnin himself. When Obito noticed that Kakashi was about to be hit by a falling boulder, Obito pushed him out of the way and became trapped in his place. The chakra signatures of those he sends to the other dimension cannot be sensed from outside of it. Naruto Jinraiden: The Day the Wolf Howled. [65], With the White Zetsu matter used as his replacement limbs, Obito could perform Wood Release, a combination of earth and water-based chakra. B levels the area in an attempt to force Tobi away while he seals the six jinchūriki, which Tobi counters by having the jinchūriki enter Version 2 forms. With no other option he tosses the Benihisago and the Kohaku no Jōhei into the Demonic Statue's mouth which, in addition to the Eight-Tails' tentacle from the fake Killer B, completes the set of the nine tailed beasts, initiating the Ten-Tails' revival. Twelve years before the start of the series, Obito visited Rin's grave in Konoha. Each of the Paths has its own importance in a fight – the Naraka Path's ability to restore all the other Paths making it the most valuable – and therefore, Nagato will sacrifice other Paths to protect those further up the hierarchy. After finally graduating some years later, Obito, Rin, and Kakashi were placed on a team under the leadership of Minato Namikaze. When multiple bodies are controlled together the user is able to see through all of their eyes, thus registering six separate fields of vision at the same time. While they are speaking, Zetsu reports that Danzō is to be the next Hokage and that he will be attending the Kage Summit in the Land of Iron. In truth, Obito was saved from death and trained by Madara Uchiha, but the events of the war left Obito disillusioned with reality, and he inherited Madara's plan to create an ideal world. He then forces the Four-Tails and Six-Tails to fully transform in an attempt to stack the odds in his favour. [19] While Nagato became the Akatsuki leader and recruited powerful missing-nin for their cause, Obito took on the alias of "Tobi", and changed his personality around members to conceal his identity. Because the two aspects of the technique are connected he can't use both at the same time; if he wants to teleport he can't be intangible, leaving him open to attack, and if he wants to be intangible he can't teleport, preventing him from escaping so long as he remains on the defensive. Tobi collects Danzō's body and suggests that Sasuke take some time to rest. Obito's body begins to crumble and there is nothing anyone can do to save him. Zetsu questioned Akatsuki's recent actions, specifically the loss of five members, but Tobi insisted it had all been worth it to gain Sasuke's loyalty. There he finds Naruto's shadow clone waiting for him, having been sent there by Kakashi's Kamui.

Guruguru directed Obito to Rin and Kakashi's location, along the way informing him of Minato's absence. When preparations are complete the thousands of Zetsu and many of Kabuto's reincarnated ninja mobilise, initiating the Fourth Shinobi World War. With Naruto, however, he saw the person he once was: dreams of being Hokage and dedication to his friends. Obito replies that he never trusted Madara would keep his word and that he now follows his own version of the Eye of the Moon Plan. The context is, by gaining control of the ten tails, Obito gained sage of six paths chakra and is now similar/comparable to Hagoromo. Tobi, unconvinced, fell asleep during Deidara's argument. [20] During this time Obito discovered the circumstances of Rin's death: that Kiri had sealed the Three-Tails into her to make her a timebomb that would destroy Konoha.

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