Brian Canavan; Topside filming; National Geographic. Photograph from Kelly Burns showing SVS Grenvilleanchored off Tristan on Monday 16th January, with a pontoon going alongside.

Tristan da Cunha really is one of the key global hotspots of life—there is a most wonderful sense of the power of nature in this perfectly balanced ecosystem. I couldn’t help but notice that when the tags came out on deck, the albatrosses seemed to give them a highly suspicious glance. Jonathon was also a member of the Pristine Seas Expedition where he worked alongside members of the Tristan da Cunha Conservation and Fisheries Departments led by Trevor and James Glass, the latter present this evening.
The SVS Grenville is the National Geographic expedition ship for the 'Pristine Seas' project. It may be that the very fact of Tristan being the most remote inhabited island in the world is what provides the protection these mothers and their young need from the fishing fleets which they are so vulnerable to. Pelagic camera rigs and the remote shallow water video systems are next in line. The Administrator and Chief islander showed their gratitude to the teams effort and presented them with a few island gifts. Unfortunately these incredible travellers are at great risk from modern fishing practices.

Check out our articles about surfing in Tristan Da Cunha including reviews of holidays ... Want to surf in Tristan Da Cunha? Mike Fay; Terrestrial science; National Geographic. While we happily celebrated our arrival into new waters by fine-tuning our Gough work plan, the ship’s engine unhappily celebrated by stopping dead. First thing, Paul Rose explained to the children what the project was all about and showed some of the amazing footage they had taken underwater and above water on Tristan, Inaccessible, Nightingale and Gough Island. The seal team has all of their gear along the starboard side—catch nets, backpacks, tagging gear, buckets, boots; it’s great stuff and looks as if it’s had an adventurous life on wild beaches. Alan Turchik; Deepwater drop cameras; National Geographic. The Tristan Government is very excited about this new partnership, and if you would like to hear more as the work unfolds, the Tristan Website will have a dedicated page on the expedition as it takes place. This naïveté to potential threats is the Achilles heel of these huge seabirds, as they simply don’t recognize land-based danger. Lobster fishing is the main income source here and the islanders’ management of this resource is an example that the whole world can learn from.

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