and stress the importance of getting the marketing program started right away. Bentley I don't think anybody loved his boy more than Sam did.

Yeah, but a lot can kill you!

Alan Parrish

Alan Parrish Since Judy and Peter don’t remember the events of Jumanji, they only meet Sarah and Alan after being introduced by their parents, who seem to be close friends with each other. :

- giant spidersSarah rolls a [?]. Suddenly, the board comes to life and begins to move the tokens on its own as well as tricking Sarah and Alan into rolling the dice. 26 years!

Judy Shepherd : Taglines

Two of those pieces are yours, right? :


: [holds her hand]  Sarah Whittle "They grow much faster than bamboo, take care or they'll come after you." Alan Parrish Judy reads the rules of the game and learns that, for the effects of the game to cease, the game must be played until someone reaches the finish line. We just... Sarah Whittle "There is a lesson you will learn; sometimes you must go back a turn."

: Metacritic Reviews. Her fate is unknown after time was reversed by Alan finally winning "JUMANJI" before Alan and Sarah prevent The Shepherd's deaths. : :

"Clue.". : Just give me the dice, and you can go home.

Sarah Whittle : Mysterious and magical, the game strands the unsuspecting boy in the lush, savage forests of a mythical realm.

"A hunter from the darkest wild makes you feel just like a child."

He'll head for water! Judy Shepherd

Alan Parrish External Reviews

"In the jungle, you must wait 'til the dice read five or eight.". Alan Parrish

Come on, keep your chin up.

: [about to continue the game] 

: Alan Parrish

No, no, no, it wasn't real, Alan. Sarah Whittle

Sarah Whittle

I was afraid. Where's Sir Sav-A-Lot? Me too.

Twenty-six years ago, you played a game with a little boy down the street.


: Well, it is for me! I bet you miss him, huh?

It was a crocodile. Alan Parrish The book was adapted for the movie by screenwriters Greg Taylor and Jonathan Blair Hensleigh.

Alan Parrish

: When young Alan Parrish discovers a mysterious board game, he doesn't realize its unimaginable powers until he is magically transported--before his friend Sarah's startled eyes-- into the untamed jungles of Jumanji.

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