If you would like a free quote for Brava Old World synthetic slate roofing costs, cost per square, or if you need the information of a local Brava Roof Tile installer, please contact us today. If you want all the benefits and looks of real stone, but without the shortcomings, consider Polymer Slate, manufactured by Davinci Roofscapes. The look of slate at a fraction of the cost and weight. This product is available in Energy Star qualified cool colors. Majestic Slate is manufactured with post-industrial recycled content to create a lightweight and environmentally responsible alternative to natural slate. Maintenance-free: you will not need to invest much time and money into regular maintenance or repairs. Plastic slate generally cost a little more than steel/aluminum shingles, depending on brand and plastic to wood fillers ratio in the product, and does not cost $7/s.f. 3. You can enjoy the aesthetic and appeal of all-natural slate tiles without all of the expense and hassle by instead going with the composite roof equivalent: polymer slate synthetic roof tiles by DaVinci Roofscapes or Brava Roof Tile. 2. Very few homes are built to withstand such weight. Exceptional durability: specially coated with top quality Kynar 500®/Hylar 5000® coating system. This eliminates the time, additional cost and waste associated with tear-off and removal. Many unique shapes and designs have been seen in slate roofing throughout history. Your email address will not be published. Half the cost: Majestic tiles cost from $390 – $430 per square (material only). They offer the beautiful look and curb appeal of real slate roofing tiles, without all the drawbacks of real slate material. While the exact materials used can vary, many plastic roof tiles are manufactured from a combination of limestone and plastic. When you use the high square cost you comparing 175 -200+ year slate. – Christopher, 7.

Synthetic slate roof tile prices will vary depending on your property and location. Best of luck on your project! This is their customer service number for the product: 800-782-8777 Available in two widths and multiple designer accents, this slate alternative offers endless possibilities for residential and commercial projects. The look of scalloped edges in a hexagonal pattern makes beveled edge tiles a classic. Majestic tiles are proven to protect against the most extreme elements such as rain, hail, snow, fire, extreme temperature change and UV sunlight. Our synthetic slate roofing tiles can be installed in any climate without concern! *Color Disclaimer: The printed colors shown in this website or brochure may vary from actual colors. "Brava composites beat the competition hands down because of the colorization and detail. It’s been on for 3 years and we still get strangers stopping by to ask about our roof! Learn more about why we are truly the industry's best composite roof tile manufacturers. Reviewing Tapco Synthetic Slate Artificial Roof Tile - Pewter Grey (804) (Pack of 25) 27th June. Synthetic slate roofing is also low maintenance.

Easy, cost-effective installation: the process of installing this roof is very similar to wood shingles. It was a completed waste of money. Brava restored my faith! These garbage tiles flap around like mud flaps AND YOU know it. What Are Plastic Roof Tiles Made From?

These shingles are manufactured with heavy gauge G-90 steel, and are double stamped for exceptional beauty and strength. Synthetic Shingles are one of the best synthetic slate roofing options on the market today. Kindly explain, why? Chips or cracks can lead to costly repairs, and finding a color match for replacement slate shingles is next to impossible. Read More. Now in 2019 I need to replace the entire roof after only 12 years and I will not use Tamko again. Compared to real slate, these composite roofs are also lighter in weight, highly durable, and weather resistant, making them a premium, high-quality roofing material.

Specifications for Brava Old World Slate shingles recommend exposure at 10" but this may be adjusted to a lower measurement if desired or if a staggered application is used to achieve a rustic appearance. Which characteristics of DaVinci drive your decision to NOT to select / purchase / use this product: Which are the Top 3 barriers / restraints? DaVinci has been the leader in composite roofing for nearly two decades.

By comparison, total installation cost for a real slate roof starts at $1,650, and can go as high as $3,000 per square. Eco-friendly and sustainable: it is manufactured from 80% post-industrial recycled rubber and plastic. Filter by Region, Client Type, Product Line & Color. They offer the beautiful look and curb appeal of real slate roofing tiles, without all the drawbacks of real slate material. I don’t see any CONS.

Brava composite slate roof costs are going to be comparable to their natural counterpart, but in the long run, you will save money by installing a synthetic roofing product.

DaVinci Slate delivers on that promise with its astonishing versatility. https://www.certainteed.com/resources/SymphonySellSheet.pdf. Absolutely gorgeous! Historically, slate is one of the most appealing roofing choices, combining unmatched durability with natural beauty. Join Our NewsletterFIND A CONTRACTORCAREERSNEWS & EVENTS, F WAVE921 S. BURLESON BLVD.BURLESON, TX 76028, KELSEA DAVIS817-229-0924k.davis@f-wave.com, For the best synthetic slate roofing options look to F Wave. Get a free estimate for synthetic slate roof cost per square now!

Our patented multi-coloring process allows for each tile to have a blend of colors with coloration through the entire tile. Mike, I’ve never heard of Ply Gem … let me look it up, I’ll get back to you on that. If you have a more modest roof size and a structure not designed for the added weight, synthetic slate roofing can be a great option. If you use copper for valleys, drip edge, pipe boots, and flashing, then the cost can go as high as $500 per square. Not sure how old these posts are. Note, this post highlights only some of the features and benefits of each roofing material. Each one is different, offering advantages and disadvantages to be carefully considered. of Insurance Evaluation (RC-135), Manufactured in strict adherence to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management. F Wave’s REVIA™ shingles weigh a fraction of that, making them suitable for almost every structure and much easier to install. Today, CertainTeed offers Matterhorn Metal Roofing Tiles that replicate the look of slate while offering all the perks of metal roofing. Polymer Slate.

They also were able to duplicate the color mixture my wife was looking for to match the stone and stucco of the house. Brava composite tiles can be made in any color. That means a hell of a lot mere material and labor. Residential Architect. The product is manufactured from a state-of-the-art engineered polymer resin, crafted to have rough edges and a natural slate-like texture for a more authentic look.

We cannot find any consumer ratings to compare these products. Begin your roof replacement project by requesting free quotes from local roofing pros. Not only would we recommend Brava…we have and will continue to do so!”, “We very much wanted the look of clay tile, but without the weight, which could not be supported by our roof structure…the Brava tile color process is truly unique: of the 40 squares of tiles we received, literally no two tiles were exactly the same color, and together the blend worked perfectly… customer service at Brava was a tremendous resource…our roofers were very impressed with the quality of the product and the ease of installation…The finished roof is indistinguishable from clay tile, except that it doesn’t break when we walk on it, or through the ice storms of the winter…we’re so pleased with our Brava tile roof!”, “The product is amazing…we quickly realized that its authentic appearance gave us the added curb appeal we were really looking for on our custom homes…I can now provide additional value to my customers and it’s hard to see why we wouldn’t use Brava’s products for all our projects”, “I think the roof looks fantastic!

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