Of course there is rotation INTO the slice. Your back foot will be roughly parallel to the net and your front foot will be pointing either to the right post or the left post depending on whether you are performing a forehand or backhand slice. Marcelo from Argentina. Š“é Serve-and-volley tactics are more prevalent in doubles – tactically the team will want to assume net positions immediately after the serve Your weight will initially be on your back foot as you begin. Š“é Learn to hit the ball out wide, into the body and down the middle with the same ball toss, Tips for returning a slice serve Thumbs Up Notice how in both scenarios, my hand is fully rotated and my arms are extended? My hands are also inside of where they were at address, further illustrating the inside-out path. The ones that I hit extremely well with tons of bits are the ones that I am totally stretched out on a defensive run. But the rotation stops and the racquet comes out as you describe. The slice shot is a technique used in tennis to create backspin on a ball. In order to be in a position to react quickly, start in a ready position with your racket held in front of you, weight forward on the balls of your feet, knees slightly bent. Greetings. ���� Adobe d �� � #%'%#//33//@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ --@5,5@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@�� ��?

I always like your tips – this one particularly because we can see how you work! Glad I stumbled onto your website from google. If you do that, odds are you won't be able to transition your weight toward your back foot on the backswing, invariably leading to a reverse pivot or some other slice-inducing move.

Hope it…, Hi Niko, I don’t know of a store selling Slinger Bag in Slovenia but follow the link below and you…. The unfortunate reality is that a large majority of players--maybe 90 percent--struggle with a slice. Once you know which side the ball is coming to, start to turn your body towards that side. Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? Hand Action Not only should the back of the gloved hand be flat with the forearm, both hands should reside right above the back shoulder at the top, like you see here. The racket head should also be higher than the oncoming ball. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Leading with the bottom edge of the racket will ensure that you maintain a downward trajectory of swing and will position the racket so that it’s tilted up at a slight angle. <>stream I fixed it. I believe Ken Rosewall developed the backhand slice to perfection. Language problems ……. The continental grip is ideal for slice shots on either the forehand or backhand side. Just delay it a split second but make sure you are hitting a cross court more in front than the down the line. Hi Tomaz, Instead, allow the head to shift back as the body shifts its weight on the backswing. Your positioning will be similar to when hitting a forehand or backhand stroke. Many thanks Tomaz for this MASTERCLASS! Š“é The best servers use the same ball toss for every serve they hit Š“é Vary the serve to keep the opponent guessing – vary the direction, spin and pace. If you like to approach the net a lot, make use of the slice on your approach shots. Open club face. You’re very welcome, Kalani, stay in touch. If you use a traditional closed or neutral stance, pivot your upper body around your back foot. Now get the WORLD’S BEST TENNIS MAGAZINE here, “A fake contest to see who can be the nicest” Patrick Mouratoglou says modern tennis is killing authenticity, “Dominic Thiem hardly seems to blink an eye” Zverev team insider on why switching surface is difficult, New virtual resource for tennis coaches arrives, Opinion exclusive from Patrick Mouratoglou: “When you enter a tournament you must believe you can win it”, 5 ways to avoid the ‘slow start’ statistical hole in every tennis match you play, from the world’s leading tennis strategy expert, Is serve and volley dead? I only add more information when I see that the first bits of information are not taxing the brain that much. Fast, lower-bouncing serves with less kick are more effective.

Ano ang pinakamaliit na kontinente sa mundo? Your video has made it easy for me to establish a very powerful slice immediately. Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. Continue the forward motion in a downward trajectory. My hope is that through the use of this site and some practice and dedication, you will develop a love for the game that will carry with you for the rest of your life. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Š“é Swing the racket to the point of impact at an angle to the side, meeting the ball a little further to the left than on the basic serve Š“é Move the racket upwards across the ball and follow the path of the ball with the upper body Adjust your grip with your non-hitting hand just before you initiate the shot. ITF Advanced Coaches Manual. I will look at the ball now than the court or net .

Likewise, the outside of your front foot should face the net.

