His power is to mimic powers and change his appearance. Thanks, TheSullenSiren! She can even draw on deaths energy, and that is how she is strengthened by death. maybe try something a bit more subtle, but not TOO subtle.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. . 300 Dark Elf Names for Your Fantasy World. Then, build a backstory for the villain so they feel like a well-rounded character. 34. When Thana was born, Her family was surprised that she didn't look like anybody from anyone that had ever been in the family. A lot of writers and creators often overlook the origin story of their primary villain. Pretty sweet, huh? Heroes are great to look up to, but when you want to play games like cops and robbers, it is always more fun to be a bad guy. 4. Giving your villain an interesting backstory will help your readers stay interested. Zeus: Like most Greek gods, Zeus was not always a good guy. She will become her first friend, but will Thana go good? How about D-stroy as a name?

Mystic Huntress: This sounds like it could be the name of a good or bad witch. I love the idea of Ak'zaar! What about Bloody Mercy as an anti-hero?

All you have to do is put your location or area of the country in front of the word, “Ripper,” and you have a fairly good villain name. Still, there is something fun about thinking of villain names. 60. 75.

Broken Pixie: Watch out for this woman. 30. Troubadour: This is such a cool name.

64. The hotlegs kills by using her leg to touch you then you lit up like a candle, you be on flames then die. Starting a new life, with vague memories of your old one, in the Glade doesn't make any of it easier. Make sure to check them out, they're a FANTASTIC ARTIST! She becomes one of the most skilled assassins.

Some kids can relate to that.

So i went on the site and it really helped me come up with not just 1 name, but so many villains!!

Do you have any names for girls who murder people violently with lots of blood and flesh. Your look: If you’ve already established a costume or costume concept, then you’ll want to choose a name that goes with it, of course.

But if a note is slipped in through their mail flap they receive it and are officially creeped out. What's your Star Wars name Jedi Master Fett - noice, Megara the Magical Mermaid<

For like all villains, death didn't scare her. 40. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser.

Straight Jacket Killer: That would be a difficult task to accomplish. 68. Demolition: Because he can crush cities and towns in a single blow.

We appreciate hearing your supportive comments! Otherwise someone could easily identify her DNA print and track her down. Don (author) from Tennessee on January 11, 2020: Scourge would make a great name for a bad guy (or girl).

Kust came up with it on the spot lol. The figure.

Is it a good backstory? My villain is my protagonist, the hero's the antagonist.

Im writing my own comic, I can help you come up with names for yours.

Misery: With a name like this, the villain’s theme song could be Paramore’s I appreciate any suggestions.

The pieces slowly begin to fall in place; one by one, they fit perfectly in the puzzle you like to call life. She goes on an insane murder streak, and ends up fighting my hero. What planet does she come from? The name of a bad guy (or girl) may not say everything about them, but it definitely adds to the "cool factor" if you come up with a good one for them. Have an appropriate name that meshes with the time period of your story. 54. Jul 5, 2020 - Explore Peyton place's board "Villain names" on Pinterest. Don (author) from Tennessee on February 19, 2020: the clown girl from your nightmares on February 19, 2020: i wish there was more... clown names here. I thank you again for doing this! Plan a magical Unicorn Birthday Party with Abbey Gate Designs. 47. You have entered an incorrect email address! She is a hero with a dangerous evilside, and the first to show Thana kindness since the day her parents were murdered.

These super villain names are AWESOME! In that moment, everything becomes clear.

11. I feel like this villain would be designed primarily for children’s books. 73. That actually sounds cool... nobody really knows how she does the things she does. 10. ------------- Logicality = Logic X Morality - Logan X Patton Demus = Deceit X Dark Creativity - Deceit X Remus Remile = Sleep X Picani - Remy X Emile Picani Prinxiety = Anxiety X Prince/Light Creativity - Virgil X Roman.

Panama Red: Through a place name and a color together, and it will sound like a villain’s name.

Logicality, Demus, Remile, and Prinxiety, will be the majority of these fics! One question though.

Hey, deathstroke. 52. 23. In every story or movie script I work on, I almost always focus on the villain first.

A Abbess Ablaze Ace Acid Adamant Aegis Airspeed Alaczar (Spanish: Fortress) AlleyCat Animus Anti-Matter Man Aqualung (guy with frog powers) Arc ArchAngel Argus Armadillo Arsenal Asmodeus Astra Atomaestro Avion Axe (a brick with an axe) B BackFlash While playing games also, it’s not easy to find out villain names. What if instead of a typewriter letter, it's a handwritten letter written in what looks like red ink, and has no name as to who sent it. 44. We all are aware of superheroes, their powers, and their super cool names. You can tell that a lot of thought went into creating how the villain looks, but because of the nature of such games, there is almost no time for their backstory. i think heroes are less cool than villains. Hail: Thunder, hail and lightening would be great names for a trio of villains. 64. Do you like it? 101 Big Villain ideas. His/her catchphrase could be: Don't test me, or tomorrow is Doomsday. - Jokes, memes, and headcanons about PJO and relatable fandoms stuff! 47. Why did they decided to be evil?Are they seeking revenge?

