shaggin, I'm not absolutely sure but I think that the reason why the vulture sat down on the roof could be that it has an injured eye, at least it looks a bit like that. My husband has a lot of serious medical issues going on, could be bad, we are waiting on tests results from the neurologist right now.

They were VERY friendly and I wasnt afraid either. A segment of the tape dated Dec. 25, 1997, shows a few vultures on a snow-covered roof next to Christmas decorations. 0 1 2. Creepy? While I was waiting, I saw a huge bird circling over me. Thoughts? as I was walking away she said sir, I’d like to give you something, it’s just a little something to protect you it’s not voodoo or anything evil, she said grinning it’s just a few stones..she pulled small bag out of her purse opened the drawstring said can I say a small blessing.? You are being told you have the stenght, and wisdom for these changes, your being blessed and guided, others will be blessed and guided and lead to peace by you as well .

Is this just them finding a place to roost or could they be here for a spiritual reason? Does it mean there is something dead around somewhere?

we see orange colored huge feathered vulture In the sky. I have seen them on top of my house and in my backyard about 10 or 15 at on time. I saw at least 10 or more vultures along the road ravaging a dead deer along the road.

This morning as I was driving on a road that is behind my parents house (a short cut) I could see them up ahead. A few days ago I saw a whole flock of black vultures. The home house is a mile walk into the property and as we approached the property a vulture flew out the window but returned a few minutes later with a second vulture an perched in the tree outside the front entrance watching us as we were heading back to the front entrance. The vultures ripped the tape and popped the balloons. Yes! Hoping not to startle it so that my mom could enjoy it, i drove very slowly around it. The bunch of Black Vultures are kind of in the waiting room, if you see a flock circling. We tried several times scaring it away, but it wouldn’t move. We dont see vultures in the city. I see them when I’m out working in my yard, walking the dog down the road…I see the group following and circling nearly every time I’m outside! Recently I had been really feeling a little clouded about my direction.

Just pray and have faith, be strong. Within the past few months on several occasions I have driven by a large grouping of Vultures and once again this morning I came across a large group of vultures. The eagle represents freedom , courage ,spiritual growth and self renewel , over all things may seem a little bland at the moment but your on a good path , Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

Then this past summer, I woke up to find 3 of them in my driveway. One was standing on top of the other one, flapping his wings.

Symbolic Vulture Meanings: Bird meaning, in general, deals with the element of air, and air is symbolic of the mind, thoughts, and intelligence. I have already discovered my spirit animal, it is a black panther (a black jaguar) and I would also like some help with that too. I’ve never seen black vultures anywhere except eating roadkill. It knocked about 5-6 times before I got to the door. About a week ago I was driving down a long stretch of road leading towards my house. We feel relieved about it, with pangs of nerves and a little guilt, but know we’re eventually freeing ourselves and doing the right thing by it. We shared the same birthday, and it really hasn’t been the same without him. She also speaks to me of the necessity of change, that all things must pass into something else. That was December 2015. I was in the shower when my attorney called. Not many people respond to my posts though I’ve noticed . Bird meaning, in general, deals with the element of air, and air is symbolic of the mind, thoughts, and intelligence. Thank you. There was a turkey buzzard standing on my front porch staring at me. Such ''depredation permits,'' as they are called, are not readily granted and require proof that all other steps have been taken. I’m not sure where I was.

PTBaker, it is time to cleanup the yard. Went in the bedroom to look for some clothes to where to church for my moms wake. Becky on January 18, 2020: I had sent a inquiry about if there is a meaning behind having a coopers hawk land on my hand. ''I don't want to hurt them.

Cut back any overgrown plants to help bring in fresh air and sunshine. Copyright © 2020 All Rights Reserved ~ Go easy on yourself. A cat walked up, sniffed the carcass and walked away. But even at my boyfriends grandmothers funeral (i loved that woman) a friend saw a turkey vulture land on the top of the church and watch me walk inside.. I looked around and saw a large vulture with two black crows. It went well. They see right through to the heart of things. The other day I was taking my dogs for our morning jog when we heard cawing in the woods.

There is a tree, a dead one that whenever we pass it, I check to see if a vulture is in it. Lo, and behold, the vulture swoops near me and I immediately get up and say “WTF?” I didn’t think it would’ve done that. someone please tell me, what this dream means. I currently live in an area where I no longer see my turkey vultures but not far from where I work I always see this same raven staring through the window at me from time to time. This fun website offers you all kinds of affirmations for all kinds of purposes. From that day forward there have been Turkey Vultures flying over my head.
And never witness this before and have not since that day.

Hi, lm todd . That is an interesting story. At first I thought it was just coincidence until I went to an event out of city and a vulture still flew overhead. The vulture has been connected with prophecy of the future, Love of the Mother goddess, new visions, and of course, protection. Therefore you should consider the metaphor of someone who is a “Vulture.” This bird can also be a symbol of death, doom, or rebirth. Please do not ask for any personal information such as full name, age, ect. Time stood still.

A visit from Tsikari`en:taks speaks to me today of patience and the wisdom of patience.

I was unsettled to say the least.

For a few weeks now hundreds of voltures have been circling obove my house mostly as the sun goes down they come really low down as if they are trying to see me or me see them.

My recent birds with words have been a red-tailed hawk and a young bald eagle. Dan and Carol Ann O'Byrne sit in their breakfast nook each morning, look out at their horse paddock and the woods beyond and face mortality.

I went to payless shoe store . The vulture meaning also brings to focus the real meaning of life and death. Best advice to tiger people is to “Look before you leap”. Answer. I got closer and saw fish heads on the road – many of them -and watched as many as 6-10 vulchers (or hawks) swoop down. By Debra West. All the best. Pagkakaiba ng pagsulat ng ulat at sulating pananaliksik? Thx, ann, Hello, By any chance have you stood up to family, or other people in your life confidentially?

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