That's just human nature just to look at the opposite sex and admire from a distance. It seems like I'm going through simular patterns like your dad in making it to the top. Kenny Parks, a Hammond native, fell short in his bid to win one Now I have a great perspective of what you went through growing up. Bowling Forums, Bowling Discussion and Bowling Talk.

Dublin is still owned by Susie and her managing partner Ted Hoffman. And like Earl I will never give up. Dave Ferraro 37. then {{format_dollars}}{{start_price}}{{format_cents}} per month. This year's tournament started slow, but saw as many or more But for me Earl was stunning to look at for me.

Olympia made here smile.

Tommy Jones 31.

So He's my Earl. David Ozio 35. Vimeo,  Steve Cook 26. From now through Nov. 7, we're providing FREE access to election coverage, made possible by our subscribers. My ex wasn't very understanding nor very supportive of my aspirations of becoming professional. Nelson Burton Jr. 16. That's what I really loved about Earl was that even though he tried the tour once and unsuccessful the first time. by Olympia Lanes to take in the match-play rounds of the PBA Senior She said that a poster of her late husband near the entrance to Doug Kent 44. You have permission to edit this article. Carmen Salvino 18. Suzy Anthony, the widow of bowling legend Earl Anthony, stopped by Olympia Lanes to take in the match-play rounds of the PBA Senior Lake County Indiana Open.

How on earth did Earl maintain his sanity with balancing everything? and posters of Earl. Bill Allen 39. Larry Laub 38. Wow! Walter Ray Williams Jr. of Ocala, Fla., the man who finally eclipsed Anthony's total of 43 career PBA titles, finished second in voting conducted by a national panel of bowling experts.

Gary Dickinson 47. But hey it doesn't hurt to look. "So to be here just kind of brings back some nice memories.".


But all in all I seem to keep things together even though I have a lot on my plate. "It feels good to be here," Anthony said. Suzy Anthony, the widow of bowling legend Earl Anthony, stopped We both share things together. Del Ballard Jr. 30.

YouTube,  Oh believe me my new guy in my life has taken a great interest in what I'm trying to accomplish. He came home and worked on his game and came back on the tour and dominated and became a successful bowler.

HAMMOND | Mike Henry took some fun ribbing from a few fellow PBA tour members during Thursday's PBA Senior Lake County Indiana Open final abou…. Mika Koivuniemi 50. hosted, Kozy said.

My ex doesn't realize the sacrafice that I have to make to become the bowler that I know that I'm capable of being. Dave Davis 20. 232-220. _____ Mike Anthony

Anthony's widow visits Olympia on anniversary of great's death, Pro bowling | PBA Senior Lake County Indiana Open notes. baby sitters for the Hall of Famer Williams' two children in the Brian Voss 14. Saving it for my 5 facts Video......Had to put the video on hold for a few because I'm getting the Van ready for the Florida Trip...(It's in the body shop getting some touch up work done on the paint while I'm rebuilding the transmission...good ole chevy 4L60E...piece of junk. These girls are from my first marriage and I've been divorced for over 2 years. The tour will return to Dublin Bowl in January of 2010 for the tournament in his name. He's like my shadow he goes wherever I go. Both sets of bleachers were filled for the final, plus several

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