5. 1. 15.

Just so people aren't confused or think you're copying Thanos's story. Zyrian: This name sounds pretty awesome. To create a credible villain in your fiction, start by brainstorming ideas for the villain. It made her feel alive. This name generator will give you 10 names fit for villains. ... Give the villain a distinct name. @deadcool_xd: 'the cold truth" is an awesome hero/villain name. Lady Voldemort: You have heard of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, but what about She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named? Currently you have JavaScript disabled.

75. So could Darkfire be good villain name? 63. Enjoy! So his name is maze to honor the reason he (or she) kills, Hey, Mister Wrath... maybe a name u could use could be. posted by demon_wolf.

You can use "known as names" in other countries as literal translations from a particular language for villains that are monsters, if you wish. The Wicked Witch of the West: Any variations on this popular villain name will work well.

But the most important is named Crimson.

Anyone got an idea for a time traveler... jaw ripper,hit and run,clockwork,soul stealer. looked through your lists and i now need help choosing.either: static, I know there gonna cause the end of the world (blow up earth) and that there an assassin, I know that there not going to be the main villain but there gonna play a big part (blowing up the earth), Savatar sounds like sabotage and the movie avatar. Hades: As the lord of the underworld, Hades is a Greek god who would always make for a great villain. Maverick: Mavericks are normally good guys, but who cares? Villains are mysterious, interesting, and, of course, evil.

Gambit: This villain name sounds so cool. How many ideas can I generate with this random Villain Name Generator?

Love this scary baby girl name. 44. I love that! She hated the families and pranked people until she was reassigned a family. Adversaries that are human and have human names are common in stories, but thought still needs to go into choosing a good first and last name. Maybe Thanas home planet could be called Ak'zaar... (I can't believe that came to mind, I'm usually not creative. , for your 'the figure' villain, how about his mother tried her hardest to raise him properly, while the father kept trying to turn him into a thief? The name of your bad girl (or guy) is a part of that origin. Just plain Crazy? 51. Is "Clockwork Orange" cool enough of a name for your villain? Happy playing!eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'classywish_com-box-4','ezslot_2',110,'0','0'])); Your email address will not be published. Still writing though. Axis: Do you remember when former President Bush talked about the “Axis of Evil”? Find images and videos about funny, one direction and text on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love. Devil’s Playmate: This sounds awesome. However, some combinations may form a name of an existing super villain, so make sure you Google the name if you're not sure and you plan to use the name for a commercial project.

Enchantress: This is always a fun name for a villain. You could name the person with ice powers absolute zero. Fiery Fate- Female villain, who can see into the future using a mystical flame allowing her to also figure out what crimes she commits will succeed or fail. Start off by deciding on what kind of story you want to tell and what roll your villain will play in it. What do you think? Thanas heart had been corrupted, she needs to get even with these humans. what is your villain name?

The deaths of her parents left her sad and depressed, for she never knew how they died.

And i pick Ripper as my supervillain name my superhero is KID-X and imo 7 years old but my superhero is a 14. manoli ravioli, that sounds a bit too edgelord-ish. No, they wrapped themselves in death like suits of armor! Icarus: He was not actually a villain in Green mythology, but Icarus certainly flew too close to the sun! The Villain Name Generator can generate thousands of ideas for your project, so feel free to keep clicking and at the end use the handy copy feature to export your villain names to a text editor of your choice. 25. It doesn't really matter if the person is good, evil, or something in between—your readers will relate with them more if they know why they do what they do.

God of Mischief: In addition to being one of the top cool villain names, this There are many names of female demons, witches, creatures and goddesses in world mythology that can make stunning and unique baby girl names. 74. 16. Dark Charms: Watch out for a woman who has a name like this! Tremor: This name makes sense because it describes exactly how people react when they stand before your villain. Only thing: She would have to wear gloves. We have divided the list into 75 female and 75 male names, so pick your favorites and have some fun! 24.

Superstition: I hope you aren’t superstitious about naming your character this! 67. They are deceptive and extremely dangerous. Find images and videos about funny, text and lol on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love. Ice- cold heart, this girl kills people by freezing the heart.

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