The term Mens rea has not been used anywhere in the entire length and breadth of the IPC but its corresponding terms such as intentionally, knowingly, willfully, maliciously, fraudulently, dishonestly have been employed in the code to represent the mental involvement of the accused in the commission of a crime. Q 67.

Therefore, it is essential to know when actus reus has occurred in order to hold an individual liable for a crime.There are many different variables of a crime that may negate actus reus. For example an act of intentionally killing a human being, which would constitute the offence of murder would attract the highest punishment under law owing to the highest degree of mens rea associated with the same, on the other hand, if a person accidentally hits someone resulting in such person’s death then he would not be liable for any crime in the absence of mens rea on his part. For example, the act of slow poisoning would require a series of acts providing poison in small and measured doses in order to arrive at the desired object. When the conduct of any individual is found to be lacking in respect of the due care or precautions required to be taken when such a person is said to be negligent. The actus reus can be committed by an omission where there exists a duty imposed by law. It is important to note that no act is criminal by itself unless it is accompanied by a mens rea. This includes acts that occur as a result of a spasm or convulsion, any movement made while a person is asleep or unconscious, or activities participated in while an individual is under a hypnotic trance.

Actus reus is the physical component of the crime. ACTUS REUS.

If there is not enough evidence to convince the jury that the defendant is guilty, then the defendant cannot be convicted of a crime. Some degree of knowledge is attributed to every sane person. The human conduct may consist of commission or omission of certain acts. Copyright 2020 Crime Museum, LLC - All Rights Reserved | Privacy Policy |. In addition to acts and omissions, possession of something can be a criminal offense.

Actus reus is one of the first topics that is introduced to law students, as it is fundamental to all other aspects of criminal law. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The concept of "actus reus" is the focus of this chapter. Actus reus is the Latin term used to describe a criminal act. The actus reus includes only voluntary bodily movements, particularly one which society has an interest in preventing. But to some extent knowledge must be attributed to everyone who is sane. There are various different elements of a crime that must be satisfied in order for an individual to be convicted. The jurisprudential concept of negligence differs in civil law and criminal law.

Therefore, crimes of omission may be severely punished. Define how concurrence works with actus reus and mens rea to … By the time the woman was pulled out the baby had died. For example, the act of slow poisoning would require a series of acts providing poison in small and measured doses in order to arrive at the desired object.

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