While she still turns her body slightly, she is getting the feel for this drill and in combination with the next two drills she can feel the right way to generate power without turning her body. This combined with the high-to-low trajectory of the swing will help generate the backward spin you are looking for when performing the stroke. Ano ang Imahinasyong guhit na naghahati sa daigdig sa magkaibang araw? It’s unlikely you’ll be able to use topspin in this instance. Her slice is fairly consistent, but it floats a little bit too much. Thanks for pointing this out, kh. a type of serve that has bounce and spin. How many times have you been told the reasons why you slice, without being told what you actually need to do to stop slicing? Now, since we want to do the opposite of Mr. Hogan and try and draw the ball, it's critical that the left wrist (right wrist for southpaws) remain flat in order to avoid rotating the clubface too far open at the top of the backswing. . 2. 7 0 obj When we compare her slice technique with my backhand slice, you can see much more clearly the differences – namely the direction of the shoulder axis and the head orientation. The tricky part when it comes to the backhand slice is that we often play it in defensive situations and are therefore anxious to get out of them as soon as possible.

It comes from the french word for egg. It is also a great shot to use when receiving a fast serve to the backhand side as the stroke utilizes a shorter backswing than the drive. Yes, pro players very quickly turn their shoulders after hitting the ball, and that may deceive us into thinking that we need to rotate through contact. As you initiate the swing your weight should shift to your front foot. Just be sure to hit them deep. I still like your exercises and ideas. Next, I drop the ball slightly closer to her and ask her to hit to the side fence behind her. Š“é Land on the right foot – or on the left for a left-handed player, Tips for using the slice serve on grass This means lowering your back (my right) shoulder so that your shoulders slope downward away from the target. So you may be pulling away from contact too early as you are turning towards the cross court direction. Not so according to the world’s leading tennis strategy expert. The address position should reflect an even weight distribution in every direction. ��r�#k�e{R1�*�6�J^�7%))�� Slice the ball deep into your opponent’s side of the court, and move in for the attack at the net. Thea needs to hit backhand slices and continue walking. Conversely, if the shoulders point to the right of the target, you're likely to either force the upper body to over-rotate or even swing too much from the inside. Appreciate the detail and teaching skill. Thomaz, Really impressed with all your videos and teaching methods.

Your shoulder should guide you. Tilt Away Before You Start Once you've established an evenly weighted stance, the next ingredient for slice busting is to tilt the shoulders away from the target. Tomaz Mencinger is a professional tennis coach currently living in Slovenia and offering private lessons to passionate players of all levels. As you guide the racket back, hold the throat of the racket with your non-hitting hand. It’s the laws of physics. She may be anxious to see what happens with her stroke and therefore turns her head quickly, which in turn also pulls her shoulders. When I found the video above and practiced it, I realized I never really had the correct technique in the first place. %PDF-1.7 ... comes from the French word for "egg" Net. I also like to say with balance I feel more stability going from leaning forward on the front foot then backwards on the back foot when getting ready for the trophy pose. Looking up at your opponent too soon will likely cause you to mishit the ball. Get the course at Feel Tennis, Learn how to hit forehands with effortless power, Transform your two-handed backhand from powerless to powerful, Transform a weak one-handed backhand into a solid stroke. This open club face will give you contact that isn’t square and often feels like a “side swipe.” Here’s an article that may help you in case of framing shots: https://www.feeltennis.net/why-your-strokes-lack-power/. I’m very happy I’ve found you. It is in the middle of the court and the ball must be hit over it. The high-to-low motion of swing should feel like you are sliding the racket towards the ball. This is another reason you don’t want to grip the frame too tightly. Thank you so much. For example, think of an infielder ready to catch a line drive. In tennis, a slice shot is the opposite of a topspin shot. Your weight will also be on your back foot to initiate the stroke. If the head leads too much, the body will follow and the hands will have no chance of catching up! This drill exaggerates the feeling of hitting a backhand slice. The result? I was also opening up my shoulders. If the ball is so good (and it is now), then technique cannot be incorrect. Extend Your Arms Sometimes, putting an end to the banana ball requires a simple swing thought that will inevitably control the entire swing. Please log in again. Another thing that guides me is the ball. Research has shown that most slice strokes follow a 15- to 30-degree downward (high to low) path, again with only small amounts of opening of the racquet face. If your opponent is up at the net or initiating a move up to the net, avoid the shot.

players are bringing the racquet up above the shoulder. “On grass you use the slice serve much more than you use the kick, whereas on clay you are not going to try to kick the ball up high or it is going to be carried out of the court.”.

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