The United States has many decisions and events relating to its historical path. ”God bless the USA, so large, so friendly, and so rich.”.

Sindh and Panjab are interesting early game grabs, with fairly rich and populous states, yet without a GP protecting them. and after that in 1862 the 2nd french intervention in Mexico and the war against the 2nd Mexican empire which was a puppet of France Sphering Colombia and building the Panama canal as a sensible choice. Historical Flavour Mod is a mod based on the well known HPM mod. or the Ayutla Revolution of 1854, the first French intervention in Mexico or the "pastry war" of 1838 The 19th century was a time in which the United States rose to become the dominant power in the Americas. To the southwest, Texas will apply for statehood if it wins its war of independence and has a good relationship with the US, and further west great swathes of Mexican territory will receive American cores with the Manifest Destiny decision. Formable nations: Arabia • Byzantium • Czechoslovakia • Germany • Gran Colombia • India • Italy • Poland • Poland-Lithuania • Romania • Scandinavia • United Baltic Nations • Yugoslavia, Extract "HFM" Folder & "HFM.mod" into "Steam\steamapps\steamapps\common\Victoria 2\mod" Activate HFM in your Victoria 2 Launcher; DO NOT ACTIVATE HPM, HFM IS MEANT TO BE RUN AS STANDALONE; About # Historical Flavour Mod Resources. the autor can add several things to Mexico, like the period known as "Porfiriato" which starts in 1877 and ends in 1911 Both should readily accept and provide a very helpful second front in the upcoming wars against Mexico. I just started playing Victoria 2 after getting the two DLC and I'm trying to learn the USA, How do I go about playing it, and are their any good … Press J to jump to the feed.

USA is by far the nation, which will attract the most immigrants. It has Yankee as a primary culture and Dixie and Texan as accepted cultures.

It is thus in the US' best interest to colonize everything it can. Then build up your industry etc.

The United States' first priority is to make full use of its capacity for territorial expansion. The fact that Panjab can be gobbled up in one go makes this option all the more tempting. Most are centered around the Civil War, as this was the focus of the expansion A House Divided. Furthermore Afro American, Cherokee, Dakota and Native American Minor can be added as accepted cultures with events or decisions.

This article is considered accurate for the current version of the game. The United States of America or USA is initially the only great power outside of Europe and controls a large portion of North America. The player has to go on defeating small 10-regiments strong Chinese armies to gain warscore and wait for China to beg for peace, which happens pretty fast. Try to stop the gained regions from later joining the CSA by banning slavery there. Use your national foci to promote employment of craftsmen and clerks.

Abroad America began to establish its own empire, obtaining concessions in China and Panama, forcing open trade with Japan, annexing Hawaii and most of the Spanish colonies, and rapidly laying claim to uninhabited Pacific islands. Go to war with Mexico when you are ready take your cores, maybe take some extra territory from Mexico. Mexico is weak and the territory is valuable, so a war with Mexico to obtain these core provinces is logical. Expanding into Mexico is no great military challenge, nor is annexing other countries in the western hemisphere, but the infamy is an everpresent limitation. Honestly a USA game is quite boring unless you try to conquer Canada or something which I don't recommend for a beginner.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Contributors 6. The Civil War seems like an almost inevitable occurrence and players should prepare accordingly. I would disagree on that. Historical Flavour Mod is a mod based on the well known HPM mod. If a GP is friendly to a country and someone attacks it, the GP in question may choose to join the war in that country's defense, and the AI will often do. Then add them to sphere, country and click MANIFEST DESTINY B***! States can be taken from China with one well-composed army of roughly 25 regiments(Infantry/guards supported by artillery, cavalry, and engineers) and some second or third tier army techs researched.

Make industry.Always keep force limit, build commerce raiders and iron clads, then switch to monitor->battleship.It's not much you can do, the country will play itself if you let liberals win.At start just focus all attention on texas, became friendly with them, defend against mexico. Colonization provides an almost free way to expand American territory, and means that fewer wars will be required to obtain all of America's Manifest Destiny cores. And the Mexican Revolution of 1910.

HFM Offers opportunities for a flavour-rich alt-history while still retaining the historical core of the mod. It also compiles and expands upon several disparate submods of HPM (notably the France and East India Company minimods). No packages published . No but seriously. Once Texas begins to lose, US can come to its aid as Texas has a "Friendly" opinion of America. This is your chance. Wow Cheers for that and didnt expect reply that fast.. Packages 0. The US should be able to obtain more than enough funds by cutting down on the army and navy, and potentially raising tariffs. You should read the wiki guide if you haven't already. Using interventionism to build up infrastructure and to subsidize burgeoning industry can make development quicker, while laissez-faire will allow the economy to grow well once it has reached critical mass. Then just sphere columbia and the rest in south america.

Your comment will be anonymous unless you join the community. Unfortunately, the Texan military is much smaller than the Mexican army. We use cookies to enable you to log in, set your site preferences, analyse site traffic, personalise content and provide relevant advertising.Find out more and change your settings in our privacy policy. The American political parties offer a choice between interventionism and laissez-faire as economic policy. The various slavery-related events almost unavoidably lead to A House Divided, which releases the Confederate States of America and starts the civil war. After that, the Civil War should fire around 1860s at which point you're free to play around with industry and what not. If you have an interventionist party in power, you can subsidize factories that are going under. America is in the enviable position of controlling a broad range of resources, and having the option of obtaining many more. This are just a few tips, hope it helps. If the Ostend Manifesto decision was enacted before the Civil War, Cuba will be an American core, and can be wrestled from Spain. Under the guise of Manifest Destiny, the idea that the American people were destined to "conquer the west", the young nation expanded greatly. Victoria II > Guides > Prince Nicky La Flama Blanca's Guides This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. Encourage bureaucrats in continental homeland colonies(if they have some primaray/accpeted culture folks in them already, otherwise it's of no use) to turn them into states to free up colonial points. murica fu** yea! Try to influence Colombia so you can later build the panama canal. In the northwest border conflicts with British-held Canada were settled peacefully, with the border line being drawn at the 49th parallel. Many countries start the game with a positive view of the United States and are willing to form an alliance with it; the primary exception being the UK. The Hamburg Flavour events can now happen for whoever owns Hamburg itself, added event picture for the Sinking of the Austria event, Added an event 'Brussels Peace Conference' - By Belsima on github, Changed the requirements for the Trans-Siberian Railway to allow the AI to get it more consistently, Reduced War Reparations tax hit to 20% (Was 25%), 'Warship Commissions' - Now gives an unciv country the Imported Warship reform when the commissioned ship arrives, Increased the default production of Coal & Sulphur, 'The Treaty of Tientsin' - Now turns Qing to protestant, will now add a Missionaries modifier, this can be undone by Westernizing or the Boxer Rebellion, The Chinese substates now start as Autonomous Dependencies, now will use different flags when they're independent from the Qing, Changed Manchuria name and flag when its a vassal of Qing, Added an event for the ascension of Emperor Puyi, Commodore Perry's Expedition now also removes isolation from the Japanese Substates, Adjusted some Plurality modifiers & research progress for Egypt, The Anglo-Persian Oil Company now provides more benefits to Persia, costs more for the UK, Fixed some issues with the UDI of Egyptian Indepedence decision, Wallachia & Moldavia now start as Autonmous dependencies of the Ottoman Empire, they will now use different flags if they become independent, Added event 'The Convention of Balta Liman' if Wallachia loses the Wallachian Revolution, Bosnia will now use a different flag if it is an independent monarchy, it'll use the old one if it's an autonomous dependency, Added War name localization for the Boer War.

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